Spelunky 2 Accidental Ankh Skip

Spelunky 2 Accidental Ankh Skip 4 - steamsplay.com
Spelunky 2 Accidental Ankh Skip 4 - steamsplay.com
I stumbled upon an “accidental” way to perform an ankh skip that relies on some slight RNG


All hope is not lost

I was doing a quick Sunken City run for fun but upon reaching 4-3 I managed to lose my ankh, I decided to still go into the lava trap room and see what I could do, when I managed to find a very fortunately placed secret cave behind one of the tiles! 
Spelunky 2 Accidental Ankh Skip 


I had plenty of spare bombs so I had the idea to destroy the entire lower area for the lava to flow and settle below the caveSpelunky 2 Accidental Ankh Skip 
Once the entire floor was destroyed I simply did what you would normally do, move the idol to trigger the trap and ran back to the cave, I sat inside and waited for a bit for the lava to flow to the bottom until I felt it was safe to leaveSpelunky 2 Accidental Ankh Skip 


Once I left the cave all the lava had settled in the space I made with the bombs, so I just climbed up with rope and went into the secret doorSpelunky 2 Accidental Ankh Skip 
Moral of the story: Always check for secret caves behind tiles if you lose your ankh, it could totally save your run! 
Here’s me leaving Kingu’s lair after defeating her in the same runSpelunky 2 Accidental Ankh Skip 

Here we come to an end for Spelunky 2 Accidental Ankh Skip hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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