Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly – Ending scene info and speculations

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly – Ending scene info and speculations 1 -
Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly – Ending scene info and speculations 1 -

This is a guide for Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly – Ending scene info and speculations.

This section contains a lot of possible information, so take it with a grain of salt.



Ending scene info and speculations

There are 5 ending phases and you can only progress forward. If you miss one of them then tough luck, you’ll need to make a new save. ( If such, in options change ” skip dialogue “ from ” read “ to ” all “, it’ll speed you up. )

If you have conflicting or more accurate information, please share it in the comments, i’ll consider updating this when new info appears.


Phase 1 :
Phase 2 :

Phase 3 :

Phase 4 :

Phase 5 :

How to get it – New theory: Don’t give out all the items, so for example you forgot to give

fidget spinner to Gala ( Day 4 ) or keycard to Hyde ( Day 5 )

– Old theory: Don’t have Remembrance unlocked.

Who Riona
Brewing? .NO.
What it contains She came to fetch something she forgot, she suggests that you go look for something you missed. Also items return to your box.
Additional notes – If you followed example best run, you’ll skip this phase.

– It is plausible to skip phases 2 and 3, If you hit later phase triggers before this.

How to get it Have all the best ending, but not all good endings ( or at least missing Tender soul and/or Rachel’s best ending ).
Who Empty
Brewing? YES
What it contains Scene starts with door bell’s ringing, you can serve drink to the empty.
Additional notes – Serve any drink, doesn’t matter, or maybe some drink would give out secret, who knows…

– This empty is silent if you give it milk.

– Any other drink makes your character says that it can stay as long as it wants.

– There can be some other trigger drinks…

How to get it Have all good and best endings, but not all or enough bad endings.
Who Lucas
Brewing? .NO.
What it contains He tells you to hang in there and that just a little bit more and you’ll become a legend.
Additional notes None
How to get it Get most of the endings, you do not need to have ” ancestor ” ending.
Who Freya, Cat, Fahmi
Brewing? YES
What it contains There’s a reaaally long conversation. And near the end you’ll serve a drink.
Additional notes You can experience this ONLY ONCE per save file.

– If you never saw phase 2, it’ll play first before this ending.

– If you want to re read the whole conversation, it’s at the end of this segment.

– Drink is ” Green tea latte ” ( green tea, milk, milk ) If you fail the drink, you can try again, until you get it right, additional conversation that seemed to be looping on every fail, no reset for thrash can.

How to get it Reaching ending scene after seeing phase 4 ending.
Who Nobody
Brewing? .NO.
What it contains Lights out followed by door bell’s ringing.
Additional notes Want to see other endings scenes again?

Then you’ll need to start a new save.


Phase 4 full conversation:

Text below CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS, read at your own risk.

For better reading experience, try to copy it to notepad or smt.

At start Freya + sleeping Cat

Freya: There he is.

—- So, looks like my friend is…

Cat not sleeping

Freya: …here!

Player: Oh?

Fahmi enters:

Fahmi: Freya!

—- Sorry I’m late.

—- I knew traffic was bad, but I never knew it’d be this bad.

Freya: Told you it was gonna be horrible!

Cat: Miaow.

Fahmi: Aww, hiya little one.

—- Is this the residential cat?

Freya: Oh, no, but it’s been visiting here a lot lately.

Fahmi: So friendly.

Freya: Oh yeah, [player], meet Fahmi.

—- This is the guy I mentioned earlier.

Player: Hello, Mr. Fahmi, welcome to Coffee Talk.

Fahmi: Hey, [player]. Nice to meetcha!

—- Cozy place you have here!

Freya: We’ll be doing the writers’ residency together.

—- He really knows his way around.

Fahmi: I see. That’s a relief.

Freya: Oh, crud!

Freya starts to sigh

Freya: I have to go and start getting things moved out of my place now…

—- you can stay though. Have a cup of something.

—- Relax a bit.

Fahmi: After all that traffic? Don’t mind if I do!

—- I’ll catch up with you later then.

Player: Do you need any help?

Freya: Maybe.

—- I’ll call you later if I do, okay?

Player: Alright.

Freya: I’ll see you soon then!

Player: Call me.

Freya leaves

Player: So what do you like to drink this evening, Mr. Fahmi?

Fahmi: Yeah, I’d like to order… my favorite drink!

—- Can I have a green tea latte?

I gave wrong drink: milk

Player: A cup of warm drink for you, Mr. Fahmi.

—- I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Fahmi: Hmm.

—- Iiii don’t think this is what i ordered…

—- I just want a plain ol’ Green Tea Latte! Could you maaybe remake this for me?

I gave wrong drink: espresso (Thrash counter didn’t reset)

—> repeat convo

I gave right drink: green tea latte

Player: A cup of warm green tea latte, just for you, Mr. Fahmi.

—- I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Fahmi: Sure I will.

Fahmi takes a sip

Fahmi: Thank you! This is perfect.

Player: You’re very welcome.

Fahmi: Freya really wasn’t wrong. This place is my jam.

—- Too bad we have to go very, very soon.

Player: Leaving already?

Fahmi: Yeah, she’s going to show me around Seattle before we leave tomorrow.

Player: That’s understandable, I suppose…

—- but it feels so soon.

Fahmi: I know, right?

—- We definitely didn’t expect to get the writers’ residency so fast, but here we are!

—- Sorry for taking Freya with me, though! I know you guys are tight.

—- I’m sure she’ll keep in touch somehow.

Player: Yeah, that’d be great.

Player looks left, right, left for a while

Player: Well… I hope you enjoy your time here, Mr. Fahmi

—- even if it’s not for long

—- and really,

—- best of luck… on your journey.

Fahmi: Thanks, buddy!

—- You too.

Cat: Miaow.

Text above CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS, read at your own risk.

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