click to ten Game Mechanics + Speedrunners Tips

click to ten Game Mechanics + Speedrunners Tips 1 -
click to ten Game Mechanics + Speedrunners Tips 1 -

A large amount of click to ten speedrunners everyday look for new ways to optimize their 100% speedruns in click to ten without using an auto clicker. This guide will go over some game changing news to speedrunners recently discovered in click to ten.

Goal of click to ten

The goal of click to ten is to count to ten. During speedruns, you need to get to ten as fast as possible. Optimizing this goal to be record-setting fast is key to having a successful speedrun.

Game Mechanics

Before we dive into the newly discovered technique, we will first need to go over gameplay mechanics inside of click to ten.
click to ten does not allow for the changing of key bindings, having everyone use the same buttons to do the same actions. I will list all of the actions you can do in click to ten and which buttons you need to press to perform them below.

  • Count up 1 number – Left click
  • Count up 1 number – Spacebar
  • Count up 1 number – Enter



Now that we have gone over all of the key bindings, I will now explain how to use them in-game.
Multiple button imputs are allowed to happen at the same time. The multiple ways to imput ‘Count up 1 number’ will allow us to count to ten faster. That means that we can press all three ‘Count up 1 number’ buttons at the same time.
Hold on though, there is one more thing we are missing. If your keyboard has a numpad, you gain access to a second Enter button. You are now able to get one more button imput if you synchronize pressing all ‘Count up 1 number’ buttons. Make sure you have a keyboard with a numpad or numpad extension if you want to have a chance at setting a world record.

Full Description of New Technique

Now that we have covered all the information you need to know about this newly discovered technique, we will describe to you how to use this technique and implement it into your speedruns.
We reviewed earlier that the goal of click to ten speedruns is to count to ten as fast as possible.
Being able to press all of the ‘Count up 1 number’ buttons fast to the best of your ability will allow you to have a successful speedrun. I will now explain the exact way to imput all of these imputs.
Press your left click, spacebar, and enter keys as fast as possible, repeating until you get to ten.
That is exactly how you should optimize your speedrun to set a world record.


I highly appreciate all of you for reading this guide. I spent a long time writing this guide to be able to help all of you set world records. Please rate this guide positively to show your support to me writing this guide. Anyways, go onto your world record setting in click to ten, and set new challenges to compete against on your journey. Like I said, thank you for reading this guide and have a great rest of your day.

Speedrunning Theory

Are you able to connect multiple numpad extensions to your computer to get even more enter buttons? Just a theory.

Written by gub

Here we come to an end for click to ten Game Mechanics + Speedrunners Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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