DARK SOULS™ III Bible Guide in PVP

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DARK SOULS™ III Bible Guide in PVP 1 - steamsplay.com
The purpose of this bible is to provide a complete picture of the PvP in Dark Souls 2 for players of all levels. You are guaranteed to learn something new about PvP by reading this guide in full.



My experience in PvP is great: I played at levels over 500 and at levels less than 100, as well as on the average version of 150-200, both in fight clubs and in the arena. I have 2 steam accounts and about 1.5k hours each, most of which are played in PvP, so I am sure that the tips that you will find in this guide will be useful to you at all levels. 
I must immediately apologize for my English vocabulary, but I can assure you that the information I offer will be clear to you. In this guide, I will talk about all aspects of PvP, both obvious and those that are rarely used. Therefore, in order not to waste your time reading what you already know, I will divide the information into sections, and if you already know something, then freely skip them. 
This is the end of my preface, be patient and have a pleasant study!  

Chapter I: what is PvP, where to PvP, locations

PvP is an abbreviation of Player versus Player, which is self-explanatory. 
For PvP matchmaking check out this page: ” http://darksouls2.wikidot.com/online-matchmaking ” The game has 4 types of PvP: 
1)Intrusions into other worlds. 
This PvP usually occurs when the player uses a cracked red eye or a cracked blue eye. When invading with a red eye, the invading player receives a red aura, and when invading with a blue eye, a blue aura. Players can also invade other worlds if: either they are in the Blue Sentinels covenant and use the Guardian seal, or they are in the Bell Keepers covenant and use the Bell Keepers seal and are in one of two locations: Belfry Sol or Belfry Luna. In the case of the guards, when they invade, they also get a blue aura, and in the case of the bell keepers, they invade with a grey aura. More rare intrusions occur during: 1)the battle with the mirror knight. When a mirror knight puts up his shield and summons a phantom, there is a chance that he will summon a real player who left a red “sign” in front of his entrance. 2)if the host of the world killed the Darklurker, then PvP becomes possible in the locations of the altars of darkness. In both cases, players receive the aura of a black phantom. 
Important notes: 
1)In total, 1 blue guardian, 1 red player, 2 gray players can invade the player’s world. 2)Invading red or blue players can have 3 different auras in intensity. The greater the intensity, the higher the player is in the rank of his covenant. Still, players can use the Ring of the Living to look like a normal player without an aura, or the White ring to look like a white phantom, however, this does not change their purpose. 3)Blue players can be both allies and opponents. If you are not in the Blue Path covenant and do not wear a blue seal, then blue phantoms are definitely your opponents. If you are in the covenant of the blue path and wear a blue seal and a red player has invaded your world, then the blue players are definitely your allies. If you are in the Blue Path covenant and wear a blue seal, but have the status of a sinner or worse, then blue players can be both enemies and allies. If there is no red intruder in your world, then he is an enemy, if there is one, then he is an ally. 4)Intruders must be in the human form. 
2)Forced intrusions into your world. 
Such intrusions can only occur if you are a member of the Rat King covenant and wear the Crest of the rat and are located in one of the locations: the grave of the saints or the doors of Farros. Players who have entered these locations will be forcibly sent to your world as grey phantoms. There can be 1 intruder in total. Traps and monsters will attack the intruders. 
3)PvP by conscription. 
Such PvP occurs when a player in his world leaves a red sign using Red Sign Soapstone or a player who is a member of the Dragon Remnants covenant uses Dragon Eye to leave his sign in the form of an eye. 
Important notes: 
1)The maximum number of summoned phantoms is 5. 2)The phantoms summoned with the help of the dragon’s eye will be presented in the form of grey phantoms. 3)The phantoms summoned by the Dragon’s eye are the only ones that can use Estus flask. 
4)PvP arenas 
There are only 2 covenants in the game, which have their own arenas. Each covenant has 3 different arenas. To participate in the Sentinel Arena, you must be a member of their covenant. To participate in the arena of red players, you must be in the Blood Brotherhood covenant. The choice of the arena is in favour of the player with a higher rank or number of wins. Red Arenas: The right statue takes you to an arena with a tower in the centre. The statue in the middle takes you to the arena with a stone bridge. The statue on the left takes you to an arena with a wooden bridge from which you can throw off players. Blue Arenas: The statue on the right takes you to the arena with columns. The statue is in the middle of an arena with collapsed walls. The statue on the left takes you to an arena with wooden floors from which you can throw off players. 
That’s it about PvP types. 
If the locations for PvP in the arenas and in their own worlds are clear, then the question arises: In which locations to invade other people’s worlds and where are the most signs for PvP? Firstly, the populations of the locations are indicated by the game itself: if the location is orange, then there are a lot of players there and there is a good chance of invasion. However, it is worth remembering that different bonfires are responsible for different locations of players, which means that you will not be able to invade players throughout the location, being only near the 1st campfire. It is worth trying different bonfires. Secondly, the players decided a long time ago to choose the iron keep as the main location for PvP, so if you are looking for an ideal place where there will always be someone, then you will not find a better location than the iron keep. 

Chapter II: play style

Most good PvP players preach an aggressive style of play. However, even being one of the ardent representatives of this style, I have argued, I claim and will continue to argue that the passive style of the game is no worse, however, no matter how obvious it is, it is more passive, which is why it attracts fewer players. It is worth clarifying that the passive style means a defensive game: counter-attacks, blocking, parrying. Of course, you can often find aggressive players using parry, but this does not mean that their style of play is passive. Passive players are those who give the initiative to the opponent. Usually passive players use shields to minimize damage, spears to have a longer attack range, heavy armor to minimize damage. A kind of tanks. However, you can also find Squishy players who play defensively, like those who use curved or straight swords, rapiers, daggers, spears for counterattacks, remember that they are not taking initiative even if their weapon is fast. And yet, for most players and beginners among them, it is better to train using an aggressive style of play. With it, you will learn how to dodge in time, feel your stamina recovery, understand when it is better to attack, and when you can move away and restore stamina, find a weapon or a composition of weapons that you are comfortable with, learn different movesets, hitboxes, train a quick change of equipment. The passive style is more skill-dependent, it is suitable for those who have studied all these basics and accurately understand all the principles of PvP and want to achieve stability in their battles. 

Chapter III: tricks: map usage, fast equipment switch, etc.

Finally something interesting! 
To begin with, I would like to explain that most players, even very good ones, do not fully reveal their potential due to the fact that they do not use different ones.. let’s just say “half-bugs”. These are legal tricks that anyone can use, but they require some training. 
Let’s start with the easy one: using the map. 
You may already know that in the arena of the reds with a wooden tower, you can shoot through the balks of this tower? Did you know that various special attacks, like an ice floe from an Irithil rapier or a projectile from a two-handed wyvern sword, can also pass through them? Try it. In general, I would like to say that there are quite a lot of different tricks with the environment that can be used in this game. I will not be able to list all of them, but here is another example that I often use: in the iron keep on the bridge, you can climb 2 columns that stand in front of the entrance to the keep, at the end of the bridge. You can stand on them and use spells, and at this time you can not be touched by any melee weapons. In addition, it is very easy to maneuver in the same location by jumping over the curbs of the bridge. You can jump on the ground platform on the lava, on the opposite side of the bridge from the fire, but during such jumps, your model remains vulnerable to backstab at the place where you started the jump. In general, experiment with the environment in the locations where you plan to fight. This can give you a good advantage over your opponents. 
Now let’s talk about fast equipment switch. 
This trick is intended only for those who play the keyboard. 
Carrying weapons in several slots takes up weight, and sometimes you still need to switch from one to another weapon quickly. What should I do? First, do not underestimate this trick. Weight is the same characteristic as strength. It needs to be pumped, and for this you need to raise the level, which may be undesirable for many reasons. Therefore, this trick should be mastered by everyone who wants to achieve mastery in PvP, to learn all the subtleties of this art. 
Now to the point. You may have seen on the broadcasts how skilled PvP players switch between weapons, as if they were helped by scripts. Well, I can assure you of the opposite. This is very legal and easy to pull off: you need to set the “accept” and “menu” keys in the settings so that it is convenient to quickly press them. In my case, these are “V” and “TAB”. Thus, having placed the weapon in 1 slot, you need to press TAB – >V – >V to open 1 slot, and then click with the mouse on the weapon you want to change to. This trick requires you to correctly position the equipment in the inventory and speed. Hone it to be as ready as possible for any difficulties and quickly adapt to the enemy. Remember, never carry a bunch of junk in your inventory because this will reduce the speed of your equipment replacement. Add them only in order to conveniently arrange the equipment you need in the order that it is convenient for you to reach them. And don’t forget about sorting the inventory. So, if it’s easier for you to navigate by damage, call out “sort” in the inventory until the first weapon you have is the one that causes maximum damage, if by weight-do the same. Experiment and do not be afraid of inconveniences at first, in the end it will pay off. 
Faster attacks. 
This is very complicated, but watch this video and check out my preferences I advise you to put. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OeAeTrCGl0 
And so, if you play on the keyboard, do not worry, because it works just as well, but it is a little harder to execute. My advice is to bind the “take in 2 hands” button to “2” and “right hand attack” to “T”. In general, I have a separated guide of comfortable key bindings, which you can read at this link: ( ) translate it in the translator and, perhaps, you will find something useful for yourself. As for the trick, I think it’s not worth explaining that having a higher attack speed is damn cool and useful. Use this on players who spam roll or backdash, it also works very effectively if your weapon is slower than your opponent’s. 
Worthy mentioning: 
1)If you use soul mass spells or affinity and have 5 balls, don’t go into doors because right edge and left edge balls will disappear. 2)check weapons and circumstances you can parry, you’ll find out very interesting ones, like parrying 2 handed greatswords roll attack or scythes, etc. here’s the link ( https://darksouls.fandom.com/wiki/Parry_and_Riposte_(Dark_Souls_II)#Parry ) 3)if you use soul mass spells or affinity, you can backdash backwards to your opponent and your balls will not activate themselves until you turn to him. 4)You can have both your left and right weapons enchanted if you take catalyst in your right hand and enchant your left hand weapon first and then use resin on your right hand. Or if your left hand weapon is catalyst too then you can enchant your right skill with an enchant too. 
I should also say that there are yet a lot of other tricks that you may find, so, again, experiment on things you do. 

Chapter IV: armor

Fashion souls, havel monster, nak*d guy, a guy in a dress who nullifies your damage even if you have greatsword. It’s all very fun. But let’s be more serious now. Dark Souls 2 is the best game in the series on the basis of armor. The merit of this is, of course, the variety of taste. If you want to be a princess-as you wish. If you want to be a witch-DS2 is at your service, a knight, an archer, a king, a beggar – anything that comes to your mind. You can dress up as you like and it will not look flawed or monotonous, it will also not significantly worsen your stats. A little math, 10 points of physical protection is equivalent to reducing physical damage by 1. Of course, you can feel the difference between 250 physical protection and 1000, but, frankly, this is far from decisive. Most PvP players prefer to increase their own damage rather than reduce the damage received. A higher indicator of physical protection makes sense for those who play with a passive style. For magicians, it is rather not resists that are important, but special improvements, such as increasing the speed of casts. By the way, if you are still aiming to maximize your character, the best choice is to protect yourself from the elements, since often you will have to fight with players using enchantment. As for physical defense, you can use armor with high physical defense and balance against players who focus on fast and multiple attacks, like those that use daggers or rapiers. Usually, such players have little damage, but they compensate for it with speed or/and enchantment. Read the tricks section to understand how to be prepared for all types of opponents. 
As for myself, I choose medium armor so as not to degrade far behind in defense and balance, but also not to sink in weight and level points. It is also very important to look nice for yourself, so as not to get tired of the game. 

Chapter V: magic

Magic… To be honest, I played for the magicians the least and I was least attracted to this. Magic.. this is not a bad thing, but it is not that it is crucial. You will rarely find pure casters in PvP, and if you do, then in 99% of cases it will be some kind of spammer of one or two spells. Most good PvP players use magic for buffs, heal, and endless, annoying AoE skill spam after a riposte or backstab. If you find a clean caster, pick up a dagger, rapier, katana, spear or pike and he will fall, unable to do anything. By the way, there are shields that reflect magic, so, yes.. magic sucks against good PvP players, but it’s still worth having 1-3 slots for buffs and heals. Or a little more if you want to be a sweaty bastrd who casts Scraps of Life or Firestorm / Fire tempest/Chaos storm after riposts or Backstabs until your opponent dies or escapes from this trap(which is quite difficult sometimes against luckies) 

Chapter VI: weapons (from knives to great hammers)

Now the most pleasant section for me. Weapons. I have used all kinds of it and I have something to say about everything. I’ll start with the fact that Dark Souls 2 is an incredibly tolerant game. You can use any weapon and any weapon will work. It may be less effective against some opponents, but it will work. It all depends on your own ability to play and the desire to learn how to work with the weapons that you use. Now, everything in order. 
Very fast, incredibly strong when using enchantment on them, low stamina drain, daggers are one of the best weapons in the game. It is worth wearing a ring of blades with them, because bonus damage goes to each attack. It is also recommended to have a stone ring in your inventory in order to be able to normally bring down the balance of players in heavy armor. Against such players, hold the dagger in the grip with both hands. They are very difficult to counter with parrying, so the most obvious weapons for counter daggers are those that have a large attack radius and necessarily bring down the balance 
There are 3 fundamentally different movesets, the first of them belongs to an ordinary straight sword: a normal attack, a thrusting attack, the second belongs to the drakekeeper’s sword: a normal attack, a sweeping attack and the third belongs to the heide sword. It should be noted that the first moveset differs from the second only in terms of a strong attack, a post-roll attack and a run-up attack, while the third moveset is completely unique. Of course, as already mentioned, you can choose any moveset, but I will note that most skilled PvP players choose the first option with a thrusting attack, however, my favorite has always been the drakekeeper’s sword, which has a moveset with sweeping attacks. Straight swords do not have a direct counter, but it is worth noting that they are quite easily parried and their elemental damage is usually small, so it makes sense to use a shield that has full physical protection or a parrying weapon. 
Curved Swords 
A very annoying type of weapon in good hands. It is perfect for both the passive style and the aggressor. Most players with this weapon spam a running attack, which, however, is easy to dodge or parry. It is strongly recommended not to lower your stamina below half or 25% during attacks in order to be able to dodge or parry a counterattack. It works very well with enchantment, since after a run-up attack, you can deliver two painful hits in a two-handed grip. Also, a shield with full physical resistance works well against curved swords, since after a running attack, you can be in a radius when the next attack does not reach you, but you can reach the enemy. 
Katanas are probably the most powerful light weapons in the game. With proper pumping, even at high levels and against strong players in good armor, it can take out the enemy in 4 strikes. A very large run-up attack radius, a good moveset and fairly fast attacks will make you sweat to parry them or dodge them. The user of katan gets an incredibly huge boost if he learns to use the trick with quick attacks. Perhaps, to counter katanas, you need to have a quick reaction for dodging and parrying, anticipate attacks or a good shield, because if a katana user uses fast attacks, then no reaction will help you dodge their attack from a run. 
Thrusting weapons 
An overrated type of weapon that has fast and convenient attack animations, but a rather weak potential for causing a lot of damage. Easily parried, easily predicted, but weighing little, thrusting weapons are by no means a good addition to your main weapon as a weapon for the left hand. It is very common to meet players with a curved or straight sword and thrusting weapons, as the latter is well suited for continuing to bring down the balance after the first attack with the main weapon. It has a weak value of knocking down the balance, so it is easy to counter with heavy armor, shield, parry and evasion. You can also use a weapon with a larger attack radius, like a spear, or, if you have more damage, you can adjust the attack time and deal damage from a jump attack, making a good exchange. Thrusting weapons are also good working with fast attack trick but yet deals a little damage, so if your opponent trying hard to parry you, use fast attacks. 
Perhaps it shares the second place along with daggers for the title of the second most powerful light weapon. The attacks are as strong as those of the katana, they bring down the balance well, a convenient and fast moveset, wonderful for PvP hitbox. All this makes axes an intimidating weapon in the hands of a good player. It is also worth noting that axes are the second best weapon for using the trick of quick attacks after the katana. They give out huge damage even without enchantment. However, the price for a convenient moveset is a good opportunity for opponents to parry the axe. Dodging constant attacks from running is very tiring, so I recommend using a shield with maximum physical protection. Weapons with a large attack radius will also not help, so with equal levels of play, shield and parry are the best way to counter the user of axes. Or seize the initiative and force the enemy to adapt to you. 
Hammers and big hammers 
They’re awful. Sorry, don’t use them. You can use them but you better not. Slow, medium damage, awful hitbox, awful moveset, easy to parry, easy to dodge. They were invented for PvE only, I believe. Unless you’re a god of DS2, you better not even try them. You can use them for riposte or backstab but again, there are better options. Use them for cosplay fun but be ready to be destroyed. No one from good PvP players I know uses maces nor big ones nor normal ones. 
Greatswords aren’t bad. They can do things. A good attack radius, good damage, nice moveset and hitbox-all this can encourage you to pick up a greatsword, but they are quite slow and predictable. It is quite easy to parry them and it will not be difficult to evade them. However, if you really like big swords and you like to play with them, then you will be able to win victories, although with great difficulty. It is not recommended to use for beginners and amateurs. Greatswords require proper positioning knowledge and timings, a sense of attack radius. 
Ultra greatswords 
It is very difficult to regard all swords of this type equally because there are many exceptions. In general, these swords should only be used by those users who are well versed in the game. You can’t just take one of these swords and main it. Basically, against good PvP players, you can only deal damage if they make mistakes. Let’s say he didn’t calculate the attack radius or you have a lot of balance and he couldn’t break through you, in such cases you counterattack and shoot him a lot of HP. It is worth noting that all ultra greatswords have a good indicator of protection against physical attacks. Use this instead of a shield to save some weight and pick up better armor to exchange if your opponent can’t bring down your balance. I love ultra greatswords, but they are very difficult and passive to play with. Not everyone will like it. 
Curved greatswords 
There are only 4 curved greatswords and, except curved dragon greatsword, they are all garbage. You can upgrade curved dragon greatsword for riposte and backstab sake but you wont really use it for other purpose. They deal HUGE damage, but they are very slow and predictable that everyone will dodge them. They can be used as an ultra greatswords as a weapon against those, who make too much mistakes, but they have less potential for it, so, you better to not use them. It’s worthy notice that murakamo has a nice combo, but, again, only against bad players or amateurs it will work. 
Same as ultra greatswords, they can work against bads or amateurs but in good PvP they’re going to be very difficult to use. 

Chapter VI: weapons (from spears to crossbows)

Spears and pikes 
I decided to combine the spears and pikes into one section, because there are almost no differences between them. In fact, spears and pikes are weapons with the highest attack radius, while they have very nice moveset and hitbox, which make it easy to punish opponents for incorrect rolls. They have a very high damage and a good indicator of knocking down the balance. They are the best representative of weapons for passive play because it is very difficult to get close to them and they easily hold almost any position. Even at high levels, good PvP players have difficulty fighting with users of pikes and spears. Although the attacks are obvious, you can parry spears and pikes, but if you make a mistake , they will heavily fine you. The easiest way to counter pikes and spears is with a good shield or a bow/crossbow. If you feel comfortable playing with a spear or a pike, you can try to beat the opponent using the same weapon. 
Recently, pikes taken in the left hand for running attacks became a meta. This works well in skilled hands, as the animation of the first strike begins almost instantly after pressing the attack button. Although it is worth noting that for amateur players, this weapon will be difficult to master, since for its proper implementation, you need to aim yourself, and not use a lock. Very often, players use pikes in their left hand, enchanted with poison, so be prepared to use moss. However, against the incorrect use of a running attack, the usual departure towards the opponent’s opposite hand or shield works well, after which you can easily punish the pike-bearer. 
It is also worth noting that pikes and spears require a lot of stamina per hit, so when playing against this weapon, you will need a good sense of the opponent’s stamina. 
They can be good. As with most great weapons, they are mostly for passive playstyle which means they are going to be used to punish players. Their range is as good as spears and damage is even higher but they’re more situational and more active ones. Very skill-dependent and you can even play aggressively with it. Easy to dodge and quite easy to parry though. 
A very underrated weapon. The best choice when playing against shield-bearers, as it has a % shield penetration damage, a pleasant moveset and a large attack range. It is recommended to have at least 1 scythe with you, so that in the case of a game against a shield-bearer, you do not senselessly hit his shield, dealing 10-30 damage with elemental damage, but punch his HP through the shield. 
VERY high damage, very fast but very predictable and very easy to parry, I would not recommend anybody using those. Range is low but hitbox is great so it’s very complicated to judge this type of weapon. Would not recommend to anybody using this. Nice for PvE but kinda bad for PvP against good PvP players. Would help if you meet the face-rollers a lot. 
They cannot be parried which is nice, but they do low damage, they have high recovery time after attack and very uncomfortable hitbox and moveset. You can use them if you getting parried a lot but you don’t want to use great weapons. Won’t work against good PvP players because shields counter it completely, also dodges are easy. 
Fists, claws 
Very fast attacks, good damage, fine for breaking down the balance. These weapons can be good against thrusting weapons but loses against sweep attacks. Not bad for good PvP players but very skill-dependent. 
Don’t use them. You may have fun with them against amateurs and newbies, but in good PvP they worth nothing. Use bows. “But we can use crossbows in a left hand” – yes, you can, but you better to train fast weapon switching and use bows instead. Crossbows need reload which is sick and makes you vulnerable. You’ll pay with your health if you miss a shot. 
Basically, it is a finishing weapon. If your opponent runs away to heal or if he has little health and 1 arrow will finish him off, you can load this arrow and if the opponent does not have a shield ready, he will die. If your opponent rolls back and forth, you should be patient and release the bowstring only when he is close to you or half stands up. It is worth noting that wherever your character is looking, if you turn on the sight, the arrow will fly to where your sight was directed. Thus, you can deceive amateurs by standing with your back to them and sending arrows in their face. When shot in the head, the enemy will stagger and it will be possible to make a ripost. As for the big bows, don’t use them. Long animation after the shot, there is no possibility to walk, the rate of fire is less, respectively, the damage is also less. By the way, you can use bows to hit enemies in arena as fast as cages are open. It requires a little of timings training though. 

Chapter VII: shields

There are 3 types of shields in the game: small, standard and large shields. But in fact, they are divided into 2 types: useful and useless. It is worth noting that most PvP players, both good and not so good, use shields only for parrying. This is wrong. And those who do not agree that this is wrong, most likely think this: “if I know that an attack is going to happen now, then I’d better prepare for it and dodge, rather than stand with my shield raised.” Now, why is this the wrong way of thinking? First, better safe than sorry, and to be precise, with a raised shield, you are guaranteed to minimize the risks of receiving damage, and if you rely on the reaction, it can fail. We are all human beings and we make mistakes. It’s normal not to react to an attack. There are various reasons for this. However, if you have a shield, then why not use it so that there is no human carelessness. In addition, we are all online and each of us has a ping, which is why your opponent can hit you through lag and in this case, a raised shield minimizes the damage received. In general, it is very important for PvP to learn how to work with the blocking function. Since this plays a huge role for the counter of many weapons, techniques, and combat styles. Even if you don’t have a shield, you can grab your weapon with both hands and block some of the incoming damage. 
Back to the shields, 
Small shields 
of all the small shields presented, in fact, you may only need 2-4. This is a buckler, if you are new to parrying or have a bad connection with the enemy, which will give you a little more frames for parrying, a Watcher’s shield, for more experienced players in parrying, this shield can also be used as a good shield for protection and a + – catalyst shield and a shield that reflects magic, like a cleric’s shield. 
Regardless of what I wrote earlier, the shield for reflecting magic is not worth upgrading. Use it only to reflect magic. You should also not use it if you are not sure that you can reflect spells and against normal attacks, you should also not use it, although you can parry an attack. 
Standard shields 
Standard shields are the ones that you will mainly use against weapons. Among all, the defender’s shield will be the best choice, since it has a low weight, good stability and high resistances. However, it is worth noting the Vessel shield, which, having a fairly small weight, gives an increase to many attributes. It is very useful to have it with you when playing on small levels, as well as against casters, but, as in the case of small shields that reflect spells, it is not worth upgrading it. 
For players who do not have healing spells, a shield of Lloyce which gives health regeneration, may be of interest. 
Large shields 
Large shields take up a lot of weight and often their use is unjustified. It is not recommended to use them under any circumstances, except when you have a lot of free weight. 
Worthy mentioning: 
There was a meta when you enchant your magic shield with magic enchantment and could face-roll amateurs, it was very fun to play and you may like this idea. Was very useful against knives and spears too. Though be wary of backstabs and heavy weapons. 

Chapter VIII: party gangers

Party gangers are those players who play PvP with friends against you. 
Although there are fewer party gangers in dark souls 2 than in dark souls 3, they are still present. If you come across them, the best solution is to leave the world so as not to get on your nerves, however, if you feel comfortable enough and you are confident in your abilities, you can try to play against them. I don’t think it’s worth mentioning that what they do is dishonest, but sometimes it’s fun to play against them. And if you win in this unequal battle, then it is +morality and + pride, which is also nice. 

Chapter IX: manners

It’s tended to show a “Righty-ho” gesture before each fight to greet your opponent. If you do not do that, you might catch the “Decapitate” gesture after being defeated. Meanwhile, do you remember I was mentioning infinite AoE skills combo? This is a showcase of bad manners too. As much as bow finishing and healing. Moreover, if you do something of this all, you are proposing that this game will have no honour and your enemy might do the other things too. It’s often to see when a bow finisher misses the shot, another PvP player runs away and heals so he can’t be finished by a bow. This is completely fine. 
Hacker’s are most cowardish and awful players of all, but let’s talk about them in the next section, they are not going to click section named “manner” anyway. They have never known what honor is and what a real victory is, they have also never felt love or care. We’re all people and some of us had bad childhood. Father drinks or is dead, stepdad rapist pedophile etc. Hackers are those who were violated by those circumstances so if you see one, just ignore his existence. It’s better for your nerves and your social status if you just ignore them and will forget about them as if it was just a nightmare. Be sure that you will not make them rethink of their attitude so, don’t even try. It’s been tried for thousand times before you, but they’re subhumans and they wont understand just anything. All they want is “I am too bad to fight you so I will use my programs-crutches for me the handicapped”. 

Chapter X: hackers

To begin with, we need to clarify that not all hackers are pests. There are adequate people in the game who, for example, wanted to get a white katana or a blue straight sword, or they are too lazy to farm shards and they use programs so as not to waste time collecting resources. These are examples of normal hackers. 
As for the pests, I know their various manifestations, from flights to the moon and a replaced moveset to a blow across the entire map, killing, imposing all debuffs, breaking all inventory. 
According to my observations, most pests are aware of themselves as such and hide in the arena, so if you are tired of hackers, try playing PvP somewhere outside the arena, I assure you that you will hardly meet them there, especially through the signs. 
As for the arena, if a player with infinite health or stamina is caught against you, go to the arena with a wooden bridge (red arena) or on wooden boards (blue arena) and try to parry them, then throw them off. The same trick works on most cards outside the arena. If there is no such place on the map, well, get out of his world if you have invaded, or sit for 20 minutes if he has invaded you and you fundamentally do not want to give up the victory, or leave the game\turn off the Internet and re-enter the game\online, or die. Remember, your time means more than the time of someone whose honor is below the baseboard that he decided to use cheats. 
It is strongly recommended to remove all items that do not give +health, so that they are not broken before the cage opens. Get dressed after you have left the cage. It’s annoying, but it’s easier than running around repairing and reloading the save. 
I won’t say anything personal to cheaters cause I just spent 20 minutes writing and thinking of all this text that I overdid my average focus on cheaters for a week. If only, please, leave this game finally alone you, infamy kids. 


In the end, I would like to say that I am yet so sure that Dark souls 2 is the best game of series for PvP. Some people may dislike it but for me, it will always be the best game. I really enjoy Dark souls 2 PvP and I will keep playing it. I of course had a retire periods, a burn outs, but it all goes apart when I memorizing all these nice stories and moments of my DS2 PvP career. I also found a lot of DS2 videos on youtube recently and I am very glad DS2 is still alive. I hope you enjoy DS2 PvP as much as I do and I really hope you are not a hacker. If you are, please, stop it. Well, that’s it. It was a long work to write this guide. I wish you all to have honourable opponents and duels. I wish you all to find more nice people in Dark souls 2 PvP and catch more memorable moments. I hope this guide will help you. Be happy, peace! 

Written by work.of.ages

This is all for DARK SOULS™ III Bible Guide in PVP hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update t

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