Corpse Party (2021) All Name Tags Chapter 5

Corpse Party (2021) All Name Tags Chapter 5 1 -
Corpse Party (2021) All Name Tags Chapter 5 1 -

Locations of all the name tags in chapter 5

Name tags

-As Yuka walk down the set of stairs, the first name tag is just there. Inspect the body.
-While being chased by Kizami, go up the east stairs and go to the place where we used blessed shoes at to find 2 nametags. !NOTE! This is the only one that cannot be collecter later on, when controlling Satoshi in the area
-Then while going down interact with the statue to recieve another one.
-When going down the west stairs interact with another one.
-On the first floor there are 3 next to eachother. Interact with every one of them.
-Continue up and interact with the one sitting on the chair.
-The next name tag can be found while controlling Ayumi, right after the cutscene with Yuka head down and next to the doorway will be a body.
-Once again after we regain control over Ayumi we can pick up the next name tag thats just in the same hall as us.
-Then if we head down we can see another body along it way, as always interact with it.
-When we pentagram switch to Satoshi, already in the second wing we will get a name tag automatically in the room where Kizami killed his best friend.
-The next name tag can be found in the piano room on the first floor close to the wall.
-When you return to the main building the next tag can be found if you walk straight instead right to the custodians closet
-For the next one we must head up the staircase, and take the left followed by the right. It is possible you actually met this victim in a previous chapter.
-Pentagram switch to Ayumi, cross the bridge Satoshis group raised and pick up the purple sparkly thing, it is a student ID.
-The next is right when we head down instead of up on that crossection, its right under the stairs.
-Our next nametag is tricky, inside the room infront of the which we found the “Yuuya Kizami” tag (the purple glowing one with no body or notes) Naho notes 4/5 are also located in that room. Be sure to save before going in!
-The next name tag will be automatically collected in the library
-After the meeting active the bridge for Ayumi with Satoshi, the next ID is right there when you crosss it

-In the dissection room we can find a corpse with an ID, furthermore we can find two more name tags if we inspect the buckets. R.IP. EXCHAP1 girls <3
-Then when we wake up as Ayumi we can find 11 corpses all having name tags
-While we are escaping the school we can find more nametags, if we make a wrong step in the room with crates, in fact we can find two in the room where we fall
-The last two name tags can be found during alternative end (sequence where you are on the bell timer) both of them are located in the room with the tables full of heads. One of them is in the third row (where you change the lanes) it is the very first one if youre heading down. The second one is right at the exit of the room (if youre heading down) and it is the second one on the left
And thats it. Hope this helped <3

Written by Kat/Ray

Here we come to an end for Corpse Party (2021) All Name Tags Chapter 5 hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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