Deadly Night How to Get Good Ending and Beat All Levels

Deadly Night How to Get Good Ending and Beat All Levels 1 -
Deadly Night How to Get Good Ending and Beat All Levels 1 -

Although I recommend playing the game yourself, you might find it difficult to understand some of the puzzles and end up stuck for hours. I decided to create a simple guide to help you beat the House level and get to the good end.

Step 1: Unlocking savings

-Find your Alarm Clock in the house.
-Find Rust Remover in middle of the 2nd Floor unfinished room (1st Room on the right side of the long hallway.)
-Open the Alarm Clock and place it through the hole in the door of the 2nd floor bedroom with 2 beds.
-After the trunk has been opened, take the key.
-Find and use the Rust Removaler on the padlock at the locked door on your 1st floor.
-Wait for the corrosion to disintegrate before using the key on the padlock.
You only have 3.

Step 2: Open the Fridge

-Use Rust Remover to clean the basement valve.
-Wait until the rust dissolves before turning it.
-Using the crowbar, rip the 3 planks off the wall on the first level. Inside, you'll find a journal and a gaming console.
-Crowbar on the floor in same room as key in. There will be a video game and a paper note.
-The console can then be used to store the video game.
-Now the fridge on the kitchen's first floor should be open. Inside you will find a frozen knife.

Step 3: Allocate the Fire

-French the knife by placing it on the fire place in the living room.
-Use the knife for cutting a piece of cork from the 2nd Floor Bedroom (. This is the last room to the left of the long hallway,).
-Use the cork in the room to the right of the bedroom) on the 2nd level bathtub (to stop the water draining when you turn it off.
-Go back to the basement and look for the bucket near the stairs. You should be able pick it up immediately.
-Take the bucket to 2nd floor bathtub, and fill it with water. Quickly transfer the bucket to the fireplace so that all the water doesn't escape.
-If you have enough water, you will be able to put out the fire and grab the wrench.

Step 4: Escaping

-Use your wrench at the 2nd floor kitchen sink to loosen and retrieve the coin.
-Use a coin to unscrew an area of the radio's battery on the first floor.
-Make sure you grab both batteries and then place them inside the gaming console.
-You should have the ability to pick up the console and use it (.
Play the game to unlock the code
-Go to the basement well and enter the code. code should be 8163
-Once the well opens, continue to interact and you should be done.
I hope this helps anyone who was stuck.

Optional: Getting to the Good Ending

I would recommend not looking at this section until the bad ending is over.
-After you have secured the rope, go up to the 2nd level. Once there, turn around.
-Place the rope around the nail to create an obstruction. Wait for the killers to fall on it.
-After he has fallen, grab the van key.
-Progress normally, but make sure you have the van keys in your inventory before you leave.
-Ensure you return the van key to the original location.
-Continue playing the game normally


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