FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION Gameplay Basic + Combat Guide + Regalia

FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION Gameplay Basic + Combat Guide + Regalia 1 -
FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION Gameplay Basic + Combat Guide + Regalia 1 -

Or only briefly mentions without proper explanation.
The point is to list some things most people wont normally learn inside the game or try to search on their own.


Although there is only one attack button most weapons still have multiple different movesets. You can change basic weapon combo / moveset by holding controller’s left stick forward/backward/sideways (holding WSAD on keyboard does the same thing). Forward usually has more stagger/break potential, sideways – sidesteps for getting behind or wider swings (2h swords and spears), backwards – safer attacks (backflips for swords and spears, throwing for daggers).
Many weapons have a gimmick hinted in their description, don’t think its just a flavor text. Typical effects are: elemental attacks (subject to all weaknesses and resistances), more damage when user’s HP full/low, special effects on warp strike or combo finisher.
All damage from weapons in inventory is shown as strength+attack. This is actually incorrect calculation. The real formula is
Damage = [Strength + Weapon Attack + (Character Level × 3)] × (Attack Damage Modifier × 2)
For royal arms Weapon Attack = displayed Attack + Noctis’ Strength (or Magic for staff and bow). That’s right, royal arms benefit from strength twice and thus do a lot more damage than you can expect from their stats.
Attack Damage Modifer depends on weapon type and what kind of attack it is (normal, finisher, parry, etc). Normal attack modifiers are 1.0 for swords, 1.6 for 2h swords, 1.1 for spears and 0.75 for daggers. But don’t forget that daggers have a very high attack speed.
You never have to precisely time parries as Noctis, simply holding defend button is enough. In fact you don’t even need to wait for on-screen prompt. You can hold defend whenever you want, all parryable attacks will be parried and all dodgeable attacks will be dodged.
There are very few cases when timing defense is rewarded. For example ring’s holy spell does more damage. And you have to time parries as Gladio, otherwise he just blocks attacks.
Prompto and Ignis can’t parry but Ignis can counterstrike. Ignis’ counterstrikes are executed by attacking after cancelling enemy damage with “impervious”. All bros have impervious by default but Noctis needs to unlock this skill in combat ascension grid. Basically you just tap defend after getting hit. Only Ignis has on-screen prompt for this and only he can counterstrike. It works with almost all enemy attacks, not just attacks that are normally parryable. The catch is that you have to survive the damage, you can’t do this if enemy attack drops your HP to 0.
In combat you get 1 AP for each monster finished with a link strike, a parry (this doesn’t include Ignis’ countersrike), a warp strike or any bros special attack when you control them (like total clarity or crackshot).


Car coating (the stuff that makes your car collect dirt at a slower rate) also reduces self-inflicted damage. Best coating (from a shop in Altissia) makes it impossible to damage Regalia by crashing into something (unless you crash Type-F in flight, in this case it’s instant game over). Monsters can still damage Type-D with their attacks but only while you are inside it. Nothing can damage Regalia when player is outside it, even without any coating upgrades.
Only Hammerhead has a “special” refueling/cleaning cutscene but refueling at any other gas station cleans Regalia too.
Type-F can fly much faster at higher altitude. Engine upgades (super and turbochargers) only affect it’s car mode speed.
Regalia has 2 “secret” colors, iridiscent red-black and blue-black, unlocked by owning a certain ammount of other colors.

Other things

There are more treasure spots in chapter 15 (or any chapter in new game+), added spots contain some endgame weapons and high tier accessories. You don’t have to worry, none of the weapons are unique to those spots, everything can be obtained in different ways (quests and menace dungeons) in chapter 15. Few examples:
Iron Duke (2h sword) – three valleys, near one of possible timed quest locations
Organyx (daggers) – near galdin, on top of rock arch above the road
Hyper Magnum (gun) – near fence surrounding fort vaullerey
For cave-type menace dungeons (chapter 15) there is an easy way to tell which way is correct way without looking at guides. If you can see but can’t target enemies from another side of the door this is the correct way, and if you can target enemies this way leads to a dead end. Usually it’s a good idea to explore dead ends first for more loot.
You can collect items or activate nearby objects by holding interact button. Hold interact and move, Noctis will perform an action as soon as he gets in range. This can save you from a lot of unnecessary jumping.
When you sprint and stamina bar is almost depleted (about 1 pixel remains) quicky press sprint button again for instant stamina refill.
Resting at camps doesn’t fully clean boys clothes after a long day. You need to rest in town for proper cleaning.
Additional chocobo colors can be unlocked by doing Wyz’s quests and also collecting pears in chocobo races. You can find pears locations here

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