Druid Build Guide: Physical Spriggan in Last Epoch

Druid Build Guide: Physical Spriggan in Last Epoch 1 - steamsplay.com
Druid Build Guide: Physical Spriggan in Last Epoch 1 - steamsplay.com

Druid Build Guide: Physical Spriggan in Last Epoch

Let’s dive right in and talk about why the Physical Spriggan build is a game-changer. Picture this: we’ve got amazing skills like Maelstrom, Thorn Totem, and Entangling Roots that, when mixed with the Spriggan Form, let us tear through enemies’ defenses like paper. This combo shreds their armor and physical resistance, ramping up our damage like crazy. Plus, we’re throwing in Maelstrom and bleed effects to make boss fights a breeze.

Active Skills for Physical Spriggan

For the Summon Thorns Totem, start off by dropping 2/5 points into Totemic Wisdom. Move on to beefing up our Totem count with Grove Mind, by first going through Forested Expanse and then Eternal Forest. This strategy lets us summon a bunch of Totems to corner our enemies. If mana’s getting tight, peek into Memories of Eterra to ease the cost. Then, head over to the left side of the skill tree to beef up our Armor Shred. Start with Ancient Power and Impale before going all in on Shred Armor, making sure each Totem hit is a heavy blow to the enemy’s defenses.

With Maelstrom, aim for the Cyclone node to switch its damage to physical. Then, chase after the Frenzy and Haste buffs by taking the north path. Sprinkle points across Whirlpool, Sleet-Footed, and Windswept to boost Maelstrom’s duration and area of effect. If you snag an extra point from gear, toss it into Turbulence for a nice damage boost.

For Spriggan Form, start with a light sprinkle in Rose Meadow, Ancestral Call, and Spirit Vortex. Then, beef up your Totem game with Totem Warden and Spiked Totem. Speed your way to Entangling Roots with Spiritwhisperer and Valetide, but feel free to adjust the order based on your playstyle. Don’t forget to max out Spirit Vortex for faster Maelstrom stacking.

When it comes to Summon Spriggan, kick things off with Arboreal Vitality and make sure your Spriggan can cast Ensnaring Roots with Creeping Roots. Add a pinch of Protective Roots to direct those roots your way, and cap it off with Garden of Nourishment for a hefty heal from each Ensnaring Roots cast.

Passive Skill Tree Allocation

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of buffing up. We’re throwing 3/5 points into Aura of Life because it’s the stepping stone to 2/3 points in Aura of Kinship and 4/4 points in Aura of Retribution. These buffs are like the secret sauce that gives our allies spell damage bonuses and a neat 8% base critical chance, which is super important for cranking up our damage.

With the leftover points, you’ve got options. Maybe you want to be a bit tankier, so you’d put 1/4 in Aura of Loyalty and 1/1 in Aura of Evasion. Then, buff yourself and your minions with a bit more vitality and protection by investing in Arboreal Vitality and Warding Bark.

To make Entangling Roots even cooler, start with 2/5 in Shredding Vines and sprinkle some points across Nourishment Surge, Wild Weapons, and Blooming Magic. These will let you cast Entangling Roots in a way that hits enemies from afar. Fill in the gaps with Entrapped, Reclamation, and Noxious Grasp before topping it off with Overgrown Garden and Rooted System.

If you’re feeling adventurous, instead of boosting spell and physical damage, you could beef up your Spriggan’s defenses and speed with Frenzying Thorns. This path leads you through Shredding Vines, Entrapped, and into Inescapable Thicket, ending with a mighty Bramblewood Wardens.

Primalist Base Tree

Don’t forget about the Primalist Base Tree. Here, max out Natural Attunement for a huge boost in stats that scale with Attunement. Then, layer on Hunter’s Restoration for more health and recovery, and Wisdom of the Wild for that spell damage boost. This foundation is key to unlocking the master class trees.

Druid Tree

In the Druid Tree, go all in on Primordial Resonance, Chitinous Plating, and Druidic Prowess for the core stats. Add Focused Wrath and Bush Stalker for that extra edge, and if you’re playing the long game, Rageborn will be your best friend past level 80 for a serious crit chance increase.

Shaman Tree

The Shaman Tree is up next. Start with Shamanic Infusion for an overall boost, and don’t overlook Silent Protector and Totemic Fury for some serious totem power.

Beastmaster Tree

Finally, in the Beastmaster Tree, bulk up with Ursine Strength and Boar Heart. Don’t forget about Artor’s Loyalty and Call of the Pack for some extra help, and round it out with Porcine Constitution for that unbreakable defense.

Equipment and Stats

For gear, think about rocking a Gate Staff for faster casting and better crits. Suit up with items like the Ancestral Crown and Living Seed for a mix of resistance and critical chance. Look for gear that boosts your health, endurance, resistances, and gives you that sweet armor shred chance, especially on your amulet and gloves.

Don’t forget about your idols! A mix of **Grand Heorot Idols** and **Ornate

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