Growing Up Jakes and Vivi/Pattys Routes – Walkthrough

Growing Up Jake’s and Vivi/Patty’s Routes – Character Walkthrough 1 -
Growing Up Jake’s and Vivi/Patty’s Routes – Character Walkthrough 1 -

Okay, Jake’s and Vivi/Patty’s routes are seriously hard to get- at least the romance options. I’ve ran through Jake’s route three times now and I have still not gotten past a certain point…

Jake’s Route

So far for Jake, I have choose these options:
1.) Help Buddy
2.) Help the small kid (Jake)
3.) Bullies got lucky!
4.) High five!
5.) Greet Jake as well
6.) Suggest hanging out with all three of y’all
7.) Ask what Jake is into
8.) Show your drawings
9.) Compliment the hero
10.) Be the ‘Healing Hand’
11.) Back up Jake
12.) You are ‘Super Zap’
13.) Stand your ground
14.) Exciting!
15.) We won’t be alone..
16.) Out of the house..?
17.) Nod
18.) Partake (in the weed!)
19.) Just enjoy your time
20.) Ditch x3!
21.) Give a cool nod
22.) Hell yeah! (Not sure if to choose this one or be cool and lean on the tree)
23.) Back him up!
24.) Wait. Be cool.
25.) Continue to back him up! (Ride or Die at this point in time)
26.) Take the beer
27.) Tv’s rarely realistic
28.) Anytime
29.) Meet at Park (Do NOT snitch)
30) Help him yourself
31.) Nod (Again, not sure if this is the correct one or not)
32.) Romance Begins with option: Want to fool around?
33.) Ask why he got into drugs
34.) Sigh, don’t narc
35.) Agree that Jake is in trouble (Not sure if this is the correct option)
36.) Give a shrug
37.) Go with the angry boy
38.) Lawyer movie could be fun!
39.) Agree with Jake’s father
40.) Just stay quiet…

Now the confusing part…

After the last selection, your player will have the option of going to the part to stop Jake or to just…stay away from the bad boy and his lifestyle.
I choose to stay away, and you literally just stop messing around with him and BOOM- bad ending.
So I think you have to go to the park, try to stop him but I am sure you don’t go too far with the whole saying ‘” love you!”.
I would really appreciate everyone’s input of those who have completed Jake’s route so far… Thanks! I will update when I figure it out

Hope you enjoy the post for Growing Up Jakes and Vivi/Pattys Routes – Walkthrough, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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  1. I had good relationship ending. Here are the things that are wrong in this guide:
    36) chose the other option, not shrug
    40) other option, not stay quiet
    everything else is good, then go after jake to the park and convince him to go home

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