Chimeraland FAQS – Beginners Guide

Chimeraland FAQS – Beginners Guide 1 -
Chimeraland FAQS – Beginners Guide 1 -

Small tips for people starting the game.


– What pet is good early game?
Leoparbeak is fast to travel and easy to obtain.
– Should I keep my horse?
Yes, for later evolution. Dont invest too much in early game though.
– How to get X?
There is a button “Obtain” which explains how to get most things.
As for Ice – look in snowy mountains biome.
You can gather special resources from stones and trees.
– Can I play without donating?
Yes, totally. Just make sure you do your daily and weekly activites.
– How to defend village?
Find a village on the map and TP there. Talk to chief. He ll give you a quest. Usually like “Kill 10 X mobs”. Kill them and speak to chief back. Then talk to smuggler and the assault will start.
– Where to get Crystals?
Look into the sea. There are pillars to mine, like ore.
– How to get gold sand?
Find a location marked with ingot on the map. Usually it’s a small lake with golden ground. Go there, equip your tool, click and afk. You may wanna do it just for daily quest, because they are expensive to craft.
– How to learn Siege skill?
You can craft a Maul in Smith. Equip it and hit different neutral buldings (ruins) on the map.
– How to progress faster?
Find few people to play with. These may be your Steam friends or local players. Team up for tough content, do daily Team runs. Remember, four people attacking megabest = ~400% durability saved.
– How to kill megabeasts?
Use ranged weapon of your choise. Melee would get you killed. Aim for weak points.
Remember there is a 30 mins timer when you start attacking beast. It will regen beast back to 100% HP if you prolong the battle.
– What if die?
Actually it’s not that bad. You dont lose exp or gear.
– Where to fight megabeasts?
Not near your house. It may be damaged during battle.
– How to get more Team activity scrolls?
Your game machine provides one free scroll per day
– What about weapons?
Guns can be upgraded, but have no active abilites.
Magic weapon have 2+ active abilites and some passive, but you cant upgrade them.
Melee provides best raw dps, but you get lots of damage on megabeasts and you cant hit flying mobs.
– Game is too old! How will I catch up?
There is a soft cap on exp, called “Server Level”. If you are new, you will get strong xp boost. If you reach exp cap, your exp income decreases up to 40%. So most people are around same level.
– How to get Power Score?
Outside of gear you can use gems to improve stats. More gem slots opens with level up. You can also research Arcane for star points and get additional PS there. If you level your House, you will get up to 5 slots for “Linked” pets. Linked pets provide 4-5% of their PS to your PS.
– What weapon is best for my recrut?
Not a melee one. Magic is okay, but ranged is top tier. They need no ammo. Dont forget to equip your recrut with good gear.
– How to steal a part for my pet?
Use temp. eggs. It’s written on them weather pet does have parts to consume. 5 similar devours in a row will 100% get you a part.
– How to level up Cooking Station to level 2?
You need to cook mushrooms for research. But you cant cook mushrooms in level 1 Cooking Station. Research level 2 camp and use it cook mushrooms for upgrade. Dont forget that camp expires after some time.
Ask me if anything is unclear or patched.

Written by Asket

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