Folklore Hunter Complete Guide

Folklore Hunter Complete Guide 1 -
Folklore Hunter Complete Guide 1 -
This guide will help you thru the game, tell you what to do and explain all the in-game functions, and also teach you few things about the real-life folklore.


Weapons & Gear

First things first – weapons. You need something to defend yourself, because mythic beasts won’t wait. There are currently 3 weapons inside the game : 
Rifle ( Working ) 
Rifle will be your trusty friend along the hard way in the cursed woods. It has 4-bullet magazine, and each bullet has to be reloaded separately, so keep an eye on your mag! 
Night of Wendigo – Basic Equipment 
Bloodfang Forest – Basic Equipment 
Shovel ( Not Yet Working ) 
Shovel is now used to dig graves, but more on that later. It has an animation of attack in game, so probably in future updates it will recive some kind of upgrade. Currently its non-functional in combat. 
Bloodfang Forest – Found near one of the graves, and next to dynamite in Northern Mine. 
Stake ( Not Yet Working ) 
Its not yet confired if the stake will just be a tool to complete Bloodfang Forest’s ritual, or also a weapon, but it has an attack animation in game, so it might be a future weapon. It doesn’t yet work. 
Bloodfang Forest – Found near the hidden church, held by a skeleton next to the grave 


Cameras are found in crates, and can be used in order to watch over desired areas. To place a camera, but it in your hotbar, choose it in your hotbar, and place it where you want 
Night of Wendigo – Found in the shack, and in crates 
Bloodfang Forest – Found on starting location ( Watchtower ) and in crates 
Bandages are used to heal your wounds. Currently, they heal 100% health, so you’ll need only one to refill your whole HP 
Night of The Wendigo – Found in crates 
Bloodfang Forest – Found in crates 
Bear Traps 
Bear traps are used to trap your enemies and turn hunter, into hunted one. They can stop both Wendigo and Strigois and deal small amount of damage, but remember not to step into them, because they also work on players ! 
Night of The Wendigo – Inside the shack, near one of the bridges and can be crafted with 3 metal scraps, which you can acquire from crates 
Bloodfang Forest – Found on starting location ( Watchtower ), and can be crafted with 3 metal scraps, which you can acquire from crates 
Meat is an excellent lure, but remember not to lay it around your hiding spot, because it will attract Wendigo to you. Meat can also be placed in traps to bait Wendigo into stepping into bear traps. 
Night of The Wendigo – Found inside the shack, can be acquired by killing deers, but remember not to hunt deers with rifle when near Wendigo’s cave, because shots will lure him out 
Batteries are used to replenish power in your flashlight. You’ll know when your flashlight is on its last breath when it will start to flicker. 
Night of The Wendigo – Found in crates 
Bloodfang Forest – Found in crates 
Lump of Charcoal and Torn Pages 
You can combine lups of Charcoal with Torn Pages on Anastazi Tomes ( Found in Wendigo’s Cave and in Shaman’s Cave ) 
Night of The Wendigo – Lumps of Charcoal can be acquired by extracting them from campfires, and Torn Pages can be acquired by tearing them from book found in Shaman’s Cave 
Blank Runes 
Blank runes are used with Symbol Instriptions, in order to make runestons, which are vital to completing the game, more on that in walktrough section 
Night of The Wendigo – Can be found in Shaman’s Cave and in Ruins 
Rope is used to drag Strigois to the graves. You won’t be able to move Strigois if you don’t have the rope equiped. 
Bloodfang Forest – Found on a watchtower in the Abandoned Village 
Stake ( Not Yet Functional ) 
Stake will be used to pierce the Strigoi’s heart. Its not yet functional. It will probably also work as a weapon, but its not yet confirmed 
Bloodfang Forest – Found in skeleton’s hands near the grave next to the Hidden Church (See Map) 
Shovel is used to dig graves in order to bury strigois. You can dig out 2 graves, one next to the Hidden Church, and one next to the Northern Church. 
Bloodfang Forest – Can be found next to grave near the Hidden Church, can be found next to the Dynamite Cave, in Northern part of the map. 
Lighter is used to finish the Wendigo Ritual by lighting the Chalice (?) next to the Altar in Ruins 
Night of The Wendigo – Given as basic gear at the start 

Walkthrough ( Night of The Wendigo )

Here you have a list of “Quests” necessary to complete the game : 
Objective 1.: Acquire the Lumps of Charcoal ( you’ll need 2 of those ) 
Objective 2.: Head to the Shaman’s Cave 
Objective 3.: Tear out pages from the book ( you’ll need 2 of those ) 
Objective 4.: Transcribe the runes from Anastazi Tome in Shaman’s Cave 
Objective 5.: Collect Blank Runes from Shaman’s Cave 
Objective 6.: Head to Wendigo’s Cave 
Objective 7.: Transcribe 2nd set of Runes from the Anastazi Tome ( Found Deep in Cave ) 
Objective 8.: Collect Blank Runes found next to the Anastazi Tome in the Cave 
Objective 9.: Head to The Ruins 
Objective 10.: Collect Blank Runes ( found next to the middle of ruins on the ground ) 
Objective 11.: Inspect the Skeleton next to the Blank Runes 
Objective 12.: Place all 12 Blank Runes on the “Pedestals” surrounding the Ruins 
Objective 13.: Carve all 12 symbols into the Runestones you just placed 
Objective 14.: Lure Wendigo to the middle of the Ritual Circle in the Ruins 
Objective 15.: Light the fire in the chalice next to the Ritual Circle 
These are all the necessary steps to complete the Night of The Wendigo mission. Here is the map if you need it : 
Folklore Hunter Complete Guide 

Walkthrough ( Bloodfang Forest )

Objective 1.: Go to the Abandoned Village 
Objective 2.: Collect the Rope from the watchtower in the Abandoned Village 
Objective 3.: Grab a pickaxe from the Abandoned Village ( Can be found near the main shack, and next to the shack in northern part of the Abandoned Village. 
Objective 4.: Head North, to the Dynamite Cave, and grab a stick of dynamite and a shovel 
Objective 5.: Head south, to the Salt Mine, and blow up the entrance with a stick of dynamite 
Objective 6.: Collect 3 pieces of Purification Salt Crystals with a pickaxe 
Objective 7.: Head to the Hidden Church 
Objective 8.: Collect the Stake, and dig out the grave 
Objective 9.: Purify the tomb in the Hidden Church 
Objective 10.: Head to the Northern Church, dig the grave there, and purify the tomb 
Objective 11.: Kill both Strigois 
Objective 12.: Use rope to drag their bodies to the graves you dug. 
This is as far as you can go now, I will update the guide as the game development continues. 
Here is the map if you need it.: 
Folklore Hunter Complete Guide 

Rules of Survival

These are few of the rules you should follow in order to survive 
– Enemies can hear gunshots, so don’t try to hunt stags in the middle of the night, if you want to survive until dawn 
– Don’t be careless. Conserve your ammunition and bear traps, because there aren’t many of those, and, trust me, you’ll need them 
– Don’t stay out too long. 4 PM is an optimal hour to head back home, if you still have it. Wendigo is hard to track in the night, especially on low gamma 
– Make use of the cameras. They can work as a light source, a map marker and as an enemy radar, because they register movement and warn you 
– If you plan on going out at night, place some meat far away from the destination you are heading to. It will lure Wendigo away from you and keep you partially safe 
– When you encounter Wolves at night, just run. If you shoot them, as I said, Wendigo will find you, and you can’t just shoot him to death. 
– Use your surroundings to your advantage – hide on rocks, run where enemies can’t access you and hide out of their sight 
And the most important rules of all 
– Join our discord 
– Follow SmirkStick on Twitch 
– Report the bugs on our discord or on Smirk’s streams 
– Have Fun ! 

What is Wendigo and Strigoi

Legend about Wendigo has many diffrent versions, but this is the most popular one.: 
Wendigo is a mythic beast, that controls the dead, and cursed the alive ones. It is a tall, humanoid-shaped creature with animal’s skull instead of a face. Most important part of his body is his frozen heart. In order to defend yourself you’ll need to melt it. Wendigo is said to appear in North America, and it originated from old native Americans’ stories. Sources say, that Wendigo is created whenever someone is rejected by his loved one. When the sun shines, he has a human form, and attacks people that have similarities to his human form, but at night it takes his monster form. Some legends say, that his body is partially made of ice, and he either has a deer skull or a deer’s head. Some of his bones are shown, and often bloody. When Wendigo chooses his victim, he makes it paranoid and drives him to insanity. When his victim is helpless, and can’t differ what is real and what isn’t, he attacks, and rips his victim’s body apart. Wendigo’s night form can be up to 13 feet in height, so trying to fight him alone is foolish. 
Strigois originated in Romania, and they are said to be a troubled spirits that can take an animal’s form, or even turn invisible. Strigois feast upon victim’s blood. To keep yourself safe, you need to take similar steps as when encountering a vampire – pierce his heart with a stake, turn the body face down and bury it, pierce his forehead with a nail, and put a clover of garlic under his tongue. They can be extremly fast, and often attack in packs. Sun can damage their real form, so when sun shines, you are safe from them. They are demons that rise from dead’s body, so in order to get rid of them for good, you’ll need to cleanse the tomb where the Strigoi’s dead body lays. 

Thanks for reading my guide!

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Have a great day, and lock your door, because Wendigo is coming ! 

Written by Kaiser Markus IV

This is all for Folklore Hunter Complete Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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