Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS

Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS 1 -
Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS 1 -

Using the approach of Total Warfare this guide teaches killers how to eliminate survivors permanently from Dead by Daylight.


This guide is for entertainment and debate purposes only. I sincerely hope no one takes this seriously. However, as of at least version 5.2.2 all of these strategies are still valid ways to play the game. Perhaps this guide can help bring about positive change.

Nothing in this guide about having fun. This guide is evil. I wish this wasn’t possible or discouraged more in the game.


Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS - Premise - 044E83D

This guide is not about killing survivors. Death is not an escape. This guide is about eliminating survivors from the game entirely; making them disconnect, quit the game and hopefully uninstall and wasting their time if they stay. This guide is about eliminating their will to play Dead by Daylight, the only way killers can ever realize a true and complete victory in this theater of war.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive guide. Killer powers, addons, perks, offerings or builds are not covered in-depth in this guide.

Survivors Are the Enemy

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If you know and/or like anyone in your lobby you should heavily consider dodging that lobby. It makes this a lot easier both in-game and especially after.

It helps to think of survivors as not human. Eliminate any empathy you have for them. They are your enemy and they view you the same way. This is easy because survivors actually aren’t human. You might be shocked reading that because possibly you have played survivor and you’re human, the survivors appear human so in your mind at least, survivors might be human… at least more human than killers.

Is the killer human? No? Why not?

The killer is played by a human, many killers are/were human… let’s be real. Survivors do not think of the killer as human most of the time. Even if they do, the killer is a bad human like a murderer, a serial killer, a criminal or all of the above. Survivors have a much easier time seeing the killer as an enemy and dehumanizing them in their mind because well, the killer is trying to “kill” them, even though they never really die or are already dead. Is anything in the entity’s realm actually alive or is it like Purgatory? Can something be considered human if it’s long dead?

Although survivors appear to be more human than killers, they are just as human as the killer. Both the killer and the survivors are pixelated representations played in a virtual world where nothing matters. No one is actually human. If they die they can ready up for the next round, there is no funeral just a campfire.

Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS - Survivors Are the Enemy - AB6860F

Why is this important?

If they don’t see you as human and just an enemy they are far more willing to use strategies that are toxic. And they have a lot of tools to use. They take great pleasure in your displeasure. This is not the guide for those strategies, however you’re probably aware of some and have been a victim of some, if not many. Perhaps you’ve used these evil strategies on a killer yourself as a survivor, Entity forbid.

All of those survivor strategies are valid and used every day. Killers cannot call out these strategies in the community because they literally get drowned out in a cacophony of “git gud,” other attempts at toxicity or outright misinformation. Don’t waste your time in post-game chat, on the Dead By Daylight forums, Reddit, Discord or anywhere else as they are all mostly survivor echo chambers, a waste of your time when you could actually playing the game and doing real damage to survivors. At the same time these places are plagued with nothing but complaints about killers and their strategies.

Survivors also will use very broad definitions camping, tunneling, slugging and hacking and as such, often accuse killers of such horrible crimes, especially in post-game chat. Killers should never entertain this conversation as the other survivors will leap to their defense regardless of how frivolous the accusation is. If one member of their team makes an accusation you are deemed guilty by the entire team. They will never thank the killer for playing a clean game and almost never thank a killer for actually letting them go. The best you can hope for is the occasional “gg.”

The only time you should do war with survivors is in a match when the playing field is more in your favor.

This proves that survivors are all evil entity-spawn sent to torture you. Also, they are as human as you are when you play the killer, you can decide how human that is for yourself. If you still think they’re human, I urge you not continue this guide any further. The strategies in this guide are pure evil and you cannot pull them off if there is the slightest bit of empathy in your soul for survivors. Even so, this strategy is best used when you are angry for some other reason and you want you want to ruin someone else’s game.

If you still want to pursue this style of gameplay, you can think back on all the times you were bullied (in game or IRL), all the wood chips you’ve eaten from pallets dropped on you, the retinal damage you’ve suffered from repeated blindings and those times survivors got away after far too long of a chase. Perhaps those thoughts can help you find a suitable mood to play in this way.

The Strategies

The strategies are listed from the most tame to the most toxic.

Never Disconnect

Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS - Never Disconnect - C0393AC

If the killer disconnects under any circumstances the survivors are not coming of of the match thinking they lost. At worst they’ll be disappointed. Also they can immediately queue up for the next round and move on. Some survivors enjoy making killers disconnect and try to make that happen as often as possible. Don’t give them the satisfaction and avoid the disconnect penalty. Better strategies follow below.

Select Your Lobbies Carefully

Avoid strong lobbies and suspected SWFs. These players are unlikely to quit and uninstall anyway and will actively try to make you quit and uninstall.

Also, you can take the strong lobby and use the Do Nothing strategy below, wasting a strong SWFs time even if only briefly, saves another killer from getting bullied by them during that time.

Don’t Chase Them Out the Gate

If the gates are open and the survivors are healthy and waiting for you to chase them out so they can teabag or whatever, don’t. You can at least take away their last laugh by not going to the gate. Let them stand there and choose to waste their own time, it’s the best thing for them.


Moris have been nerfed, Ivory and Ebony Moris used allow you to kill a survivor after just 1 hook. Back then this guide would recommend and Ebony Mori every game but now it is recommended you don’t bring a mori as they only give you a disadvantage in a most cases. Bringing a mori (or a Shroud of Separation) also gives the survivor early warning that this game could be sweatier normal. Bringing in sacrifice wreaths or especially a Black Ward also tips them off. Most other offerings will not affect survivor strategy before the game loads in.

Post-Game Chat

It is recommended to just say “ggez” and nothing else or say nothing at all. You can choose to leave immediately and queue up for the next game or you can stay and possibly take pleasure in the salt that may rain in the chat. Take care in the chat though as it is on record and they can immediately report you from the post-game screen and can face repercussions for saying truly horrible things.


The survivors can generate up to 15 items in the game using only perks. Them bringing in items or using coin offerings and the map can literally be awash with items laying everywhere. Killers have 5 options or a combination of them dealing with items:

Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS - Items - B3DFD8D

Franklin’s Demise makes their items less effective when they are on the ground losing charges.

Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS - Items - 976BDBE

Lightborn grants complete immunity to flashlights. Can be used to bait hits on flashlighters, however good survivors can recognize Lightborn.

Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS - Items - 8E5FA36

The Cut and Scratched Coins can reduce the number of chests in the game. Survivors have coins of their own to add chests to the game.

Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS - Items - 91B3BA4

Hoarder adds two chests to the game without enough benefit to offset that damage. Don’t run it.

Play around them.

All items eventually run out and can be countered so you can easily run no item-countering perks and still be successful. Also, sometimes leaving Feng with her flashlight and having her chase you around trying to get a flashlight save benefits you. She is not progressing generators for her team and if she fails to get a save, she is wasting her time completely… knock that flashlight out of her hand or she learns you have Lightborn and she might do generators instead and shorten the game, so choose your strategies wisely.

Slow Their Progress

There are many ways to slow down the game but usually this refers to hindering generator progress. Perks such as Hex: Ruin and Pop Goes the Weasel are particularly effective. Use whatever slowdowns you wish.

Target the Weak

Like a cheetah targets the weakest of the herd for it’s next meal, a killer should take care choosing which survivor to prey on.

Identify the strong elements of the team and avoid them. They can be identified by unique cosmetics in the lobby, but not always. The tell is in the match. If you see a survivor moonwalking, hear a flashlight macro or they are heavily trying to initiate chase with you, ignore them. If they hide their power level and you get in a chase with them and you notice optimal looping from a survior break off (maybe try and get a pallet out of them first, maybe) and avoid them until later in the game when pallets have been broken and their gen-jockey teammates are dead or dying.

Identify the weak links of the survivor team and attack them until those parts of the team die or can be used as effective bait against the better elements of the team. Once that little Meglet is on death hook then demon Jill is going to take much more considerable risks to save her and you’ll have a better chance of killing Jill that way than chasing Jill first. Jill wants you to chase her, do not give her what she wants. Use their altruism against them, it is the only worthwhile bait.

Keep Chases Short

Chasing is the best part of Dead by Daylight. If a survivor takes the killer for a long chase, they are going to enjoy the game and the last thing we want is joy or hope in their hearts. Use whatever you deem necessary to end chases as quickly as possible and crush their joy, hopes and dreams. Preferably you can use skill here, but if you are lacking in that department there are many strong and even some oppressive killer addons to help you.


Eliminating the chase as much as possible from your gameplay eliminates most of the fun from the game for survivors and possibly yourself. BHVR has given us the ability to eliminate fun from the game. There are different forms of camping:

Returning to the Hook

Not actually camping. This is the practice of returning to the hook to either see if another survivor is going for the save or when the survivor is about to hit Stage 2 or die on the hook. If you’re already near the hook and the survivor is close to dying or going to Stage 2, hang around and actually camp to ensure that happens before moving on unless you are positive no survivors are near.

Proxy Camping

Generally this just means staying in the area of a hooked survivor so that if someone comes for the save you can intercept or respond to the save. If the save occurs, you get to choose your target; focus down the unhooked survivor or go for their rescuer(s). This strategy is best suited if you hook near progressed generators or any other survivor objective you can hinder with your presence.

Face Camping

This is camping very close to the surivivor, often stationary and sometimes literally on the survivors face not moving at all drom the hooking animation. This is is a bad strategy most of the time but it is probably the most effective way to ensure the survivors have as little chance of having fun. It’s also boring for the killer, so if you don’t have the patence or will to facecamp, that’s fine. The only time facecamping is actually a sound strategy is if there is a well-progressed generator right next to the hook or the gens are done and you hook them next to a (hopefully unopened) gate.

Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS - Camp - FE17EB0

If you’re going to facecamp and you want other survivors to show up, this is the perk for you. It has no other effective use other than camping hook survivors because no other bait is effective for Insidious. The fact that this perk exists is BHVR’s complete endorsement of the camping strategy.

Generator Camping

Easily the most effective form of camping. If you can make it so the last 3 or 4 generators are close together it is much easier to defend them from the demonic repairing fingers of the survivors. Also if you do have a strong 3-gen you can hook survivors near the 3-gen and the survivors are then in a very difficult spot when you proxy camp.

Focus Them Down

This is the act of targeting usually a single survivor (but can be 2) until they are dead to the exclusion of other survivors. Survivors hate this act so much that they invented a derogatory term for this: “tunneling.” It’s a very valid and effective strategy and it is also one of the best ways of crushing the hopes of the survivor team. Focusing down and eliminating a survivor early reduces the survivor team’s productivity by a minimum of 25%, usually more. It also has a debilitating effect on survivor morale. If someone is dying on the hook and they still have 4 or 5 generators to complete, the game changes. They either start to give up are get really sweaty, both can give you an advantage. But beware, if they pull off an escape, they’ll feel like gods after the match. Crush them mercilessly.

Leave Them On The Ground

One of the most boring things about playing survivor is that they get to lay on the ground and do nothing if the killer so chooses. Survivors hate this act so much that they invented a derogatory term for this: “slugging.” It’s a very valid and effective strategy and it is also one of the best ways of crushing the hopes of the survivor team. It also destroys survivor productivity, as that survivor can’t do anything while on the ground and usually another survivor has to spend time picking them up and usually healing them.

If you manage to have more than one survivor on the ground, almost always no generators progress during that time as the rest of the team has to focus on saving the other half. There is a major downside to this strategy is that it can backfire if you don’t make progress actually killing survivors and they all get picked back up without getting hooked. This is also countered by some survivor perks.

Do Nothing

Also referred to as AFKing. This is highly not recommended as this isn’t playing the game but it’s here to complete the guide. It should be bannable but it would be so hard to enforce. This is possible in the game but there is no way you are doing this with the blessings of the BHVR, they want you to play the game.

Doing nothing as killer greatly reduces the survivors chances of enjoying the game. Without an active killer they are robbed of interaction with the killer and chases and all they are left with are generators, chests, totems, escaping and possibly blinding the killer.

You can do nothing for entire rounds if you want. You might do it because you are matching higher skilled players than you like. Survivors in these games usually score less than 17k bloodpoints after the game as well and they can depip at higher grades. Whether or not this is actually effective at lowering your killer MMR is questionable as we don’t know how MMR is calculated. Rumor has it MMR is based mainly on game length and an absent killer doesn’t encourage the survivors to end the game swiftly. Allow me to reiterate that this is HIGHLY not recommended, you’ll likely be reported although likely no warning or punishment will come. You can avoid the report by chainsaw lapping the map as Billy, guarding the basement chest or doing other non-standard killer gameplay can get you the same or better results as doing nothing and you might find another way to enjoy the game, a way not intended by BHVR.

You can step out mid-game as well. This is particularly effective when you under-estimate the survivors in your lobby and you get wrecked in your first few chases or figure out you have 3-player or 4-player SWF and your odds of being successful in the game seem slim. Just put your head in a corner until the last generator is done and then open the gate, step closer to the handle or into a corner so they can’t waste time blinding you to encourage them to leave sooner.

Bleed Them Out

This is an extremely toxic waste of time. A survivor left on the ground will take 4 minutes to bleed out and they have no other option but to crawl around or lay there and wait to die or disconnect if they or their team cannot pick them up off the ground. This isn’t holding the game hostage, since the survivors will eventually bleed out. Survivors cannot resign or concede from the match so you can make their game that much longer and boring.

Beware, this strategy can still backfire if you are not vigilant and if any survivors manage to escape they will feel amazing after the game having beat such horrible odds versus such a deplorable opponent. You might be tempted to AFK while letting them bleed and one Unbreakable or Soul Guard can completely end your plan in seconds. Watch a video on another monitor or something but stay vigilant and close to your keyboard while they slowly die.

Killers used to have a similar problem before the Endgame Collapse was implemented. Back then killers couldn’t end the game if the survivors didn’t leave and it only took 1 survivor to actually hold the game hostage for the killer. If cries of death by bleeding got loud enough perhaps this could change for survivors as well.

Bodyblocking Survivors for Entire Games


This is so horrible I am surprised it hasn’t been fixed in the 5 years this game has existed. There are many positions where a killer (or another survivor) can trap a survivor in a corner and prevent them from moving indefinitely for the rest of them game if the killer doesn’t hit them or use their power. For example, stealth killers can often trap survivors at totems. This is the hostage part, since the survivor can literally do nothing but wait for the game to be over and can’t affect their own fate directly. At least if there are other untrapped survivors they can at least end the game. If they are the last survivor you are actually holding the game hostage indefinitely (they can only disconnect) and you deserve your fate if they choose to ban you.

I hope BHVR might one day implement a body-block timer after which the blocked loses collision with the blocker temporarily or some other fix and stop this one. Bodyblocking should stay in the game, but it shouldn’t be able to be used to hold someone hostage.


Stated again, this guide is for entertainment and debate purposes only. I sincerely hope no one uses the advice in this guide. Perhaps this guide can help bring about positive change. Thanks for reading.

English is my only language. Feel free to translate this guide and pass it off as your own if you so wish.

Written by tuxii

This is all for Dead by Daylight Killer Class and FAQS hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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