Heartbreak High: A Break-Up Simulator How to successfully break up with everyone

Heartbreak High: A Break-Up Simulator How to successfully break up with everyone 1 - steamsplay.com
Heartbreak High: A Break-Up Simulator How to successfully break up with everyone 1 - steamsplay.com

How to successfully break up with everyone in Heartbreak High!

Akane, Cla*sroom 2B

>I have something I have to tell you
>I might be more of an applebee’s person, to be honest
>actually… ah, geez, this is difficult
>I need to just come out and say it: it’s over between us
>wait i’m serious
>it’s not a joke. I’m not in love with you anymore
>i don’t think you’re getting it
>listen.. are you sure we belong together
>you’re going to find someone much better, trust me
>No. it’s not a joke. we are over. we are breaking up
>.. you don’t get it
>well, you have. to it’s over
>i’m sorry
>I have to go

Rebecca, Cafeteria

>We should talk
>Then there’s nothing else to say
> I really cared about you. you know that, right
>so what happened
>you’re right. we were awful for each other
>just what
>… the right timing
>I can think of plenty, yeah
>it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing
>it was a lot of fun while it lasted
>nothing. i’ll be seeing you, i guess.

Kentaro, South Annex

>oh, so you already know
>it’s nothing personal
>not my problem
>oh, you’re finally standing up for yourself, huh
>then i’ll stop, but it’s over ok
>…great. then i guess we’re on the same page

Masuka, Hallway

>oh, good, i was actually looking for you
>I think we’ve run our course, haven’t we
>that’s not up to you
>i don’t have an explanation. i just felt like doing it
>it just felt like fun
>too late. I’ve already started. no turning back now
>no. i’m determined to see this through to the end
>fair enough. sorry to burst your bubble

Vihaan, Tennis Court

>I didn’t come to play tennis. I came to break up with you
>you *were* wrong. it’s over, bucko
>i’m listening
>and if you win
>you’re on
Beat the Pong Tennis mini-game to successfully break up.
an easy way to beat the pong game is to use the edge of your paddle and bounce on the edges.
>it’s gonna be fine. just lighten up, alright
>*just walk away*

Eleanor, Fine Arts Wing

>yep! how’s it going
>lets talk this over calmly
>you got me. it’s time we ended it
>boss you around? I’m sorry, i didn’t know—
>I’m just saying we should re-evaluate…
>please calm down, i don’t want to cause a fuss…
>*draws blade* so it’s a battle you desire
Defeat Eleanor to successfully break up
>I didn’t want to have to do this

Rad Brad, Gymnasium

Click his Hat to break up with him!!
> Ha ha ha! I’ve found the source of your coolness
>i hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson
>you’re a lost cause
>*let them be*

Principal Ilashmi, Computer Lab

>we need to talk
>it’s not about that
>im not happy. i think we should see other principals
>im very sure actually
>you’re great. one of the best principals ive had. but…
>glad to see you’re so understanding
>im listening
>that sounds good. like a trial period
>id like that
>glad we were able to work something out

Yuri, Computer Lab

>i want to break up with you
>oh, it was that easy
>…well, that’s convenient
>okay. have a good rest of your day
>alright bye

Morgan, Restroom

>howdy partner
>*cough uncontrollably*
>nothing i’m fine
>actually, im here to break up with you
>i would. im serious. it’s over
>im just not feeling it sorry
>we’ll always remember each other
>i know doesn’t matter to me. see ya

Leigh, Football Field

>no, hold on–
>i guess so
Click on the top bar to get started
(make sure to hop over the hurdles or you will fall over the edge and lose)
>I want to…*sputters*.. break up with you
>i just haven’t been able to *cough* keep up with you
>it’s not about *cough* running track
>we don’t share *cough* the same interests anymore
>i’m sorry *cough* to hurt you like this
>good because *wheeze* i cant keep up anymore
>looks like i did it

Masuka (again)

regardless of which room you choose again Masuka will show up and try to stop you.
>…oh, come on!!!
>…i just need to get through the halls
>never! you’re abusing your power
>you’ll never change
>you’re pressuring me into doing something i do not want to do
>yes it’s unethical
>you shouldn’t. it’s ruthless but i respect it
>fine *try to sneak past them*
successfully evade Masuka to stay broken up and move on to the next person.
Heartbreak High: A Break-Up Simulator How to successfully break up with everyone - Masuka (again) - A28149C
(Be mindful of when Masuka turns and where you put your mouse or they will see you and you will start over.)
>… *stay silent*

Brandon, Cla*sroom 3C

>are you okay
>what happened
>… are you okay
>… i’m sure he knew you loved him
>… tell me about him
>do you know what he would have wanted
>he’d want you to live your life to the fullest
>of course
>of course
>… really
>i understand. you’ll make it through this
>*hug them close*
>*leave them be*

Cliff, Supply Closet

>what do you know
>i hadn’t noticed
>it had to be done
>of course it mattered. your work is so important
>i really meant it
>so this job matters to you
>… your kids
>stop trying to guilt me
>fine. so you want me to take responsibility
>… doesn’t matter. i’m just listening to my heart
>fine. i will and you’re next
>…i want you to quit
>… yes please
>there’s no way i can convince you?
>what if i tell the principal you’ve been stealing
>… you heard me
>so that’s it. you step down or get fired
>don’t lecture me
>im good at photoshop. i can doctor images of you stealing
>it’s a very powerful weapon in the wrong hands
>i would and i will

>too late i got you
>im cooler than you
>get out of here before i change my mind


>what are you
>all what
>face your past
the entity will now randomly select one of the people you’ve broken up with and you must answer accurately to break up with them. I do not wish to detail every possible recall (im really sorry) but you only need like 7 people to successfully beat them.
once you break up with the entity you will have to fight it’s heart. click the break up phrases and shoot them into the heart.
watch out for the stay positive messages, they will try to trick you!
Congrats on beating the game! enjoy your after credit image of all the babes you’ve dated and broken up with.

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