Corpse Party (2021) Chapter 4 Achievement Guide

Corpse Party (2021) Chapter 4 Achievement Guide 1 -
Corpse Party (2021) Chapter 4 Achievement Guide 1 -

List of all the locations for name tags in chapter 4

Name tags

-Wake up as Satoshi, walk down to the stairway. Inspect the body.
-Down the staircase and up the hall and turn left. Inspect the body.
-Right next to the previous one, inspect the paper next to the body.
-When controlling Kizami, interact with all the doors in the lavatories and get 2 name tags.
-As Ayumi, inspect the body in the room where you regain control.
-Head down the hall till you reach the crossection and head up, inspect the body.
-Inspect the paper next to the body from which you recieved the name tag before.
-Return to the crossection and head to the left and inspiect the corpse.
-The next pair can be found inside the room with the lever, to get there you must enter our favorite class 1-A and inspect both bodies.
-Youre going to have to wait a while for the next one, it is located in the locker room. When controlling Yoshiki, walk below the lockers and approach the one thats blocked by the fallen over object. Interact with it and recieve the name tag.
-The rest are pretty easy to stop. Drain the pool and voila there you go.
Enjoy your achievements <3

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