cyberpunkdreams How to play

cyberpunkdreams How to play 1 -
cyberpunkdreams How to play 1 -
Basic guide on how to play cyberpunkdreams explaining the core mechanics, like action economy and the card system.


How to play cyberpunkdreams

Hey there. If you’re here you probably know what cyberpunkdreams is, but maybe you don’t know exactly how to play it. It’s actually pretty simple, so we’ll just explain it to you real quick. 
cyberpunkdreams is a free-to-play, text based interactive fiction game in which the gameplay happens mainly through a card mechanic. But how exactly does that happen? Well, when you begin your journey, that’s the screen you’ll get after the intro scene. 
cyberpunkdreams How to play 
That doesn’t explain much, does it? So let’s try to point some concepts and then tell you what each of them means: 
cyberpunkdreams How to play 
You see the Deck, Hand, and Pinned cards sections? All of those relate to the card mechanic we were talking about earlier. You experience the stories mainly through cards – and these three sections are all about cards. 
– The decks contain all the cards that are available to your character in a specific context; all the stories and situations you can encounter and play. When you start playing, you’ll just have one deck available: Bordertown life. You’ll unlock more as you play. 
– When you click on a deck you draw the number of cards needed to fill your hand. In the image you can see the deck has three spaces, so when you click in the deck you’ll draw three cards. 
– Not all the cards will be on the decks, though. When you meet certain requirements, there’ll be cards that stay available for you all the time, without the need to play a deck to find it. Those are the pinned cards, and you’ll see them right below your deck and your hand. 
– To give a sense of passage of time and a weight to your actions, you can’t just play without pause. Certain actions, like drawing cards from a deck, or playing certain options inside a card, will spend actions. You have a limit of 40 actions in your bank, and a refresh rate of 10 minutes to gain a new point when you’re below that limit (there are various ways to improve these limits too, including a subscription). 
– Lastly, the notifications in the bottom right are relevant messages triggered when your character reaches specific points in the game. They can be recurring, like informing you every time a day cycle is completed, or appear only one time. They also contain a lot of tutorial content early on. Don’t forget to click on them and read the messages. 
Why don’t we take a look at how these concepts work in practice, huh? 
cyberpunkdreams How to play 
Of course, there are many, many other aspects and features to cyberpunkdreams, but you’ll learn them as they’re introduced through gameplay. That’s just a basic rundown of the core interface mechanics to get you started. If you still have any questions, check out our – join our – – we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions there. 

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