Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide

Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 1 -
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 1 -
How to get all the achievements for Cliff Empire



Hello fellow gamer, and welcome to my guide for Cliff Empire. This little gem of game is a nice and unique city-builder worth to play. Since I am not a native English speaker some phrases and words will sound strange: however I hope that you will find this guide interesting and useful. Don’t forget that the comment section below is always open and ready for any tips and suggestions. 


First of all: don’t overstretch yourself. Excessive building can cripple you by upset the balance and drain your resources very quickly. Build only when you have almost or all the items and the money required. 
Check your warehouses. Resources depletion is always around the corner, especially with large cities. Water and food are your main priorities together with energy: as soon as you can switch to indoor fields to avoid low ground fertility. 
Plan ahead: expansion must take in consideration all the consequences. If you stretch your workforce too much the overall efficiency will be greatly reduced but your population should be increased slowly to avoid food and water shortages. You don’t need to worry about your citizen’s time commute: place all the residential and service buildings in one corner of your cliff and the whole industrial production elsewhere around your warehouses. Your trading portals should be right next to them to minimize your drones movements. As soon as you can you should build bridges: even if you pause their construction you know where they can be placed and avoid further problems down the road. 
Start researching as soon as you can: techs are very slow to get but they provide impressive bonus. Ideally you should start always with Geo Prospecting: this will give to you a good idea of all your cliffs strengths and weaknesses and help planning. Next should be the water and battery sharing (Power Grid and Pipeline): this will protect during disasters and help during the orbital station delivery quests. Production points for your 3D Printing factories and drone types are next in line, together with energy production (especially Reverse Reaction) and research speed. 
Uranium towers are your best friends: you can gain uranium from any cliff with them, which means plentiful energy and cash from the trading portals. The best part is that 4 of them take the same space of a single uranium mine but they increase the ecology instead of drain it. 
Tourism can increase your prestige and boost morale greatly. High morale avoids money draining from criminals and unemployment. 
Once your production chains are up and running the main problem won’t be building resources but money. Trading portals will be your first option, but the best way to raise capital is through the financial building like the bank and office. Build these only after your city is large enough to accommodate all the workers they need to run efficiently. 


The following achievements simply require the construction of one or more buildings. With the exception of the last one (“village”), they can be achieved in any way. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Great build 
Build 10 buildings at once 
Hit the pause button and place 10 building: once you resume the game the achievement will show up. Little 1×1 square buildings like fields or solar panels are perfect for this. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Well, you’re a builder 
Destroy 10 buildings in a row 
Same as above, only in reverse. Again, small buildings are the ideal choice for this. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Orbital visit 
The moment when two warehouses arrive at once 
You can get this at the very beginning of the game: hit the pause button and place two warehouses on two different cliffs to start two new cities at the same time. When you resume the game you will get the achievement. Easy. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Trading hub 
Build 4 trading portals on any cliff 
Nothing to say about this. Just build the 4 trading portals on a single cliff. Done 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
More agrarian drones count than ordinary 
This one can be a little tricky. Agrarian drones are a tier 3 level tech, which means you need a university and a research center to unlock them: by the time you can build one you probably already have several regular/cargo drones. Since drones cannot be eliminated (though they can be destroyed by lightning storm) this could prevent you to get the achievement. The best way is to immediately focus on researching agrarian drones, while at the same time limiting the production of other types of drones (including personal ones) to the bare minimum. Don’t forget that the drone count affects all three cliffs, so plan accordingly. 


There are a total 60 technologies, divided in 3 tiers, which you can research through the game. A research center is required to access the latest tier of technologies available. 
If you are playing with infinite money is very useful speed up the process using the research boost on each of your cliffs. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Complete 25% of all researches 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Complete 50% of all researches 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Complete 100% of all researches 


These achievements require you to enter in the walking mode (TAB key). Follow the instruction below for each of them. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Conqueror of heights 
Get up by elevator of entertainment center 
This one is pretty easy. Build the entertainment center on one of your cliff and then switch to the walking mode. Wait for the elevator (marked by the blue light) to touch the ground and then take it: the moment it reaches the top of the building you will get the achievement. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Flying lemon 
Fly by personal transport when all your cities have a 1000000¢ in total 
Piling money is the only hard part here. Once you reach the required amount, build your personal villa and switch to walking mode. By pressing enter you can ride your personal transport and get the achievement. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Walk from city to the mountains in Ice Citadel 
To get this you need to access the last building area (after the orbital station). Once you reach the Ice Citadel, press TAB and start walking from the lake shore towards the mountains until you get the achievement. Don’t worry about the steep slopes, you can climb them. 


Compared to other achievements these ones are quite straightforward and easy. You will probably earn them by simply playing. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Earn 50000¢ 
Between the trading portals and the passive income buildings like the offices you will get this without even trying. Just keep playing and develop your cities on the cliffs. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Push to limit 
Fully load trading barge 
To obtain this achievement, the maximum quantity available for each item must be uploaded into a trading portal. If you didn’t upgrade your portals that means 20 tons for each product (including debris): stockpile the needed items and use the trading panel to set the quantity to deliver. Once the trading barge appears (at 8.00 AM) wait until your drones deliver all the resources. If you struggle with this set the trading portal to maximum priority, build as many drones as you can and shut down any other activity that could interfere (including other portals). 


Disasters will affect your cities randomly. The following achievements can be a direct consequence from one of them or they can be “set up” directly. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Save 20 buildings from fire 
You will get this naturally as you play the game. Buildings can be set on fire by a multitude of reasons such as earthquakes, marauders attacks and other disasters. Be sure you have enough maintenance centers to extinguish the flames before they destroy the buildings. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Critically low ecology 
To get this you need to push your cliff ecology level below 30% (the third indicator from the left after water and food level). Building 3 nuclear power plants on the same cliff without any field/park/air purifier is the fastest route. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Bada Boom 
The explosion of the nuclear power plant 
Set one of your nuclear power plant on fire and wait for the fireworks. One easy way to achieve this is lower your maintenance level to zero by expanding your city and avoid to build any maintenance building. Random fires will happen on your cliff due to the lack of maintenance, with a bit of luck the power plant will be one of them. Another ways is to wait until a disaster hits the cliff and damages the power plant, in any case be sure there is no active maintenance center to put out the fire when it starts. 


Only one achievement in this category, but not an easy one. It can only be achieved in the tower defense mode. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Survive 20 waves of Marauders 
Develop your cliff as fast as possible: in tower defense mode you will be hit every 20 minutes by the enemy (if you set speed to x6 you can achieve this in a hour). Marauders will always attack the weakest of your city: don’t expand and focus on only one cliff. To survive you need a mix a interceptors (for small targets) and missile silos for the big ships. The main focus in the early game (aside from survive) is to establish a stable economy with a fully developed supply chains as soon as possible. Create and expand a ring of defenses all around you city: the enemy attacks will be stronger each time and coming from different directions. 


This category of achievements is the most time-consuming of all. The last achievement in this group can be considered the true endgame. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
Alive again 
Defrost 2000 people 
To achieve this you need to defrost all the people on board the orbital station (lower left button), once you have access to it. It is possible to defrost 50 people at a time in exchange for a certain amount of items. Be prepared: the resources required for all two thousand people are enormous, and having a large population means losing money for unemployment. On top of that they will consume the same resources you need (gadgets and salad). It is best to first reach the Ice Citadel and develop a large city, so that you can defrost and settle people on earth without delays. If you are going after “we will survive” (see below) you will pursue this as well. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
New generation 
Reach 200 newborn on Earth 
This one is probably the “slowest” of all the achievements. Babies will be born naturally: the speed with which this happens depends on the average health of the city. To increase the birth rate, make sure you provide access to sanitary buildings, provide vitamins and have a high level of ecology. Remember that the larger the population, the higher the chances of babies being born. Don’t forget to build a parliament and activate the birth support edict (Newborns Help) to speed up the process. You can check how many babies are born across your empire by selecting a health building. 
Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide 
We will survive 
Reach 7000 population on Earth 
The big one. This can only be achieve with the Ice Citadel (honor level 25), which provides plenty of space. By the time you reach it you already know all the tricks of the game and have fully developed cliffs to help you. Finish the remaining quests to fully develop the Citadel (expanded lake harbor and side walls for ecology and building space), and build your capital as you like. Once you have stockpiled resources and houses it is time defrost the thousands of people on the orbital station and bring them back to earth. Feel free to empty the space station entirely if necessary. If you still couldn’t reach the 7000 population boost morale and health to increase the birthrate until you get it. 

Written by mcuoppolo

Here we come to an end for Cliff Empire 100% Achievements Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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