Half-Life 2 Full Achievements Guide – Walkthrough – Playthrough

Half-Life 2 Full Achievements Guide – Walkthrough – Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Half-Life 2 Full Achievements Guide – Walkthrough – Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
This is a comprehensive guide detailing a step by step walkthrough of all 33 Achievements in the game. If you have never played this game, this guide will show you a road map & order in which these unlocked for me. If you are simply hunting for Achievements this will hopefully help illuminate the ones you are missing.



Achievement Breakdown:
Story Related: (15)
Missable: (7)
Collectibles: (2)
Slay: (9)
Miscellaneous: (4)

All Achievements of Half Life 2 can be earned in one playthrough. There are quite a few missable Achievements however so stay vigilant. As well, there are 45 collectible Lambda Caches we will have to be on the lookout for. Fortunately, the game keeps track how many you have collected so far, so that is helpful. There is no Achievements associated with Difficulty so play on whichever setting you like.

*This guide contains major spoilers.

Sequence 1: Welcome Home

1. Complete Point Insertion, A Red Letter Day, Route Kanal
2. Lambda Caches: 8/45
3. Achievements: 7/33

Point Insertion:


Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #1 – Defiant: Hit the trash can cop with the can.
After Barney helps you escape you will eventually make your way back inside the metro station. A Combine will stop you at a gate & ask you to pick up the can he knocked over & put it into the trash. SAVE. Pick up the can… & throw it at him to unlock the Achievement.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #2 – Submissive: Put the can in the trash.
Reload your save, & now place the can in the trash for the alternative Achievement. These can be done in either order.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #3 – Malcontent: Escape the apartment block raid.
Story Related. Make your way through the apartments & you will eventually be chased by the Combine. Escape across the rooves & in through the open window of another building to unlock the Achievement.

A Red Letter Day:


Lambda Cache #1: This Lambda Cache cannot be missed. It will be painted on the wall beside the secret vending machine door you will have to enter. There is no supply crate associated with this Cache.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #4 – What Cat?: Break the mini-teleporter in Kleiner’s Lab.
Upon entering Dr. Kleiner’s Lab, you will notice a strange mechanism & a small cactus plant on your left. Keep sending the cactus back & forth through the teleporter. After sending it for the 11th time the machine will break unlocking the Achievement.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #5 – Trusty Hardware: Get the Crowbar.
Story Related. After being teleported further into City 17, you will get stuck behind a door barred by wood. Head back the way you came, & Barney will show up to drop an old friend off for you.

Route Kanal:


Lambda Cache #2: While escaping the Combine, you will have to jump onto a moving train to reach a ladder on the other side. After climbing up, head into the boarded-up building immediately on your right. The Lambda Cache can be found on the left side under where the flooring has been torn up.

Lambda Cache #3: Leave this building through the back & hop over a fence. You will then have to make your way through a vent. The Lambda Cache will be found right in your way inside it.

Lambda Cache #4: When you are finished with the mounted machine gun section, carry along the top of the right wall. Drop down over some rubble & you will be able to see a Lambda symbol in front of you to the left. Climb over a broken red car to find the Cache tucked in behind it.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #6 – Barnacle Bowling: Kill five Barnacles with one barrel.
Eventually as you progress through the canal, you’ll have to blow up a small bridge in front of you. Carry on past it & drop into a sewer chute taking you into the path of two Barnacles. Round the corner & you will see some explosive barrels & line of Barnacles ahead of you. Roll a barrel down, as the Barnacles begin lifting it up, shoot it & kill a whole whack of them. You only need to kill five for the Achievement.

Lambda Cache #5: Escape from the helicopter through a blue door further into the canal. When you walk down the stairs you can see the Cache below you through a grate. There is a ladder just to the right of the grate on the other end, climb down to loot the Cache.

Lambda Cache #6: Make your way through the sewer systems. Eventually, you will have to cross a large metal pipe with steam coming out of it. To progress, you will have to break through some wooden boards on your right near a Lambda symbol. Drop down, & crawl back around under the pipe, the Cache is located beside a corpse.

Lambda Cache #7: After you have to turn the red wheel & fill a room with water, carry on through the sewers. Eventually, you will climb a ladder & see a Lambda symbol on your left at the top. Follow the planks along, without falling head to the far end across them to find a second Lambda symbol. The Cache is just on the other side. If you fall prematurely you will miss the Cache.

Lambda Cache #8: From the last Cache, drop down into a sewer pit that is filled with radioactive waste. Walk up the planks immediately off your left & walk across the pipes to the far wall. The Cache will be beside a corpse.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #7 – Anchor’s Aweigh: Get the Air Boat.
Story Related. You will come across the Air Boat at the end of this Chapter.

Sequence 2: High Speed Pursuit

1. Complete Water Hazard
2. Lambda Caches: 18/45
3. Achievements: 10/33

Water Hazard:


Lambda Cache #9: After opening the waterway gate & starting this Chapter, you will soon see a Lambda symbol on a wall to your right. Hop out of the Air Boat & you will see a ladder heading up across from the symbol. Climb up & you will find the Cache on a metal grate; it is two cases of Pistol ammo.

Lambda Cache #10: From the last Cache, leave the tunnel & make your way over to a large red barn you can see in the distance. Make your way up & into the highest point of the attic. There is a pulley system with a barrel lodged in it, remove the barrel & the pulley will drop the Cache down into the water below.

Lambda Cache #11: The next Cache can be found where a Dropship leaves three Combine soldiers. As you approach you will see a line of three large grates stuck into the right wall, the furthest from you will have a Lambda symbol beside it. Climb out of the Air Boat & use the nearby barrel to climb into the grate. The Cache can be found in the tunnel through the water at the back end.

Lambda Cache #12: When an APC begins firing rockets at you, carry on down the canal. After a bit, you will see another APC ahead of you situated above a grated wall. Drive straight towards the grate, & you will see a small hole you can crawl through in the right side of it. The Cache will be found in the back-left corner beyond the grate.

Lambda Cache #13: Drive past a third APC, & you will head into an underpass area of the waterway. Carry on through it until the tunnel opens up, making you take a right. The Lambda symbol is painted on a pillar right in front of you. Climb out of the Air Boat & you can see the Cache above you inside a small pulley. Across from it, is a pulley on the ground containing cinderblocks. Remove them & it will rise up lowering the Cache to you.

Lambda Cache #14:Once again you will need to open a large gate blocking your way to progress. As you head through it, round the next corner & you will see a bridge with a train on it you will drive under. Stop underneath it & climb out of the Air Boat. Past the supports on the left side you can find two supply crates which are the Cache.

Lambda Cache #15: After driving through a segmented set of concrete pipes, they will open up into a square room before returning to pipe. As soon as you enter this room, look up to your left & you can see a Lambda symbol painted above a wooden platform. Crash the Air Boat into it & loot the Cache.

Lambda Cache #16: Carry on down the channel & you will eventually come to a stretch where the canal has very narrow sides. In the distance you can see two red/white smokestacks; off your left will be a chain fence leading to a red building. With speed, drive up the left bank towards the red building till you see a patch of green graffiti. Jump out of the Air Boat, & there will be a path leading to the Cache.

Lambda Cache #17: Round the corner down the canal from the last Cache. There will be a bridge in front of you with Barnacles hanging off it. Look left before the bridge, to see another with two spaces underneath it. This next Cache can be found in the space furthest from you at the back.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #8 – Heavy Weapons: Get the Air Boat’s mounted gun.
Story Related. You will come to a Resistance Checkpoint. After discussing strategy with one of the operatives, you will return to the Air Boat to find they have installed a gun turret onto it.

Lambda Cache #18: A ways after receiving the machine gun upgrade for the Air Boat, you will come to an area with two bridge with Barnacles hanging from it. Drive further & you will come to a crossroads, take the right path towards the Combine soldier shooting at you. The Cache can be found in the back of this area, up inside a small shelter on your left.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #9 – Revenge!: Destroy the Hunter-Chopper in Half Life 2.
Story Related. Eventually you will enter a huge area & an alarm will sound heralding the return of the pestering Hunter-Chopper. Unload your new gun turret a few times into it & destroy it to unlock the Achievement.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #10 – Vorticough: Discover the hidden singing Vortigaunt cave in Chapter Water Hazard.
After destroying the Hunter-Chopper & opening the gate you are supposed to drive up a broken boardwalk up into the next area. Instead, drive past it to the right & you will see a concrete wall with two pipe drains in it. The drain on the left will have its grate jarred open. Back your Boat up to it & jump on top & over your motor fan to get up inside it. Now sprint as fast as you can down the tunnel (the radioactive waste is going to hurt) & take a left at the end to enter a secret cave. In the back of the cave will be a campfire with a Vortigaunt beside it. Approaching the Vortigaunt should unlock the Achievement.

For me the Achievement was a little delayed in unlocking. I approached the Vortigaunt to hear him finish his song, looted the crates in the back of the cave, & or continued to hang out with him by the fire for a bit & the Achievement unlocked then. Whenever it unlocks for you, just be sure to check your Achievements before leaving the cave to make sure you have it…

Sequence 3: Out of the Frying Pan…

1. Complete Black Mesa East, We Don’t Go To Ravenholm
2. Lambda Caches: 23/45
3. Achievements: 15/33

Black Mesa East:


Lambda Cache #19:The only Lambda in this Chapter is unmissable. After taking the jump down the hydro dam, drive along until you see a power station off your left. The Lambda symbol will mark a ladder you must climb to proceed, it will be collected upon approaching it.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #11 – Zero-Point Energy:Get the Gravity Gun.
Story Related. After reaching Eli’s Lab & heading outside to play with Alex, she will hand you the best part of Half Life. The Gravity Gun.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #12 – Blast From the Past: Find the HEV Suit Charger faceplate in Eli’s scrapyard.
As soon as you get the Gravity Gun, look to the wall directly to the right of where you took the gun from. Up top, there will be a railed section with some metal barrels up there & a light shining down upon it. Use the Gravity Gun & begin piling crates or… just stuff so you can climb on top of the generators against the wall. Either climb over the rail or use the Gravity Gun to contract the objects up there once you can see them. One is a supply crate, the other, will be a yellow HEV cover plate of some kind. Grab the plate with the gun to unlock the Achievement.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #13 – Two Points: Use D.O.G.’s ball to make a basket in Eli’s scrapyard.
Now this, could arguably be the hardest Achievement in the game. Go into the next area & meet D.O.G. After playing catch, he will eventually show you his ball. With it, you must shoot it into the basket above where Alex is sitting. Save before attempting, sometimes if you wait around too long the Chapter will progress & we will be forced to leave the scrapyard.

1n1go brought to my attention a strategy to earn this Achievement very easily. Before Alex calls D.O.G over, you can take a box to your left & put it on the wire coil that Alex goes to sit on when playing with D.O.G. Climb up it, then catch the two boxes that D.O.G. throws at you, stacking them on each other. Be sure to leave some space for yourself to climb up them without knocking the boxes over. When D.O.G. uncovers the ball, grab it with your Gravity Gun & simply drop/shoot the ball through the net to unlock the Achievement.

1n1go also mentioned, that we can take D.O.G.’s ball with us into the next Chapter Ravenholm. This is insanely useful, as for the Zombie Chopper Achievement we cannot use any other weapon except for the Gravity Gun. Normally, you would have to use whatever items you find throughout the Chapter: Saw Blades, Cinder Blocks, Radiators, etc. They are easily lost, or broken which makes this Achievement so challenging. With D.O.G.’s ball however, it is indestructible! As well, it is bright & noisy which makes it hard to lose track of. I highly recommend keeping it with you after getting the Two Points Achievement.

We Don’t Go To Ravenholm…:


Lambda Cache #20: After throwing the lever to turn off an electrified fence, make your way back down into the main generator room. There are two large green generators in this room, the one on the left will have a vent duct above it. Using barrels or furniture, get on top the generator & head inside the vent. The Cache is just below where you drop out of the vent outside.

Lambda Cache #21: When you get to the area with the two manual car-drop traps, climb onto the first car as it raises back up. While standing in the middle of the wooden walkway it leads to, sprint & jump off over the fence with a Lambda symbol painted beside it. The Cache is found in behind a large metal structure at the back.

Lambda Cache #22: Progress past the area where you find Father Grigori directly ahead of you in another building shooting zombies. Drop down & take the ladder up to a walkway of steel beams. There is a way you can go on your right, & a way further ahead on the left. Take the far-left path & enter through the hole in the roof. The Cache is found to the right in the back of the attic space.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #14 – Hallowed Ground: Escort Grigori safely through the church cemetery.
Story Related. After you join forces with Grigori, you two will head through the cemetery maze battling zombies the whole way. Eventually, he will lift a fence gate up so you can crawl through. Make it over to the other side & the Achievement will unlock.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #15 – Zombie Chopper: Play through Ravenholm using only the Gravity Gun.
This can be a pretty difficult Achievement. Always pack around a cinder block or saw blade if you can help it. When you have to wait for Grigori to send over the lift & you are being attacked by the leaping zombies, jump off the roof & run if you have to. Unless you are a crack shot & can keep your projectile up there with you, you will run out of objects quick. As well, if you know if the lift is being sent over, you can drop down & wait inside the building you came up from till it arrives.
The Achievement will unlock after you step outside the mine back into City 17.

Lambda Cache #23: As soon as you exit the mines & are staring at a train car in City 17, turn around. You can see a Lambda symbol just above the exit. Climb up the stack of crates on your left & jump up onto the ledge, the Cache is just under a vent duct.

Sequence 4: Rough Road

1. Complete Highway 17, Sandtrap
2. Lambda Caches: 30/45
3. Achievements: 21/33

Highway 17:


Lambda Cache #24:After gaining control of the Buggy, follow the trail along the beach until it takes you up onto a concrete road. As you drive, you will eventually come to a tunnel where you can see a Lambda symbol painted on a shack to its left. Enter the shack & you can find the Cache in the center of it.

Lambda Cache #25: Drive through the tunnel back onto the beach & drive up the next hill to find an abandoned house. The door will be locked. To the doors left is a cellar with a bunch of junk piled on it. Break your way in & climb up the stacked crates to get up to the first floor. Jump across to a side room with a Zombie Brute in it, the Cache will be in the corner.

Gunship #1:For an Achievement, we must destroy all 6 Gunships in the game. The first, will attack us in Little Odessa. Fortunately, we will receive the perfect weapon to carry out this task…

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #16 – Where Cubbage Fears To Tread: Defend Little Odessa from the Gunship attack.
Story Related. After defeating the first Gunship assaulting Little Odessa, we will unlock an Achievement for our efforts.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #17 – OSHA Violation: Kill 3 enemies using the crane.
Leave Odessa & make your way over to a shipping depot. We will need to use a magnetic crane to move the Buggy. Climb up the ladder & enter the crane. It is good to Save now in case you mess this next part up.

Immediately turn the crane right to face the Northern Petrol warehouse. A garage door will open & out will come some Combine soldiers. Use the magnet & lift up a large storage container; there is a red one just across from where the soldiers come out of on an isolated landing. Lift the container, then lower it while moving to sweep it into the soldiers. Kill them while in the crane to unlock the Achievement.

Gunship #2: Soon after driving past the Northern Petrol warehouse, we will be attacked by another Gunship. Take a jump over the bridge & drive down to a blockade of broken cars where a Rocket supply will be to help us.

Lambda Cache #26: After destroying the Gunship, clear a path through the roadblock, a little ways down the road will be a broken down blue van on the left side. We can find the next Cache stuffed inside it.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #18 – Targeted Advertising: Pin a soldier to the billboard in Chapter Highway 17.
Carry on down the road past a blockade of Combine soldiers. Eventually, you will see a community across from you that is barred off by a lasered gate. As you approach, there will be another car blockade in front of you, this one with a tipped over oil truck. From the blockade, head up the small hill to its right & you will find a Crossbow. Pick it up & look through the scope back at the community to see a Petrol billboard with a Combine soldier standing beside it as lookout. Line up your shot & pin the poor lad to that billboard. Now that’s some aggressive marketing!

Lambda Cache #27: Disconnect the APC from the laser field gate in the community. From here, you will see a large gas tank behind a chain link fence off the left of the bridge exit. Drive the Buggy over & jump off it over a bent section of the fence. The Cache is located just behind the gas tank.

Lambda Cache #28: Drive through the next tunnel & you will see a Dropship flying away from another small community. Make your way past the first house & chain link fence to the right of the road but stop just before the fence ends. Hop out of the Buggy & cross the road on the left towards a jagged line of rocks a little bit behind you. Walk around these rocks & you will see a square of wooden fencing where we can find the Cache.

Gunship #3: When you make your way to the end of the bridge on foot to disable the laser field, a Gunship will arrive. Make your way outside & destroy it. There are several Rocket caches along the bridge we passed in case you run out of them.



Lambda Cache #29: Eventually, your progress will be stopped by a gate we will have to open. Two Dropships will drop some Combine soldiers as well (they do not count as Gunships we need to destroy). We need to collect two batteries & place them inside the red shack to open the gate. Just across from where the batteries go will be a small bathroom. The Lambda Cache is located just on top of this bathroom roof. If you jump on a table or bring in a barrel or two to stand on, you can use the Gravity Gun to collect the contents of the Cache.

Gunship #4: After fighting off waves of Combine soldiers assaulting a Resistance outpost, a Gunship will arrive. Take it down, there is Rocket ammo inside the lighthouse’s upper floor.

Leave the outpost through a secret exit, & head along the cliffs till you find two Resistance members. One will shout at you to stay on the rocks! We must do just that for an Achievement. We have to make it all the way to the end of this stretch for an Achievement without touching the sand once. If we do, Antlions will attack us & void the Achievement. Make land bridges out of whatever you can find using the Gravity Gun. After making it to a solid rock, ferry your bridge parts forward & refuse the pieces as often as possible. Save often to be safe.

Lambda Cache #30: Make your way through this section. Eventually, you will have to counter-balance a wood bridge to hold your weight to get across. From here, look up to your left. You should be able to see a wind turbine on a rock connected to another off in the distance. Below the closest turbine, will be a tiny white shack that will have a Lambda symbol painted on it. Head on over to it, you will have to climb onto the roof of the red hut below it. When on the roof, use the Gravity Gun to retract the supply crates near the white shack to collect this Cache.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #19 – Keep Off the Sand!: Cross the Antlion beach in Chapter Sandtrap without touching the sand.
You will unlock the Achievement when you drop down into the large sand pit with all the explosive barrels. If you were successful & did not trigger any Antlion attacks it should work for you, if not, just reload your Save & try again.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #20 – Bug Hunt: Use the Antlions to kill 50 enemies.
After collecting the Pheropod Bait, make your way along the beach to Nova Prospekt. There will be a whole host of Combine soldiers in our way trying to stop us, if possible, exclusively use the Antlions to kill them. There are more than enough enemies in this section for the Achievement.

Gunship #5: When you reach the final Combine compound of this Chapter, we will be assaulted by our fifth Gunship. Fortunately, there are Rocket ammo tucked around the area.

Gunship #6: You will destroy the last Gunship only to have the sixth & final one show up. Scavenge around the compound for your Rockets. At the very back will be a re-supply crate full of them.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #21 – One Man Army: Destroy six Gunships in Half Life 2.
If you destroyed the three Gunships in Highway 17 & the three in this Chapter you will unlock this Achievement.

Sequence 5: Jail Break

1. Complete Nova Prospekt, Entanglement
2. Lambda Caches: 34/45
3. Achievements: 24/33

Nova Prospekt:


If possible, whenever we get attacked by Man-Hacks, try grabbing them with the Gravity Gun & launching them into Combine soldiers. There is an Achievement for killing 5 soldiers this way…

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #22 – Flushed:Kill an enemy with a toilet.
This can be earned immediately upon entering Nova Prospket. When the Chapter begins, walk down the cell block & you can find a toilet in the last cell on your left. Grab it with the Gravity Gun & head downstairs. From here, enter the cell just left of the stairs & climb through a hole in the wall. As soon as you enter the hole a Headcrab will jump out at you. Kill it with the toilet to earn this Achievement.

Lambda Cache #31: Eventually as you head through the facility, you will enter a large room with two Turrets above you. Head up the stairs & you will see a set of white double doors with a Lambda symbol painted beside them. Bust the planks off the window & crawl through, the Cache is just behind those doors.

Lambda Cache #32: Fight through a group of Combine soldiers in a cell block & make your way upstairs. You will come across a laser tripwire system for the first time. Across from it through an open door, you can see a Lambda symbol painted on the wall. Walk over to it & blast the cell door on its left with your Gravity Gun. The door will slide open revealing the Lambda Cache inside.

Lambda Cache #33: When you enter the large laundry room of the prison, head over to the right side of the room. There are two passages blocked by a small rail. Hop over either of them. In the back, head to a small side room to find the Cache near a Health Station. The other room will have a Zombie Brute, so watch out.



Lambda Cache #34: You will link up briefly with Alex in this Chapter. You will split up again, & she will hack into the Combine controls to open a gate for you. As soon as she opens the gate, walk forwards & look to your left. There will be a vending machine. If you shine your flashlight on it, you can see a Lambda symbol painted on the ceiling above it. Use the Gravity Gun to retract the items off it to loot the Cache.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #23 – Hack Attack!: Kill five enemies with a Man-Hack.
You probably wouldn’t have gotten this during the last Chapter. During both areas where you have to hold out against waves of Combine soldiers & you set up Turrets, Man-Hacks will arrive. Any time you see one, grab it with the Gravity Gun & launch it into a Combine soldier. The Achievement will unlock after killing your fifth one this way.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #24 – Warden Freeman: Survive the second Turret standoff in Nova Prospekt.
Story Related. Pretty self explanatory. After the first area where you defend yourself with Turrets you will come across another room shortly afterwards where we must do the same. Survive the waves, & the Achievement will unlock when Alex arrives.

Sequence 6: The Freeman!

1. Complete Anti-Citizen One
2. Lambda Caches: 44/45
3. Achievements: 27/33

Anti-Citizen One:


Lambda Cache #35: As soon as the Chapter begins when you drop down the elevator shaft, head outside. Off your right will be a large upturned storage crate with two green dumpsters behind it. Jump on the dumpsters & using a nearby crate get on top of the ledge above them. The Cache will be found off your right in a corner.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #25 – Follow Freeman: Gain command of a squad of rebels in the uprising.
As you make your way through the Chapter, you will come across your first Resistance fighter. Check in Options – Keyboard what your Send/Recall Squad hotkey is set to. Use it & collect this man into your squad. Carry on a short way to find another 3 Resistance fighters pulling down a monitor with Dr. Breen on it. Approach them & collect them into your squad as well. Once you have four members, the Achievement will unlock.

Lambda Cache #36: Carry on through the Chapter until you see some drones dropping Hopper Mines at you. You will enter a small alley where some Combine soldiers attack you from some apartment windows. In this alley, look to your left to see a Lambda symbol painted beside a red metal shack. Move aside the metal slat beside the explosive barrel to reveal a crawlspace hiding the Cache.

Lambda Cache #37: Fight your way through a series of buildings until you get to a basement with three Turrets guarding a hole in a wall. Head through the wall & head up a set of stairs instead of down the hall on your left. You will head back outside & come to a blocked off section of road. Across from you is a gated doorway you cannot get through. The Cache is behind it as three supply crates, use the Gravity Gun to loot them.

Lambda Cache #38: Pass through the underpass full of Man-Hacks till you come to a section of it with Combine soldiers. Dispatch the next set of Man-Hacks & look behind you in this new tunnel to see a caved in section lit by a bonfire. Make your way over to see a small shelter near the fire, the Cache is found right beside it.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #26 – Radiation Levels Detected: Get through the toxic tunnel under City 17 in Half Life 2.
Story Related. After the Man-Hack tunnel you will enter an area filled with radiated waters. Hop across crates, or if you have the health for it, sprint to the other side. Once you climb up the broken pipe & drop through the vent you will unlock the Achievement.

Lambda Cache #39: Eventually, after having a bridge lowered for you by a Resistance fighter, you will have to lower one yourself. Just before that bridge as you make your way up some rubble steps you will bump into a group of Resistance fighters inside a building. The Cache is found just to the left of the doorway leading to the bridge.

Lambda Cache #40: Head across that bridge & fight your way to the basement of the next building. Drop into a room where some Combine are fighting zombies & you can find a Lambda symbol painted just outside a doorway leading outside. Walk out to it to see iron fencing to your left & right. The Cache will be the supply crates on your left. Retract them with the Gravity Gun.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #27 – Plaza Defender: Survive the generator plaza standoff in Chapter Anti-Citizen One.
Story Related. When you link back up with Alex you will be tasked with defending her while she cracks open the Combine gates barring the way. Survive the waves of Combine & after you make it to the other side of the gate the Achievement will unlock.

Lambda Cache #41: Make your way through the underground tunnels next. Drop through a vent & you will come to a room with Combine soldiers above you on a catwalk. Make your way down the catwalks two levels, & you can see a Lambda symbol painted on a ledge lower down. Drop from the catwalk above it or use the Gravity Gun to loot the Cache.

Lambda Cache #42: When you enter the sewer where Combine soldiers rappel down to fight some zombies, drop down with them. Take the left passage till you find a ladder on your right. Head down past the ladder into the next room & you can find a Lambda symbol painted on the right wall. There is a hole below it in the wall, crouch & look through it. The Cache will be at the back, use the Gravity Gun to loot it.

Lambda Cache #43: From the last Cache, carry on down this tunnel. You will see a series of metal caps that end with a Lambda symbol at the very back. Hop across the caps & loot the Cache at the end of the tunnel.

Lambda Cache #44: Make your way to the top of the large warehouse that has the slow lift you take in it. At the very top of this area, you will drop down onto a walkway that has a red metal shack on the same level. Before dropping down another level, walk over to it, & head around the small ledge beside it. You can find the Cache in the corner on the other side of the hut.

Sequence 7: Till the Bitter End

1. Complete Follow Freeman, Our Benefactors
2. Lambda Caches: 45/45
3. Achievements: 33/33

Follow Freeman:


Sniper #1: We need to kill all 5 Combine snipers on this Chapter for an Achievement. The first, is right at the beginning. Is soon as you stop outside you can see his laser sight way at the far end of the street. Run to the end & lob a grenade into his window to kill him.

Sniper #2: On our way to Sniper #1, we passed an alley with Sniper #2. Back track to the alley on our left & rush up to the rubble blocking the way. Lob a grenade over the rubble into his window to kill the sniper. Save beforehand, this can be a tricky throw & you may use up all your grenades trying to figure out your angles.

Sniper #3: After the zombie attack in the flooded basement, head upstairs & outside. There will be more zombies & also a sniper across in the other building. You know the drill. Save, then lob those grenades!

Sniper #4, #5:The final two snipers are just above you. Head up to the next floor where Barney is hiding to see two different sniper laser sights. Save. Then blow them both up.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #28 – Counter Sniper: Kill all of the snipers in City 17.
After blowing up the last two snipers attacking Barney you will unlock the Achievement.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #29 – Fight the Power: Shut down the suppression device by disabling its generators.
Story Related. With Barney, enter the courthouse & disable all three generators to progress through the Chapter.

Lambda Cache #45: Take out the 5 Striders in the courtyard & head through the Combine blockade at the far end. Go into the tunnel below & run from another Strider into a broken building to your left. Get to the top of the building to find a Rocket re-supply. Across from it, is a hole into another building. Jump across & the Cache will be right in front of you.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #30 – Lambda Locator: Find all 45 Lambda Caches in Half Life 2.
If you have been following along with this guide, upon collecting the last Lambda Cache you will have unlocked this Achievement.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #31 – Giant Killer: Survive the rooftop Strider battle in the ruins of City 17.
Story Related. This will be unlocked near the end of the Chapter as you claw your way through City 17.

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Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #32 – Atomizer: Disintegrate 15 soldiers by throwing them into a Combine ball field.
After the Gravity Gun gets super charged, walk your way through the Chapter. Fight your way across a few glass walkways till you reach a circular room with a blue laser generator in its center.
When you grab Combine with the Gravity Gun launch them into the center of the laser & it will disintegrate their bodies. Disintegrating dead soldiers also counts towards the Achievement. The enemies seem to be infinite in this section, stick around & keep disintegrating till you unlock the Achievement.

Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

Achievement #33 – Singularity Collapse: Destroy the Citadel’s reactor core.
Story Related. Make it to the top of the Citadel & blow up the core in the final battle to unlock the Achievement.


That is it! All in all, not too difficult a 100%. Half Life 2 is an awesome game, Valve at its finest. If this guide helped you achieve 100%, rate the guide or let me know in the comments. Helps me know if I am doing things right!
Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2

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Here we come to an end for Half-Life 2 100% Achievement Guide: Half Life 2 hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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