Dredgers Comprehensive Guide for Crafting – Weapons & Armor

Dredgers Comprehensive Guide for Crafting – Weapons & Armor 1 - steamsplay.com
Dredgers Comprehensive Guide for Crafting – Weapons & Armor 1 - steamsplay.com

Will be a complete guide, so that you can build towards a specific playstyle.

Difficult to Craft

Bone Armor Set. Requires Hunter/Butcher/Crafting. Will not find in shops or chests.
Bone Mask : +1 Health per CON
Bone Mail : 200% DEF. renews every 12 seconds.
Bone Boot : +4 DEF/DEX/STR/SPD
Skull Charm : Lose CHM 1% of level every kill
Bone Wand : 200% INT. 50% ENG cost. Enemies killed become living corpses
Bone Bow : 90% DEX. 90% Crit. .5s Range Fire CD. Pierce 4 enemies

Armor Head

Bard Cap : Gain CHM based on level after kill
Merchant’s Cap : Prices reduced 20%
Miner’s Cap : Light source
Pirate Bandana : +50% coin collected
Pretty Bow : Double positive and half negative Charisma from items
Top Hat : 10 Charisma
Trusty Cap : Negate 1 Damage from all sources
Crown : +5 followers
Face Guard : -2 Crit Attack
Horned Helmet : Double Dash DMG
Legion Helmet : +1 each stat per follower
Metal Helmet : Armor recovers 50% faster
Blood Mask : Berserk on Kill
Cultist’s Mask : Inverse CHM
Glasses : +2 Crit on range attacks
Holy Helmet : +CHM/Light DMG doubled
Rune Hat : +1 Max Energy per ENG
Wizard’s Hat : Refund 25% energy used

Armor Body

No Armor -20 Charisma
HVY= -1 Speed for Defense, countered by Strength and Knight and Dwarf Passive.
Rags : -5 Charisma
Cloak : 50% Defense. Renews over 4 seconds
Leather Coat : 100% Defense. Renews over 4 seconds. +5 Charisma
Outlaw’s Hood : 50% Defense. Renews over 8 seconds. 50% of Defense to Dexterity
Worn Robe : 100% Defense convert to Charisma
Metal Breastplate : HVY 200% Defense. Renews over 4 seconds
Metal Chestplate : 200% Defense. Renews over 8 seconds
Leader’s Mantle : 100% Defense + Defense of followers. Renews over 8 seconds
Smithing 2
Heavy Breastplate : HVY 400% Defense. Renews over 8 seconds
Blood Armor : HVY 100% Constitution and 100% Defense. Renews over 8 seconds. Heals regenerate Armor
Casting Tunic : 100% Defense convert to Intelligence
Fire Cape : 25% Defense and 25% ENG. Renews over 2 seconds. Block Fire DMG
Mage Armor : HVY 200% Defense and 200% ENG. Renews over 8 seconds
Magus Armor : 100% Defense and 100% ENG. Renews over 8 seconds. 100% Defense to Intelligence

Armor Feet

Items that build into next ->
Boot : +5 Defense + 10 Speed
-> Strapped Boot : +5 Defense, Speed, and Dexterity
–> Gold Belted Boot : +4 Defense, Speed, Dexterity, and Charisma
–> Buckled Boot (Smithing) : +5 Defense +10 Dexterity
Plated Boot : +10 Defense +5 Speed
–>Magma Wader (Enchanting) : +5 SPD. Magma Immune
Sandle : +10 Dexterity +5 Speed
-> Geta : +15 Dexterity (The one in Smithing gives the same stats, but uses more supplies)
Shoe : +15 Speed
-> Fancy Shoe : +10 Speed + 5 Charisma
–> Royal Slipper : -5 Speed + 20 Charisma
Slipper : +20 Intelligence -5 Speed
Tabi : +5 Dexterity +10 Speed
Buckled Boot : Mentioned Above
Golden Boot : +15 Defense +10 Charisma -10 Speed
Grieves : +15 Defense
Metal Boot : +20 Defense -5 Speed

Melee Weapons

Top Table Crafting Smithing and Smithing 2
Bottom Table Enchanter and Potion
Fist: 50% SPD 50% STR

WeaponPrimary StatSecondary StatCrit ModifierSwingKnockbackHandAdditional
Axe100% STR50% CON100%01
Battle Hammer200% STR100% DEF100%42
Broad Sword100% STR100%21
Darksteel Axe100% STR50% CON100%01Slow 4s
Darksteel Great Axe200% STR100% CON200%100%02Slow 4s
Darksteel Sword100% STR100%01Slow 4s
Dual Core Sword50% STR50%100%1150% STR Fire
Flaming Axe50% STR25% CON50%100%01Set enemies on fire
Great Axe200% STR100% CON200%100%02
Great Blade200% STR200%100%22
Heavy Mace200% STR100% DEF50%31
Hyper Blade100% STR200%22
Hyper Great Axe100% STR50% CON200%01
Hyper Hammer100% STR50% DEF200%42
Knife50% DEX50%200%01
Mace100% STR50% DEF100%31
Rapier100% STR200%100%01
Scythe25% STR + DEX25% CON + DEF50%200%012* Buffs/Items on kill
Serrated Sword10% STR10%75%11Bleed 25% STR
Shorn Blade20% STR20%75%12Bleed 50% STR
Thorn Rapier45% STR90%100%01Poison 5s
Torch50% STR50%150%11Sets enemy on fire
TriRapier10% STR20%75%11Bleed 25% DEX


WeaponPrimary StatSecondary StatCrit ModifierSwingKnockbackHandAdditional
Gem Knife50% DEX25% INT50%200%0150% Incantation Cooldown, +5 CHM
Ghost Blade200% STR200%100%01Killed enemies become ghosts
Golden Blade200% STR200%100%22Light/CHM DMG
Holy Hammer200% STR100% DEF100%42Light/CHM DMG
Holy Sword100% STR100%01Light/CHM DMG
Ice Sword100% STR100%11Stacking Slow
Infusion Knife50% DEX50%200%01Corpse Explode DMG
Leeching Knife25% DEX25%200%01Heal DMG
Leeching Sword50% STR50%100%21Heals DMG


Ranged Weapons

BowPrimaryCritFire CDExtra
Bow100% DEX.5
Quick Shot Bow50% DEX50%.25
Taut Bow150% DEX50%.5
Scoped Bow20% DEX120%.5
Long Shot200% DEX200%1
Darksteel Bow100% DEX.5Slow 4s
Fire Bow75% DEX75%.5Fire DMG
Ice Bow200% DEX200%.5Stacking Slow 5s


Wands and Staves

CD is cooldown of incantations. Cost is energy cost. 50% is better than 150% unless its the INT DMG. Channeling is whether it can be held down or not.
Incantations will only do the lesser of ENG or INT. Unless the Cost is 50% so more INT can come through or INT DMG is higher.

WandINT DMGCDCostExtra
Cute100%2* Healing
Dark Steel200%150%Slow 4s
Deadly Pale100%20%Health instead of Energy
Fire150%150%Firebomb on cast
Ice400%50%Self slow on cast
Holy100%200%Heal half energy
Poison50%Poisons normal spells
Rose100%200%Spray thorns on cast


StaffChannelFire Ability
ArcaneMagic missile
BloodUse health to fire spike equal to 2* CON
FireYSpray fire
IceYSpray ice cloud
RoseYSpray thorns
StaticYArcs of lightning
VoidYPulls, drains enemy energy, silence


Books and Magic

BookPage 1Page 2Page 3MasterWork
OldEnergy BoltEnergy Light
of DeathImbue CorpseImbue SkeletonDominate
of DefenseBarrierEnchant ArmourShatter Defense
of FlamesFireballFirebombFlame Wave
of HealingCureRegenerateMalpractice
of LightBeamEnergy LightBlinding Flash
of PoisonPoison OrbAcid FangsExplosive RotVile Aura
of StormsWind CannonSparkWind Wade

Electric Damage does damage equal to armor and doubles if wet

Shield and Charms

Wooden Shield : Block 50% Defense every 2 seconds
Studded Shield : Block 50% Defense every second
Reinforced Shield : Block 100% Defense every 2 seconds
Metal Shield : Block 200% Defense every 4 seconds
Reinforced Shield (Metal Version) : Block 300% Defense every 6 seconds
Fancy Shield : Block 100% Defense and 50% Charisma every 5 seconds. +10 Charisma
Smithing 2
Tower Shield : Block 400% Defense every 4 seconds. Two Handed.
Blood Token : +5 CHM. Heal 25% DMG dealt
Poor Charm : +5 CHM
Simple Charm : +10 CHM
Charm of Healing : +5 CHM. Double Healing
Grape Vine : +5 CHM. Double food gained when eating
Green Ward : +5 CHM. Immunity to Poison/Acid
Molten Ward : Immunity to Fire
Time Keeper’s Watch : +5 CHM. 50% Time effect. 50% Time Cooldown
Void Charm : +10 CHM. Gain CHM as hunger drains/ drains hunger
Star Charm : +5 CHM. Increase Light Damage by 25%
Lunar Charm : +5 CHM Increase Light damage by 60% of Lunar Phase

Herbs and Salves

Dry Haze : CHM by lvl
Poppers : CON by lvl and regen
Summer Onion : Food gives 100% more hunger
Hot Stalks : STR and SPD by lvl
Fizshrum : DEF by 2* lvl, but take dmg
Healing Salve : CON by lvl and regen 2*
Burning Salve : STR/SPD/DEF by 2* lvl, but take dmg

Race Guide

Bld FallenxxxxxCarn
Rnd Tooth/xxxxAll
Slime Girl/xx/xAll


Here we come to an end for Dredgers Comprehensive Guide for Crafting – Weapons & Armor hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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