Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition How to Get Unlimited Gulden 2021

Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition How to Get Unlimited Gulden 2021 1 -
Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition How to Get Unlimited Gulden 2021 1 -
This is a simple exploit for gaining unlimited amounts of Gulden.



!!! This trick/bug/exploit works for version 2.7.0 of the game. Should the developers suddenly fix it in a patch, you may be saddled with an unlimited amount of debt instead! !!! 
I have not tested this exploit in all the scenarios yet, but I assume it works for all of them that give you access to at least two banks. It definitely does work in the campaign and in the sandbox modes. 
Make sure to save before you try this exploit. This exploit may make the game unstable! 
I am sorry if someone else has already recorded this bug/exploit. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the forums or in the guides, but I may have overlooked it. 

How It Works

Now on to the fun! This exploit is a simple one. Once you have access to the three banks (Loan of Yorevale, Untermarchian Bank and National Bank of Sambria) on the World Map screen, you should be able to accomplish it if you follow these steps: 

  • Make sure that you have 22,000 Guldens of debt in one of the three banks. (I used the Yorevale Loan) 
  • Make sure you have no debt in any one of the other banks. (I used the Untermarchian Bank) 
  • Go to your World Map. 
  • Open the window to ask for a loan in the bank where you have no debt. 
  • Do not close that window (or change anything in the screen; it’s not necessary)! 
  • Now open the window showing you your debt in the other bank. 
  • Hey presto! Now you have two windows open at once in the world map: one is the expected window of the bank you just clicked on: they want their money back. The other window, however, shows the loan screen for that same bank! In other words, you can take out multiple (or an infinite amount of) loans on a bank at the same time. 
  • Don’t repay your loans? 
  • Go back to step one and rinse and repeat until you are rich as Croesus…


Some Observations

I find that this method works quickest by using the Untermarchian Bank and the Yorevale Loan because they are easier to keep in view on your World Map at the same time, whereas the Sambrian Bank lies awkwardly far away to quickly amass a fortune. 
The game remembers those extra loans you took out. But not all of them. And if you are playing the campaign, it may be that changing chapters/acts resets the loans, or changes their day count. At one point I had an outstanding debt at -3 days for which I was not penalized in any way. If there are no penalties for debts in general (which I have not yet figured out), then there is no reason to ever repay the banks! As long as you make sure that there is one bank that is free from debt, you can use this exploit to gain ever more money from the same bank over and over. 
I have only been using this exploit for a few days. I haven’t noticed the game becoming (any more) unstable from using this exploit, but I urge you all to make a hard save before you use this! 
Have fun being filthy rich and buying all those decorations you were itching to get! 

Written by Amaunator

Here we come to an end for Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition How to Get Unlimited Gulden 2021 hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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