Find Yourself 100% Achievements Guide

Find Yourself 100% Achievements Guide 1 -
Find Yourself 100% Achievements Guide 1 -
From what I’ve noticed there are no written 100% guides to this game in English, so I figured I would try and contribute one, I’ve also made a video guide for this game as well if you find that an easier form of media to navigate



Hey guys I’m Boss from ThreeAMRestart, and I just wanted to write up a quick 100% guide for anyone interested in fully completing this game. 
This game is pretty short once you know what you’re doing, and thus getting all the achievements is also a pretty short task, with a few that are a little hidden but definitely do-able. 
We’ve also made a video guide for 100%ing this game which I will also link in this guide in case that is your preferred way to finding the achievements you are missing. 
Enjoy the guide and I hope it helps you get those last pesky achievements you’re missing! 

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Welcome – You simply get this achievement for starting a new game the first time, so it’s not an achievement you can miss 
Ready! – You get this achievement for completing the short training at the start of the game, also one you can’t miss as you can’t continue without doing it 

Chapter 1: Bedroom

The First Part– You can find this note as soon as you enter the bedroom segment of chapter 1 by going over to the shelves with the soldiers on it and the note is right beside them 
I Hate Clowns – You need to advance the bedroom segment to the part where the monster is under the bed, then you return to the same shelves where the first note was and there will be clown dolls on it instead, simply interact with one to toss it in the trash and you will get this achievement 
The Second Part – After advancing past the monster under the bed segment, right before you end the bedroom segment, it is on the shelves on the right side of the door 
Monster in the House – In this same segment right before advancing passed the bedroom, simply look out the window next to the clown dolls and crucifix 

Chapter 2: Train Car and Basement

Breaking Bad – After advancing into chapter 2 locate the toolbox under the seat prompting you to find the correct key, to get this achievement you simply need to get 3 wrong keys, so go around collecting any of the keys you can find besides the correct one back at the start 
Electrician – After you finish the train car and enter the basement segment you simply need to go over to the switch for the electricity and interact with it 
Another Dimension – You get this achievement for going between the support polls underneath the stairs in the basement segment, as this is the only way to continue the game, this is an achievement that is unmissable 
The Third Part – After you advance to the mannequin room part where alarms are going off, the note will be right in front of you on the boarded up wall piece, It’s highly unlikely you would miss this note simply because it’s placed right in front of your face upon entering the part it is present 

Chapter 3: Amusement Park

Clown’s Note (part 1) – The first clown’s note is located right at the start of the Amusement park segment in chapter 3, simply head down the stairs and to the back of the merry-go-round and find the note in a box 
Clown’s Note (part 2) – The second clown’s note is located in the back corner of the Amusement Park, back towards the Ferris wheel simply keep heading passed it into the back corner area and find a box with this second note inside it 

Chapter 4: Upstairs Bedrooms and Basement

The Secret in the Chest – As soon as chapter 4 starts you can only step slightly into the mother’s bedroom, but if you crouch here and interact with the chest you can get this achievement 
Naughty Son – To get this achievement you need to advance to the segment after picking up the rope in chapter 4, once you do this you can return to the mother’s room and just stand behind her looking at her in the bathroom until she notices you 
The Fourth Part – This achievement is located inside the bird cage in the mother’s room, it’s located to the left of the bed, just look inside of it and interact with the note 
Curious Son – At this same area next to the bird cage turn to the painting above the head and interact with it to get the achievement here 
Mysterious Corpse – To get this achievement, head around to the right of the bed towards where the bell is and look down to see the feet sticking out under the bed 
Evidence Found – To get this achievement you need to advance this segment to the part right after you pick up the bell and the mom disappears from the bedroom, you can now head into the bathroom and despite the achievement description you actually get this one for examining the glasses on the stand next to the bath tub 
The Fifth Part – To get this last note you need to advance to the basement segment in this chapter, and then before doing anything you can simply head over to the stairs and the last note is on the bottom of the railing right at the foot of the stairs, stuck to the side of it 

Chapter 5: Ending Parts

The Awakening – You get this achievement when you Find Yourself on the train car which is pretty much the end of the game, as this is an achievement you get for finishing the game this isn’t one you can miss if you are aiming to complete the game 
In the Office – Much like the last achievement, you simply get this one for finishing the game, once the next cut scene starts after you finish the train car segment you will get this one, so it is also one you can’t miss 
A New Mystery – You get this achievement by entering the “secret” level at the end of the game, simply stay in the game passed the ending of the credits and another very short level will start up and you will get this achievement upon it’s starting 

Written by 3AM Boss

Here we come to an end for Find Yourself 100% Achievments Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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