Forza Horizon 5 – Can’t Log in Fix Guide

Forza Horizon 5 – Can’t Log in Fix Guide 1 -
Forza Horizon 5 – Can’t Log in Fix Guide 1 -

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You've started the game, and then you're greeted by the sign-in screen. The sign-in loop is created by typing in your Microsoft Account credentials or logging into an already existing account. You're not able to open the settings menu or continue without signing in.
In desperation, you browse Steam guides, only to stumble across one created by Assassin Aria.
"Hmm …", you say. "Perhaps I should give this a try."
You have found the right guide.

The Fix (5 Simple Steps).

Disclaimer This guide was created to help you get Forza Horizon 5 working on your personal computer. You are responsible for any harm caused by following the steps in this guide, and also for any mistakes you may have made. Please do not read/follow the instructions in this guide if disagree with the guide.
You'll need to sign out of these Microsoft accounts to avoid any glitches.
Sign out from the:

  • Xbox App
  • Microsoft Store

If you're able un-register from any other Microsoft-owned account on your computer also.
Search for the word "Credential manager" in the start menu of Windows.
Click on "Windows Credentials" and you will be presented with the next screen.
Forza Horizon 5 - Can't Log in Fix Guide - The Fix (5 Easy Steps) - 1D12BE6
Click'remove. 4. is the number for each credential, you will see the 'Xbl" pronoun. This could take a few minutes. These credentials will be replenished automatically as every game you play will automatically create them as required.
5. You will be greeted with the sign-in splash screen. Log in with your Microsoft Account to play the game.

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