click to ten Strategies in All Stages Gameplay

click to ten Strategies in All Stages Gameplay 1 -
click to ten Strategies in All Stages Gameplay 1 -

This is an In-Depth guide for Click to Ten containing the most up to date strategies. This guide is updated for the current meta in 2022.
Also included is a tier-list.

Basic Mechanics

First we need to start by learning the basics of how to play Click to Ten. First, make sure you have a mouse. For optimum efficiency in the meta make sure your mouse is connect to your computer, also make sure you can left click. Attached below is an image of a mouse if you need a diagram to help.
click to ten Strategies in All Stages Gameplay - Basic Mechanics - 19AD321
Now that we have that out of the way we can discuss how to actually play. In general, you will utilize your mouse’s left click function to click on the screen to advance to the next stage of the game. Where you click and how fast you click is not important for beginner players. When clicking always be sure to left click.
Now, left clicking isn’t the only strategy available. We will discuss another potential strategy you may choose to implement. One popular strategy is to utilize the space bar (the large button on the keyboard) to advance. This strategy is not as efficient in the current meta, but that could change with additional patches or DLC, but currently I do not recommend using this method.
There is a third strategy, but this should only be utilized by Intermediate to Advanced players. This strategy is known as the ‘Enter Key Strat’ or ‘EKS’ for short among the player base. This strategy entails you clicking the the enter key on the keyboard. However, it is important to note that this strategy can only be pulled off to maximum efficiency with at least 300 hours of grinding.

Stage Zero Tutorial

This stage is actually just an illusion, just left click once to actually begin the game.

Stage One Tutorial

Stage 1 is where you will begin your play through of the indie-developed story-rich epic epic known as click to ten. If you haven’t already, make sure to have read the Basic Mechanics section to understand the basics of game play.
This stage can be tricky for first time players, and can even trip up some experienced players on occasion, but with this guide it should be possible for you to pass the stage. What you will need to do first is observe the entire screen, if you see any text read it put loud, this will help you get your bearing and prepare you.
Now, here is what you will want to do, move your courser directly over the middle of the screen and click once (This is the recommended strategy for new players, for other strategies please consult the Basic Mechanics Section). This should advance you to the next stage, if not please check if your mouse is connected.

Stage Two Tutorial

Now that we have made it to stage 2 it is important to remember what we did in the previous stage. This stage throws out a massive curve ball that many new players don;t know how to handle, this being the change of the text in the middle of the screen from ‘1’ to ‘2’. This may be a lot to take in, especially if you are new, but you have to hang in there.
The next thing your going to do is to left click once (this is the recommend strategy for new players, however other are available for more experienced players, such as EKS). This will more than likely be enough to advance to the next level.

Stage Three Tutorial

Now we have made it to Stage Three, you may notice that the text has changed again, this time to ‘3’. Do not be alarmed this is entirely normal. This level is a little bit tricky with 3 main strategies employed by the community to overcome its obstacles.
The first strategy is to circle your courser near the center multiple time before employing the mechanical strategy of your choosing (For new players I suggest the Left Click).
The second strategy is wait 5-7 minutes before doing the same as the first strategy. This strategy takes longer but will pay off in the late game, but is not recommend for beginners.
The final strategy is left click immediately, though is must be noted that this strategy is extremely dangerous for newer players to utilize and should only be attempted by experienced players.

Stage Four Tutorial

Stage Four is quite possibly the most controversial stage among the Click to Ten player base, some players will claim it is a bottom tier stage, while others call an underrated gem. I suppose that will be for you to decide.
Something many players gloss over while playing through this stage is that the screen has once again changed, and the text now displays ‘4’, this will be important in the plot later and there is speculation that the DLC will expand on this subtle detail.
The Primary strategy for this stage will be to move the courser to the top-left screen and left click (While possible to employ other strategies it is not recommended for any player due to the unusual conditions of the stage)

Stage Five Tutorial

Stage Five is easily the most mundane of the Stages, but is somewhat unfairly looked over by the community.
There isn’t much in this stage and the best option is just to left click any where on the screen. For new players this might also be an opportunity to try the enter key, but only if you feel up for it as it may be more challenging that you’re ready for.

Stage Six Tutorial

Stage Six is almost universally regarded as the most annoying and not good stages. To make matters worse the text in the middle has changed to ‘6’. One of the other major complains with Stage Six is that is always afraid of Seven, which is just annoying.
But anyway the best way to make it past this stage is to utilize the basic left click method, however this stage comes with the caveat that the left click must be performed with a mouse. However, enter and space are still available alternate strategies, though as I must state again, are not recommended for new players.

Stage Seven Tutorial

This stage is my personal favorite due to the wide range of possible methods you could employ to advance to the next stage. You can beat this stage using the vanilla left click method, however unlike most other stages, space bar strat is viable in this stage for new players, which just gives a nice air of freedom to this stage.

Stage Eight Tutorial

We are almost there! Stage Eight is a pretty solid stage, though it doesn’t compare at all to Seven or Nine in my opinion.
The primary strategy used on this stage is to move your courser in an eight formation for a couple seconds before left clicking. This is a very solid method and is recommended for all players.

Stage Nine Tutorial

Here we are, the big finale. If you have made it this far I am proud of you, only a gamer of considerable skill could have achieved this.
What you’re going to want to do is take in a deep breathe, blink a couple times, then very quickly left click or hit the enter key. That’s it, it is done, finished, over.

Click to Ten Stage Tierlist

click to ten Strategies in All Stages Gameplay - Click to Ten Stage Tierlist - F63621B
S: 9, 7, 2
A: 1, 8
B: 3
C: 5
D: 4, 6

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