Chronicles of Tal’Dun: The Remainder – TR Glossary Official guide

Chronicles of Tal’Dun: The Remainder – TR Glossary Official guide 1 -
Chronicles of Tal’Dun: The Remainder – TR Glossary Official guide 1 -

Tips and Tricks for Chronicles of Tal’Dun: The Remainder – TR Glossary Official guide

This guide includes a list of most proper nouns and items found within Tal’Dun’s world.

Appendix Aleph

Terminologies, Nomenclature, and Colloquialisms of Tal’Dun

Editor’s note: This compilation features various books and scrolls written by M.M.Vaccya published by Collegium Press around 511 DS. Due to recent upheaval and damage done across kingdom libraries and temples, restoration efforts of works written by Profounded Sages such as M.M.Vaccya will persevere; Order shall return, and magick shall prevail again as before. We offer our sincerest apology for the delay incurred from recent disruption, yet rest assured we shall provide true knowledge once more soon enough! Editor’s note: Due to recent upheaval caused by extensive library damage across kingdom-wide libraries and temples kingdom-wide libraries resulting from damage done across kingdom-wide destruction to libraries and temples kingdom-wide damage done due to recent upheaval caused by Collegium Press circa 511 DS; due to extensive damage sustained to libraries and temples kingdom-wide damages done due to damage done libraries and temples kingdom wide damage done due to disruption and extensive library damage done kingdom-wide damage, however, rest assured, however restoration of works by M.M.Vaccya as other Profounded Sages will persevere, thus restoration will follow suit, the Order restored, magick shall reign once more; magick shall reign as before!

If you discover writings with no meaning that are written on scraps of paper that you find, such as words, phrases, verses and the like from our glorious past penned by ancient magi then submit these documents so we may unravel their significance and share them with everyone.

Time and Dates

A.N. – Apo Nisipetti(After Cessation) – The 4500 turn era of growth after Lura’s purported death

M.A – Meta Asambhi The 4500 turn era of turmoil and confusion after the end of the A.N. era,

D.S – Do Sammati(Toward Harmony) – The era after the end of the M.A. era, in which Vyn’s story takes place




proper noun


Definition: portal to the Abyssalpelagic layer of the Seas. Creates immense currents that pull in Waters and distorts all elements including space around it. Upon crossing its threshold, innate matter are annihilated and living beings are trapped forever within a realm of unimaginable torment. Research into the Abyss’dvara is strictly forbidden except for the Profounded – highly accomplished scholars of the Magi Collegium.

Ancient Order, The

proper noun

eyn-shuhnt awr-der

Definition: the ruling political and spiritual entity of the kingdom of Magmalin, the remnant of a previous Order which perished circa 9000 turns prior to the events of The Remainder.




plural – avikasi

Definition: beings sent to the lowest layer of the Seas for having committed grave offences such as blasphemy or entering into a compactum with Luccasi.





plural – bruhi

Definition: practitioner of dark magick, fond of dwelling underground, given to using impure Waters from cut wounds as energy, known to enter compacta with Luccasi, captures and torments minor Devarna.





plural – s

Definition: condensed vapors that flow above the screen stones which surround seamouths. They possess Currents which enable clear lumine communication. Magi towers are built tall for this reason.




Definition: an agreement, reached in letter, word, or clear intention, bound in magick. Taking actions which deviate from or contradict the compactum causes the offending party to experience agony appropriate to the degree of deviation, up to and including death.




Definition: an iron produced by melting a certain red coral that grows in the shallow waters of sea mouths.


proper noun


Definition: movements of Waters, set in motion by the Everstream , invisible to the mundane eye, acting on the world but are unaffected by the world, thought to be the cause of life’s animation.



proper noun


Definition: capital city of Magmalin, a small but powerful kingdom in the Mitterean region, renowned as the seat of the Ancient Order of Magi.




plural – Devarna

Spirits inhabiting Lura’s Seas, usually benign, believed to be former humans of virtue, discarnated at death, placed in a pelagic layer or Fathom according to their good merit in life. Believed to occasionally interfere in human affairs, such as granting boons. Regarded as tricksters by the noble and learned, and avoided by most people out of respect and reverence. Feared by high degree magi who’re liable to have intimate encounters with them on a more regular basis.




Definition: A type of oak which grows on rocks that protrude from sea mouths. It’s one of the few trees in the world that lives on salt water only, and is thought to derive its incredible strength from absorbing a miniscule amount of Waters as it grows.






A layer of the Seas. Humans are thought to live in the dust above the Seas. In the process of death, the spirit wades into the shallows, and on completion of death, the spirit finds itself in the First Fathom and begins its descent through the Six Fathoms. With every passing moment in the Seas, more and more impurities are washed away from the spirit, starting with the most gross and heavy ones such as strong emotions and urges, then subtler emotions, then memories and personalities, then finally the cognitive biases and filters, until eventually the spirit is completely purified and becomes a Devarnic being, free to roam the Seas however it wished, enjoying an eternal sublime bliss. But if a spirit was too heavily polluted and could not complete its purification even after passing through all the Fathoms, then it ends up at the very bottom, in a hellish realm from where it may never escape.




Definition: A lamp that uses a glowfly as source of illumination, often giving off a livridian light. The light colour depends on the age and kind of glowfly and can vary between coralith to livridian. A milky, translucent gas thought to be weakly condensed Waters, given off by flytraps is used to fuel the lamp. Glowflies are drawn to it, excited by it and feeds on it.





Defintion: An insect that dwells in wet environments. Attracted to condensed Waters vapors. Its belly glows as part of its mating ritual. Can grow up to the size of an adult human fist. Lives up to a year. Is commonly used as a light source in households, or as signal lighting in chambers atop magi’s towers.




hahrt ves-uhl

Definition: a body constructed by Waters through ritual magick, requires a constant supply of Waters to maintain, liable to shift or dissolve if the ritual is interrupted or the caster’s heart loses focus. It is capable of a complete range of perception and sensations, but exists only in the Near Shallow and Fathoms, and is invisible to beings of Dust.




plural: Homunculi

Definition: a living human without a heart, used by the Ancient Order’s high magi as a means of prolonging their existence. Requires transmuting other living humans into a much more resilient body. H.M. Vyn has devised an unique method of obtaining homunculi.





Definition: a song of healing and blessing, calling upon benevolent spirits to protect and heal wounds and illnesses.




Definition: the omnipresent, fundamental medium from which the Waters and the Seas came into being, the primordial emptiness before creation. Do not ask what comes before, madness awaits those who do, not to mention reprimands from temple elders.





Definition: a practice attributed to a mystic order called The Thrice Bathed Orients.

It means to create the source essenc of all things, ie. Ither. Waters is used for magick by The Ancient Order, but it is thought that Waters came out of Ither at the beginning of a cosmic cycle, and there’s no way to create any more of it after that. But TBO aims to create more Ithers, which would give them the ability to create Waters itself, a highly blasphemous and dangerous idea to TAO. The two orders do not see eye to eye.


Kahna Tundra

proper noun

kah-nah toon-druh

Definition: the cold region containing the Kahna Mountains which divide the Mitterean from the shadowed cold side of the world, riddled with rapids and falls, battered with gale winds and harsh rainfall, four seasons in one day.


Lura Cruensanti

proper noun

luu-ra kruhn-sahn-ti

Definition: Lura is regarded by The Ancient Order as the saviour of humanity when the world was coming to an end circa 9000 years prior to Vyn’s time. It was thought that Lura made the greatest and most terrible ritual, one where fifty million of their followers willingly walked into Sea mouths to prevent the death of Tal’Dun.

Lura’s Seas


loo-ra-s sees

alternative: Seas, The

Definition: the source of Waters, dwelling place of spirits, contains six fathoms, aisthi-pelagic(sensory), edea-pelagic(conceptual layer), syni-pelagic(emotive layer), gnisti-pelagic(cognitive layer), abyssal-pelagic(deepest layer), and avici-pelagic(hell layer).

The existence of the sixth fathom is a hotly contested topic among various sects of ascetics and magi.




Definiton: malign spirits of the Seas who were once sinful humans while alive, given to wrath, greed, cruelty and apathy but unable to completely fulfill their needs completely. As they sink into the abyss like all spirits, their thirst for pleasures grows and their ability to satisfy them wanes, until they reach the . Cautionary tale to all law abiding and morally compliant householders.






Definition: the art of manipulating Currents of Waters by training the heart to become sensitive to them, often involves rituals, chanting, recitations, sound instruments, consumption of herbs and concoctions, and dreams. Requires Waters as energy.

Mitterean noun


Definition: the habitable belt at the twilight between the perpetually hot and cold sides of The World.

Magi Collegium, the

proper noun

mei-jai koh-lee-jee-yam

Definition: An association of educational institutions and scholars for the advancement of the knowledge and craft of magick.




plural – magi

Definition: a person born with skin pigmentation and endowed with the ability to use magick.


proper noun


Definiton: a herb used to call upon the spirit of protection mapacho, used commonly by all magi for millenia to cleanse ritual spaces and prepare themself for magick workings.



Defintion: the magickal practice attributed to a mystic order called The Sanguine Sages. It means to become whole with the Seas, with the essence of all things, by losing attachments to any personal qualities such as sensations, perception, thoughts, and emotions.


Near Shallow


neer shah-loh

Definition: a realm of existence between the Dust world of material beings and the Waters world of spirits, where material beings may get glimpses of spirits, and spirits may enter the material realm. Dreams also take place in this realm.



Pelago-sidatism – orthodox doctrine of the descent of soul into the Seas, which states that human souls begin their journey at the surface or aisthi-pelagic fathom, then progressively shed their former characteristics as they sink into the depth. When a soul reaches the Abyssal-pelagic fathom, if it possesses enough purity, it remains there forever in peace. If it’s too heavy with sin, it sinks further to the avici-pelagic fathom or hell, where it boils in superheated streams for eternity.

Pelago-avittatism – Doctrine held by heretics and certain uncivilized Western barbarians of the cycling of the soul from Seas to surface, which mistakenly holds that a descended soul may, through some process of purification and transformation, rise up again and be reborn in a higher fathom, or even the surface. It is contrary to all evidence and good moral sense. Included in here only for sake of posterity, not to be entertained by the sensible.

Prime Law of the Seas


Variants: The Prime Law

Definition: The prime law of magick, it states that when magick is performed and an effect is produced, there will always be a corresponding cost. The cost may be material, such as the evaporation of matter, or immaterial, such as the addition or removal of emotions. It may be paid at the time of the Magick’s performance, or earlier, or later. But the cost can never be avoided, and the greater the effect of the Magick, the higher the cost.

Editorial: Fools of the past, fools at present, and no doubt fools of times to come will ceaselessly attempt to circumvent the prime law and produce results which have no cost. They will pay dearly, in ways that would make them abandon their folly in a blink, if they’d survive. Do not join their ranks. The Prime Law prevails, always. Remember that.




Definition: a magus scholar who has seen with their own heart’s eye the peace and clarity of at least the Third Fathom of the Seas. Profound – possessing profundity.



Regis divinorum


rih-jis di-vi-noh-ruhm

Definition: a plant whose leaf is used to deter lesser spirits, used to seal gateways into the material world such as mirrors and still bodies of clear water.


Second Law of the Seas

proper noun

A.k.a The Second Law

Definition: The Second Law states that The result of a magick ritual is always of the same kind as the heartstate that led to its realisation. A state of evil cannot produce an overall good result, even if it may appear to do so for some time.

Serpentine Coast- the thinnest part of the Mitterean, a winding and jagged coastline resembling a belt that straps the world together at the waist.

Shallow – A state of abject ignorance which impounds the masses who have no knowledge of arcane forces.


proper noun


Definition: The primordial fish who was the first being to be born into the cosmic stream. Considered the creator of worlds.

Also refers to the sun.




Definition: a unit of measurement, weighing 5 tussels or 5 kilograms.

The word is meant to sound like flowing or gurgling water.


proper noun

Definition: Vyn called their process of bringing the heart into the realm of spirits without any fear of losing the body Sublimation because they regarded this the deepest state a human could achieve.

Sublime means supreme. Sublimation is the process of transforming one’s present state of being into the supreme state of being.




Definition: beings dwelling in the Seas who lost all their memories and personalities until they’re just barely conscious. It’s thought that they still felt hunger, thirst, and desires, but did not even know how to begin to satisfy them.





Definition: one of the most naturally effective lumine channel is underground caverns which are below sea level. Such caverns are often flooded and tend to shift with fluctuating water levels, so they’re very hard to come by and dangerous to linger in, but the clarity of visionary and dream communication they provide entices many magick practitioners. Bruhi are especially fond of them.


proper noun


Definition: a desert kingdom at the southern edge of the Mitterean region, along the boiling coast.




Definition: a unit of measurement, weighing 5 measures, or 1 kilogram.





Definition: These are certain colors which can only be seen by the heart’s eye as otherworldly visions. They can be induced by magick rituals, trances, meditations, icaros, sacred herbs, and certain types of extreme trauma or ailments.

There are no mundane equivalents of them, only pale imitations and lackluster facsimiles.

The uncolors are:

Sanguinmar – the red of fading

Coralith – the orange of oxidation

Amberosa – the gold of divine purity

Immerwald – a warm green that only exists in dreams

Livridian – the bluegreen of lively decay

Tearil – the blue of hopeful melancholy

Violeuth -the purple that hides from sight)

Nightbloom – the white of flowers blooming only on moonless nights

Deeprind – black with infinitesimal white within





DefinitionP: one who rolls around, a wanderer, vagabond, beggar. Also the name of the most common wandering cactus species on Tal’Dun.





Definition: energy for use in magic, mana, life force, power. Synonymous with blood.

Waters is an unquantifiable/immeasurable concept, so it is used grammatically as a singular noun. Ie. Waters is everywhere. Vyn’s Waters feels as if it’s drying up.




Colloquialisms and folk sayings

By the deeps/By the depth – Exclamation, fear, awe, excitement

Cruensanti – Awe, fear, reverence, invoking the title of Lura

For Lura’s sake – Beckoning, demanding, impatience

In the name of Lura – Awe, reverence,

Lura save me – Pleading

Sink me – Displeasure, hatred

Sump it – Never mind, forget it,

What the blubber – archaic term, surprise, displeasure

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