Chaos Galaxy 2 All Units Tier List Guide

Chaos Galaxy 2 All Units Tier List Guide 1 -
Chaos Galaxy 2 All Units Tier List Guide 1 -

Based on game version 0.7.5. I will update it if some units get changed. In the future I will expand this to include flagships and neutral units.


New to the game? Wondering which blueprint to research first, which tech tree to focus, which units should you spam? Hopefully this guide can address those questions.
Rating given to units are based on their worth and performance against unit of the same class, in other words, an elite 10 cost unit is compared against other 10 cost unit, and a 5 cost unit is compared against other 5 cost unit. Additionally, it assumes that most other variable are constant, it doesn’t take into account of nearby faction of the owning faction, or admiral skills. The only thing that it consider is supporting tech for the faction, for example if the tech tree improve lance then lance capability on the unit will be rated higher, it also take into account of the way the tech tree is structured and how soon you can reach it.
This guide uses the letter system where C is average, D is below average, B is good, and so on. I would say C and B units are roughly balanced. The rating is of course my personal opinion, but I will try to be as objective as possible. It is recommended to read from the top because there are sections in the later part that refers to earlier review because the two units are very similar.
Feedback is welcome, feel free to comment below!

Northsky Fleet

Northsky Fleet Summary:
Solid faction that specialize in lance. Nothing much can be said, it’s probably the most generic and simple faction (as expected of the tutorial faction), but a well balanced one. Just go all in on lance research for this faction and spam lances. As such they are not the best against other imperials because of beam field.
Falchion Submarine : C+ tier
Basically a better lance submarine with higher cost than the basic one. Submarine as a whole is no longer anywhere as good as in the previous game, but they do get a little bit of bombing stat which is still much lower than a cruiser. In general subs are not super good unless the admiral specialize in it, but at least the saving grace of this is that it can benefit from lance research of Northsky.
Iron Cavalry: C tier
Melee mechs (3x entity ones) are generally weak for their cost to include in fleet, shields are also nerfed, but still good when used by admirals that specialize in it and with lots of investment into research. 5 movement 5 cost mech is actually top for it’s class (melee mech), and there is benefit for assaulting a planet instead of bombing it early game early game when economy is tight. But at the same time Northsky doesn’t need to war and capture non-neutral planet anyway, so… why would you go this research tree instead of going full lance research tree.
Skywolf Battleship: B+ tier
Amazing ship. Focus is neat, and this bad boy can focus fire one target to remove it asap provided that the target has no beam field. One extra lance and focus ability for 2 cost vs the standard battleship is definitely worth, especially since Northsky specialize in lance.
Chukonu: B tier
Similar to above, but trade off single entity and tanky advantage for nimble and chase. Mainly chase make it worth. but it’s just not as good as the battleship which also benefit from warship research. But of course this is preferable if your admiral give bonus to mech instead of ship.
Alkaid Lanceship: B+ tier
Basically a better Skywolf Battleship, but costing almost 2x more upkeep wise. It’s an end game unit though, so that doesn’t really matter. 4x lance can one shot many things that doesn’t have beam field. It has cannons as back up in case the target has beam field.

Grand Armada

Grand Armada Summary:
The best Imperial faction and second best faction based on tech tree potential. They can upgrade Hammerfall and have access to it, the best weapon in the game hands down.
Tailwind Lightcruiser : B tier
Cost the same as the basic battleship, it trade off its cannon away for 2 more movement and chase. Totally worth it, unless facing other imperials. It truly shine when facing non imperial factions.
Revenger Fighter: B tier
At 5 cost it is simply superior than all 5 cost mech, nothing much needs to be said. As a fighter it is as basic as it gets.
Skynet Siege Gun: S tier
Best 7 cost unit in the game and best artillery. You can upgrade Hammerfall as well with this faction. Comes with auto repair as well, and 6x fortgun. Simply insane. Stronger than most flagship.
Scorcher Fighter: B- tier
Very fast hit and run nimble unit. Basically a more mobile but more fragile but higher evasion Chu Ko Nu. Less energy pool is the downside, which is very relevant for chase unit. This faction does not upgrade its lance like Northsky does, therefore I have to actually rate this lower than the Chukonu.
Catastrophe Starburner: B tier
I mean it has starkiller, but for an elite unit that is not op considering many flagship has starkiller too, meanwhile Northsky elite battleship has 4x lance yet flagships only have 2-3x lance usually.

Royalist Alliance

Royalist Alliance Summary:
Very strong faction, probably 2nd best imperial faction based on tech tree. Specialize in nuclear and ballistics/ammunition. Their tech tree even have research that make your research cheaper. Starts with Princess Jing.
Nova Submarine: C tier
I mean it’s similar to the other dive unit of its class. Nothing spectacular. Can’t counter when shot by lance and has no beam field making it terrible for its cost vs other imperials as well.
Sword Fighter: B tier
Basically Revenger fighter with more mobility and less energy. It’s as good.
Luna Battlecruiser: B tier
Solid unit that works well with the faction’s ballistic upgrade. In fact I’m leaning for a B+, but then why would you go that route instead of going nuclear route first. Can’t say much bad about it though, having 5 movement make for easier flanking too.
Pangu Titan: A tier
Nuclear bomb, and nice strong melee when needed. Single entity, so it’s far superior than those 7 cost mechs, the 1 extra cost is irrelevant. Oh, it also have auto repair and beamfield. Just very very good unit overall, it’s only weakness is the slow movement speed. There are even admiral that buff titan, and oh, her flagship is also an aoe titan (the Moai queen). Cool right?
Retribution Nukeship: B+ tier
A nuke ship. By now you should know that nuclear bomb is great in this game. It has auto repair which puts it slightly above those elite ships without auto repair.

Regent Forces

Regent Forces Summary:
They have the best start, but their tree is kinda meh. Terrible mechs, very long tree, even with all the investment you put into that deep tree it’s not even good compared to other tech trees. Starkiller upgrade is nice though, and they specialize in it. And oh, Lord Zhaowu has the most useless active ability out of all faction leaders in the game.
Firearrow Torpedo boat: D tier
I mean the torpedo can’t even get upgrade from the tech tree, and it sucks. Can’t even dive. Blegh.
Palace Guard: F tier
Worthless. Just like headsman. Slow melee unit, basically it’s like the generic useless zombies in fantasy game, except it actually feels squishy. Low damage that gets even lower when damaged. Move+ technology is literally at the end of tech tree too. Like really bad, even on very good mecha admiral like Zidian. If only she can use iron cavalry instead…
Tongguan Starfort: B tier
I mean it is strong, but do you even need it? Starkiller looks strong but remember, this thing cannot move. Still it’s 100% hit rate so it’s still the best fort.
Orange Rider: F tier
Basically Palace Guard with improved stats, just as slow. Have situational ability, like very situational, 2 of them. Not even something good like auto repair. One of the worst 7 cost unit in the game. Skynet siege at 7 cost can actually fire from distance and this thing would need 2 turns to reach it.
Huanglong Juggernaut: B tier
I mean it is as good as other elite ship. Loot is good, but not as good as auto repair so I cant give this a B+.

Southern Principality

Southern Principality Summary:
The worst imperial faction based on tech tree, tied with Regent. Their artillery tech tree is not as good as starkiller tech that Regent has, but their mech tree is better. The have easy start as well.
Tigerclaw Artillery: B tier
I mean it cost 5 and much better than the mech. Maybe it shouldn’t be B tier but it sure as hell look good compared to the next unit in the list.
Headsman: F tier
Trash, see palace guard review.
Alphatiger Siege Gun: B tier
Siege gun is buffed to have extra range. I mean it’s not bad but nowhere close to Grand Armada’s artillery. And it definitely is more useful than 7 cost mechs on a neutral admiral that doesn’t buff either type.
Tiger Knight: C tier
I mean it has 5 base movement. So it’s much better than orange rider. Ghost dodge is not worth 1 extra movement, it would actually still be bad even if it is 100% chance like beam field because there are so few melee units anyway, but at least then maybe it has some use. But I mean 7 cost, like Skynet is also 7 cost, but they are nowhere even close. Pangu Titan is 8 cost and miles better than this. This faction has strong melee tech tree to make it less bad, but yeah.
Tigerking Nukeship: B tier
It doesn’t have autorepair unlike Royalist nuke ship, but it has extra movement. Extra movement is great, but nowhere as impactful as they would be on a melee unit, and definitely not worth an autorepair passive. Still a good unit though.

Emishi Pirates

Emishi Pirates Summary:
Missile specialist faction, and that is a good thing because missiles are powerful. They have a weak start, weak diplomatic situation, and in the path of alien though, so they are not recommended for beginner unless you play with alien off. They can steal enemy units which makes them the most fun faction to play probably.
Taihou: B tier
Now this is a good 5 cost mech. 3x missile vs 3x low damage melee? Not even close which one is better. Missiles are also difficult to counter unless the enemy also has missile, since you can attack using the knight pattern in chess (L shape).
Akazonae: C tier
About the same as Iron Cavalry. Indomitable is not that good, then again power shield in cg 2 is terrible anyway. Not sure why it was changed, in the first cg 1 it wasn’t even op.
Yaksha Ninja: C+ tier
It has instant kill, which is better than blowback or ghost dodge, it’s unreliable though. Good with the admiral that specialize in instant kill.
Mochizuki Ninja: C+ tier
Instead of instant kill, this one has tempt. It has low odds to work, very rng, but very strong if it proc. Very good on tempt specialists admirals.
Yawata Missileship: B tier
8 missiles. With the tech tree upgrade the benefit just multiply. It’s really good. It even has loot, ensuring that it can be energy sufficient by itself. It’s weakness is that since it only has missile, it is not as good against unit that counters that, but other than that it’s good. It’s lack of plan B is why I can’t rate it higher than B.

East Galaxy Company

East Galaxy Company summary:
Rail gun specialist, and rail gun is good. It’s similar to lance, but ammunition based and has longer range. Which means they are good against imperials. One of their tech tree is submarine though, which is imo worse than warship class. The rail gun tech is same line as the mech tree, therefore this faction might actually be the best if you’re into spamming mech.
Attack Transport: C tier
It’s like the basic supply ship but it can fire weapon. Cost 6 though, and it’s only 4 cannons, which is arguably worse than 2 lances for example. that’s the same as the basic battleship. If you think about it, lets say you spend the turn locking or resupplying, it’s not like you can fire on the same turn. Honestly it’s kinda meh and I’d rather use the basic supply ship and use the remaining cost to fit better unit in the fleet.
Musketeer: B tier
A great multi-entity mech because it has a long range. It’s crazy how this thing cost the same as palaceguard/headsman.
Exploration ship: B+ tier
It has auto repair. That alone make it better than the average 7 cost so it gets a B+.
Kraken Submarine: B- tier
Submarine with railgun. Also 7 cost. Not as good as exploration ship. Loot is nice.
Prince Dreadnaught: B tier
Has auto repair. Vortex torpedo is worse than nuke or starkiller though.

Aerie Assassins

Aerie Assassins Summary:
Probably my least favorite faction. Difficult start and their tech tree is not impressive. Their 7 costs are both mechs, and their other specialty is nuke, but at least they are far away from the aliens? Their northern border is secure as well, overall definitely better start that their situation in cg 1.
Viper Torpedoboat: D tier
Well it’s torpedo. Basically same as Regent fire torpedo boat.
Nuke Servant: F tier
Suicide bomber. it’s only 600 damage, it’s not even crazy high damage or anything.
Assassin: C+ tier
See Yaksha ninja review.
Space Dancer: C tier
It’s like Mochizuki Ninja but it has no attack, only tempt. Ghostdodge is basically too situational, I prefer the melee attack for sure and therefore it has to be rated lower.
Shadowblade: B tier
A starkiller sub, but this faction doesn’t have the extra starkiller range upgrade in their tech tree. It’s of 9 cost, and that is actually cheaper than other elite unit which cost 10, but it’s also not that good so it’s a fair trade off.

Lycurgus Corps

Lycurgus Corps Summary:
Terrible faction unique units. Maybe the worst in the whole game in this regard. At least they start very far from the alien, very very easy start. However, they have the best base cruiser in the game. Glaive cruiser is actually much better than other cruisers in the game, it is actually recommended to spam this unit. Trident Battleship is decent too, but it is not better than other battleship since the ram stays the same while other battleship gets extra lance and such, not to mention that it has less movement which is very important for melee weapon.
Cretan Torpedoboat: D- tier.
It has EMP, but its like other torpedoes, I mean. Better in some situation but its useless vs aliens which is the biggest threat.
Gladiator: F tier
I mean, chase on this thing is probably even worse than power shield in some situation, but maybe it’s about the same. Either way, it’s terrible.
Raven Submarine: C tier
7 cost lance 3 sub. It has indomitable which is quite meh. No secondary weapon either. Can’t say I’m impressed.
Spartan: F- tier
Trash just like Orange Rider. Actually even worse than Orange Rider.
Medusa Lanceship: C tier
4 lances but no secondary weapon. Can’t do anything against beam field. Bad for a 10 cost unit. At least Emishi one has 8 missiles.

Free Stars

Free Stars Summary:
Difficult start. Not recommended for beginner. Tech tree is actually not bad. EMP useless against alien though.
Militia Submarine: B tier
Has 4x cannon as secondary weapon. Has EMP. So this is better than Nova submarine.
Stonewall Fort: C tier
I mean it’s better than the generic fort. It’s really hard to rate fort because you can’t use them on the offensive yet at the same time technically they cost 0 to fit into fleet. Feel free to ignore ratings for forts.
Liberator Fighter: B tier
9x machine gun with loot, this thing actually feels fun to use. 7 cost though, and only single weapon type that is counterable as well, so it’s balanced. In general fighters in this game are balanced well relatively to each other fighters.
Patriot Battlecruiser: B tier
Instead of lance it has EMP. It’s actually quite good in practice against non-aliens, I would say above average 7 cost unit. But man it’s hard to highly rate EMP when it is completely useless against aliens.
Enterprise Megaship: B+ tier.
It does not have EMP and that is a good thing, lol. Wave cannon is good damage, and this faction can upgrade that. It has 5 movement, which is unusual for big ships who usually have 4 movement. Good unit overall.

Omnic Apocalypse

Omnic Apocalypse Review:
Strongest faction in the game by far because they can get all blueprints (which is obviously stronger mechanic than every other unique mechanic by far), but starts at war with everyone. But they start in the corner of the galaxy and their neighbors are weak so they are easier to play than it seems. Not affected by morale after the first researchable tech, which is also good. It is important to note that their 3 cost basic unit, soldiery drone, is like sooo much better than basic imperial infantry.
Mirror Fort: C tier
Basically the same as Free Stars special fort but with beam field instead.
Immortal Drone: A tier
5 cost with auto repair passive. And it’s a fighter, not a crappy melee mech. I don’t think there’s other 5 cost or lower unit with auto repair, so I have to give this an A.
Xingtian Titan: B tier
Nowhere as good as Pangu titan. Wave cannon is only 1x too. It does have 5 move which help it flank/rear attack with his melee. Still it is much superior than those triple entity melee mechs that cost 7 by a mile since its damage output is not reduced even if it is heavily damaged.
Disaster Submarine: A tier
Submarine with auto repair. And 2x wave cannon which is loads of damage from afar. It’s great.
Apocalypse Warbase: B+ tier
It has starkiller and 6x missiles as backup. It’s just a good all around elite 10 cost unit.

Written by BloodyPork

Here we come to an end for Chaos Galaxy 2 All Units Tier List Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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