Captain Cook: Word Puzzle All Achievements Complete and Walkthrough

Captain Cook: Word Puzzle All Achievements Complete and Walkthrough 1 -
Captain Cook: Word Puzzle All Achievements Complete and Walkthrough 1 -

Captain Cook: Word Puzzle is a game in which you need to make words from a set of given letters.
It has 6 different chapters, each of them containing 5 subchapters of 18 individual levels.
This guide lists the solutions for all levels. When used, it takes around 45 mins – 60 mins to complete one full chapter.
Note: the achievements unlock upon quit.

Ice Cream


1. he, the
2. an, ad, and
3. of, or, for
4. as, say
5. but, tub
6. of, go, fog
7. ow, low, owl
8. to, opt, pot, top
9. arm, ram, mar
10. as, ash, has
11. or, do, rod
12. at, pat, apt, tap

Secret Spiral

1. at, hat, tat, that
2. it, hi, wit, hit, with, whit
3. he, the, yet, hey, they
4. of, or, for, from, form
5. at, hat, what, thaw (extra: ha)
6. no, on, wok, now, own, won, know, wonk (extra: ow)
7. it, me, tie, met, time, item, mite, emit
8. yea, rye, ray, ear, era, are, year
9. we, he, hew, new, hen, when (extra: eh)
10. at, tea, ate, eat, take, teak
11. her, ear, era, are, hear, hare (extra: eh, ha)
12. pal, lap, ply, pay, yap, lay, play
13. lie, vie, live, vile, veil, evil
14. us, sum, tum, must, smut
15. at, fat, aft, act, cat, fact
16. ow, or, do, row, rod, word
17. in, kin, ink, kid, din, kind
18. on, no, go, log, long


1. in, it, no, on, to, nit, tin, ion, not, ton, into
2. or, you, our, your
3. at, an, hat, tan, ant, than
4. ilk, lie, lei, like
5. he, the, ten, net, hen, then
6. me, or, rem, ore, roe, more
7. an, at, wan, ant, tan, want
8. if, in, fin, din, find
9. veg, vie, give
10. am, my, an, man, may, yam, any, many
11. go, do, god, dog, good
12. if, lie, lei, elf, life, file
13. do, ow, on, no, don, nod, own, won, now, down
14. or, voe, ore, roe, rev, over, rove
15. as, at, sat, last, lats, alts, slat, salt (extra: lat)
16. am, me, an, men, man, mean, mane, amen, name
17. rut, nut, urn, run, turn, runt
18. at, rap, pat, apt, tap, art, rat, part, rapt, tarp, trap

Fruity Robo

1. the, hit, tie, her, tier, tire, heir, hire, their
2. owl, low, duo, old, loud, would
3. bat, tab, bot, but, tub, out, boat, auto, bout, about
4. the, her, tree, here, there, three
5. hit, tin, nit, kit, ink, kin, thin, hint, knit, think
6. hit, tin, nit, git, gin, thin, hint, thing, night
7. mow, won, own, now, wan, man, moan, woman
8. hid, lid, child
9. row, owl, low, rod, old, word, lord, world
10. eve, rev, even, ever, veer, never, nerve
11. lea, eel, eve, veal, vale, leave
12. gear, rage, gate, rate, tear, tare, great, grate
13. rug, pug, our, pour, group
14. beg, big, bin, gen, neg, gin, gibe, begin, being, binge
15. hew, wee, her, whee, were, ewer, here, where
16. eve, rev, eye, ever, veer, very, every (extra: rye)
17. him, git, hit, might
18. clap, plea, pale, peal, leap, pace, cape, lace, place


1. real, gale, rage, gear, large, lager, regal, glare
2. n*de, dune, rude, nerd, rend, under
3. ware, wear, tare, tear, rate, water
4. writ, wire, rite, tire, tier, write
5. you, guy, gun, young
6. not, ton, hot, moth, month
7. stud, dust, duty, study, dusty
8. sue, use, sues, uses, issue
9. balk, back, lack, black
10. sin, sec, ice, sine, ices, nice, since
11. nut, nit, tin, unit, lint, until, unlit (extra: lit)
12. pow, pew, owe, woe, row, prow, pore, rope, wore, power
13. ton, not, one, ten, net, font, tone, note, often (extra: foe)
14. man, ago, nag, moan, among, mango
15. sat, sad, ant, and, sand, stand (extra: tan)
16. wit, wet, hit, the, tie, whit, with, whet, white
17. caw, act, cat, hat, what, thaw, chat, watch
18. all, awl, law, low, owl, wall, allow



1. part, rapt, trap, pray, arty, tray, party
2. real, year, rely, early, relay, layer
3. off, for, ore, ref, fore, offer
4. may, yam, bay, bye, beam, maybe
5. sum, c-u-m, scum, c-u-m-s, music
6. had, eat, ate, tea, the, hat, date, head, heat, hate, death
7. jam, mar, arm, ram, jar, oar, roam, major
8. lag, ago, nag, log, loan, goal, long, along
9. hear, heat, hate, rate, tear, tare, heart, hater, earth
10. rip, per, pie, ice, ripe, epic, rice, price
11. bear, bare, bark, beak, bake, rake, break, brake, baker
12. than, tank, hank, thank
13. mod, old, led, mode, demo, mold, meld, dole, lode, model (extra: mole)
14. eve, vet, net, ten, even, vent, teen, event
15. abet, beta, beat, tale, late, belt, able, bale, table, bleat
16. cut, our, out, rot, tor, rut, curt, rout, tour, court
17. aim, mag, gem, age, mega, game, image
18. hop, pen, hen, one, hope, peon, open, nope, hone, phone


1. tie, quit, quite, quiet
2. pie, pee, ice, epic, piece
3. vim, vie, move, movie
4. nor, not, ton, rot, hot, torn, horn, north, thorn
5. hit, hid, rid, dirt, third
6. cat, act, hat, chat, catch
7. pot, opt, top, pin, nip, pit, tip, ion, not, ton, nit, tin, pint, into, point
8. pan, nap, pat, tap, ant, tan, plan, plat, pant, plant (extra: lap)
9. for, fool, roof, floor
10. row, won, own, now, nor, worn, grow, gown, wrong, grown
11. rob, bar, bra, bad, boar, bard, drab, road, board, broad
12. fig, fit, git, hit, gift, fight
13. hot, rot, tow, two, wot, how, who, row, throw, worth
14. son, sod, sun, duo, nod, don, dun, undo, sound
15. net, ten, teen, rent, tree, enter
16. sot, cost, sock, stock
17. dim, mad, dam, aim, die, aid, dime, made, maid, amid, idea, aide, media (extra: mead)
18. read, dear, dare, year, dray, yard, ready


1. rage, gear, urge, argue, auger
2. sat, fat, fast, staff
3. ice, rim, rice, mice, rime, mire, emir, crime
4. lag, gal, lug, hag, hug, haul, laugh
5. aim, clam, calm, mail, claim (extra: lam)
6. leg, gel, ale, lag, all, age, gale, gall, legal
7. fin, fan, nil, fail, flan, nail, lain, final
8. reg, gen, neg, gene, green, genre
9. rat, art, air, tail, rail, liar, lair, trial, trail
10. has, ash, she, ask, sea, sake, hake, shake
11. car, arc, air, char, arch, rich, hair, chair
12. hot, the, toe, lot, let, hole, tole, hotel
13. hey, hay, yea, have, yeah, heavy
14. out, got, hot, hut, hog, hug, gout, thug, tough, ought
15. gate, gnat, tang, neat, gent, agent
16. lie, slim, mile, lime, smile, slime
17. for, nor, rot, tor, not, ton, fort, font, torn, front
18. lea, one, loan, lane, lean, lone, alone


1. her, she, serf, hers, fresh
2. rot, too, top, pot, root, port, poor, troop
3. rat, art, act, cat, car, cart, tack, rack, track
4. plan, pale, peal, leap, pane, lane, lean, plane, panel, penal
5. lob, boa, bar, bra, oar, orb, rob, oral, boar, labor
6. don, nod, den, end, one, doze, done, node, zone, dozen
7. sit, its, ski, tic, kit, skit, sick, tick, stick
8. rut, cut, curt, tuck, ruck, truck
9. hasp, apse, heap, shape, heaps, phase
10. cow, cod, row, rod, crow, cord, word, crowd
11. rug, dug, rag, gad, drug, drag, guard
12. mar, arm, ram, may, yam, ray, army, marry
13. web, bow, owe, low, owl, lobe, blew, blow, bowl, below, bowel, elbow
14. vet, toe, rot, vote, veto, over, rove, tore, rote, voter, overt, trove
15. mar, ram, arm, lam, oar, roam, loam, oral, moral, molar
16. aid, lad, day, lid, lay, dial, laid, lady, idly, daily
17. flu, fly, full, fully
18. can, lace, clan, cane, acne, lean, lane, clean, lance


1. plat, pale, peal, leap, pate, tape, tale, plate, pleat, petal
2. vial, vale, veal, live, vile, veil, evil, alive
3. sea, bus, use, sue, base, abuse
4. eat, tea, ate, era, ear, are, tax, rat, art, tear, tare, rate, extra
5. run, bun, bra, bar, ran, ban, burn, bran, barn, urban
6. air, rid, aid, ado, raid, arid, road, radio
7. dear, dare, read, dram, dame, mead, made, ream, mare, dream
8. cap, ape, each, ache, chap, cape, pace, heap, cheap, peach
9. sac, cue, sec, sea, use, sue, case, cause, sauce
10. bar, ban, bad, ran, and, bran, barn, bard, drab, band, rand, brand
11. net, ten, yet, try, tern, rent, entry
12. lab, lam, bum, lamb, balm, maul, album
13. cab, ale, lea, lace, able, bale, cable
14. ash, has, half, lash, flash
15. spur, sure, user, ruse, pure, super, purse
16. war, raw, wad, ward, draw, award
17. nip, pin, nit, tin, pit, tip, nut, put, pint, unit, punt, input,
18. meta, meat, mate, team, melt, meal, male, lame, malt, tale, late, metal

Sea Food

Masor Tenga

1. pole, lope, peep, peel, plop, elope, people
2. shod, lush, soul, sold, hold, loud, should
3. comb, come, become
4. real, year, rely, yell, ally, relay, early, layer, rally, really
5. fail, flay, film, mail, filmy, family
6. numb, menu, burn, rune, rube, number
7. heap, pane, nape, neap, happen
8. beef, bore, robe, beer, fore, free, reef, before
9. tome, home, more, them, term, tore, rote, hero, metro, therm, other, mother
10. tilt, till, tile, tell, title, little
11. infer, fried, fired, fiend, fined, diner, friend, finder
12. fate, feat, fare, fear, hate, heat, tear, rate, hear, after, hater, heart, earth, father
13. berm, mere, beer, ember, member
14. ache, each, cane, cage, hang, change
15. mint, mien, mite, item, time, emit, menu, mute, unit, tune, unite, minute
16. fool, flow, wolf, woof, wool, follow
17. crate, caret, cater, react, trace, eater, create
18. heal, hale, heat, hate, late, tale, heath, health

Daab Chingri

1. with, whit, twin, thin, hint, within
2. memo, mote, tome, note, tone, moment
3. gone, hone, huge, hung, enough
4. ploy, copy, clip, coil, oily, cloy, policy
5. form, from, fore, more, former, reform
6. rope, pore, rote, tore, port, poet, trope, retro, report, porter
7. beet, beer, tree, beret, better
8. pole, lope, cope, clip, pile, epic, coil, police
9. paler, pearl, reply, payer, repay, layer, early, relay, player, replay
10. credo, cored, decor, order, record
11. rung, drug, dung, dour, undo, gourd, round, ground
12. cent, teen, tern, rent, tree, enter, center, recent
13. frig, fire, rife, urge, grief, figure
14. tier, tire, hire, thee, tree, here, their, there, three, either
15. cord, trod, door, coot, root, doctor
16. work, wore, woke, rower, worker, rework
17. wind, down, widow, window
18. gene, genre, green, energy

Tomato Fish

1. none, neon, annoy, anyone
2. auto, hart, rota, hurt, tour, rout, hour, author
3. cage, acne, cane, cyan, cagey, agency
4. fact, frat, raft, fort, coat, cart, rota, craft, actor, factor
5. obey, bone, bend, body, bond, deny, node, done, beyond
6. moan, atom, moat, auto, aunt, tuna, mount, amount
7. care, acre, race, rare, rear, carer, racer, career
8. edge, deer, reed, greed, degree
9. rein, ring, grin, iron, gone, reign, goner, groin, region, ignore
10. rare, rear, rave, raver, river, arrive
11. peer, pert, tree, exert, expert
12. wean, wane, pawn, pane, neap, nape, peon, open, nope, weapon
13. mane, mean, amen, name, mega, game, manage
14. came, mace, cram, care, race, mare, ream, area, cream, camera
15. whet, twig, with, whit, weigh, white, eight, weight
16. face, fate, feat, fact, facet, affect
17. writ, wire, rite, tire, tier, write, trier, writer
18. cane, acne, care, race, near, earn, crane, cancer

Crap Soup

1. fine, fire, grin, ring, rein, feign, grief, reign, finger, fringe
2. grade, grand, anger, range, garden, gander, danger
3. into, note, tone, icon, coin, once, cone, cent, nice, notice
4. tube, debt, budge, debug, debut, budget
5. avert, alter, alert, later, valet, travel
6. into, onto, pint, point, option, potion
7. race, care, real, lace, cell, call, clear, recall, cellar, caller
8. icon, coin, nice, mine, mice, cone, once, come, mince, income
9. teat, ante, neat, date, dean, tent, tend, dent, attend
10. beat, bale, able, belt, teat, tale, late, table, battle, tablet
11. fend, feed, dine, need, find, fine, fiend, define
12. norm, roan, moan, loan, roam, oral, manor, moral, normal
13. hand, head, heal, held, land, lane, lean, deal, lead, lend, laden, handle
14. true, rent, runt, turn, tune, tuner, rerun, return
15. sure, user, ruse, very, survey
16. made, mend, dean, dead, damn, mean, mane, amen, name, admen, amend, demand
17. flit, lift, gift, fight, light, flight
18. mere, germ, merge, emerge

Tuna Mousse

1. bile, beef, life, file, feel, flee, belief
2. drum, rude, demur, murder
3. ever, veer, wire, were, view, review, viewer
4. gene, gang, engage
5. yawn, away, anyway
6. fame, flea, leaf, feel, flee, meal, male, lame, flame, female
7. fair, arid, raid, afraid
8. arch, ache, each, care, race, cage, hear, rage, gear, reach, grace, charge
9. cave, cite, vice, evict, active
10. next, teen, tend, dent, need, extend
11. boot, tomb, boom, bottom
12. dame, made, mega, game, adage, damage
13. ruin, jury, injury
14. gene, nine, engine
15. tick, cite, kite, ticket
16. boat, obit, into, bait, anti, obtain
17. vine, vein, tine, vent, invite
18 cope, poke, poet, peck, kept, coke, pocket


Creamy Pea

1. lobe, bone, lone, gone, long, noble, globe, belong
2. yell, well, lowly, yellow
3. port, trip, riot, rift, profit
4. peer, reef, free, refer, prefer
5. beat, beta, tube, byte, beauty
6. bolt, bole, lobe, belt, bottle
7. haul, clan, lunch, launch
8. road, ford, afford
9. pale, peal, plea, leap, apple, appeal
10. gent, then, length
11. wine, wire, nine, rein, inner, winner
12. vole, love, move, mole, mule, volume
13. warn, worn, roar, arrow, narrow
14. fuse, fuel, flue, self, useful
15. tree, erect, eject, reject
16. pent, type, lent, plenty
17. bend, bind, hide, dine, hind, behind
18. prop, pore, rope, prep, proper


1. went, tent, twenty
2. dean, adage, agenda
3. blue, bane, bean, lane, lean, able, bale, unable
4. visa, sail, visual
5. iron, firm, form, from, minor, inform
6. both, bore, robe, tore, rote, hero, other, bother
7. loud, bold, bode, dole, lode, duel, lobe, blue, double
8. jack, cake, tack, take, teak, jacket
9. dust, stud, just, adjust
10. tire, tier, tree, retire
11. tact, that, chat, attach
12. cage, clan, lane, lean, lace, cane, angle, angel, clean, glance
13. join, ruin, iron, junior
14. prey, pyre, type, petty, pretty
15. nuke, link, line, like, unlike
16. rice, pier, peer, epic, price, crepe, creep, piece, recipe, pierce
17. wood, down, done, node, endow, wooden
18. iron, ring, grin, origin

Udon Salmon

1. have, vane, nave, even, heave, haven, heaven
2. suit, stud, dust, spit, spud, stupid
3. coup, copy, occupy
4. bull, blue, tube, bell, belt, lute, tell, bullet
5. like, kill, lily, yell, likely
6. free, reef, freeze
7. tare, tear, rate, gate, rage, gear, grate, great, treat, target
8. buck, cube, tube, beck, tuck, cute, bucket
9. dupe, dept, pate, peat, tape, date, taupe, adept, update
10. ream, mare, rear, rare, rake, mark, make, maker, remark, marker
11. burl, blur, brat, tuba, brutal
12. ford, bird, forbid
13. moil, mole, limb, mile, lime, boil, bole, lobe, mobile
14. clap, pale, plea, peal, leap, pace, cape, lace, place, palace
15. part, trap, atop, pant, port, p*rn, rota, rant, torn, patron
16. cart, coat, roar, rota, actor, carrot
17. tree, greet, regret
18. monk, omen, yoke, money, monkey


1. lung, glue, luge, lunge, jungle
2. bale, able, heal, hale, leaf, flea, half, fable, behalf
3. pine, epic, pile, clip, nice, line, lice, pencil
4. barb, brat, bait, rabbit
5. helm, heel, them, melt, meet, theme, helmet
6. even, levee, eleven
7. pule, puzzle
8. mire, rime, mere, pier, ripe, peer, prim, prime, empire
9. bulb, blue, bubble
10. done, node, dean, dent, tend, date, note, tone, neat, anode, atone, donate
11. toil, tote, tile, lite, tilt, title, toilet
12. lone, role, roll, loner, enroll
13. vain, visa, shin, vanish
14. pure, pulp, rule, lure, upper, purple
15. pick, puck, pickup
16. cone, once, oven, envy, envoy, convey
17. form, from, fort, foam, farm, frat, fart, raft, roam, rota, moat, atom, mart, tram, format
18. have, heave, behave

Gado gado

1. gait, girt, grit, guitar
2. dime, mime, medium
3. temp, melt, teem, meet, pelt, peel, temple
4. pore, rope, poet, rote, tore, port, trope, export
5. bite, tier, tire, rite, biter, tribe, trite, bitter
6. comb, coma, coat, tomb, moat, atom, boat, combat
7. gent, glen, gene, glee, lent, teen, gentle
8. glee, glen, lend, gene, edge, need, ledge, legend
9. boar, bard, drab, road, broad, board, abroad, aboard
10. sore, rose, core, score, soccer
11. feed, deaf, fade, date, daft, feet, feat, fate, defeat
12. roan, gore, ergo, gone, rang, near, earn, rage, gear, organ, groan, range, anger, orange
13. cook, coke, cookie
14. dove, veto, vote, devote
15. come, code, mode, dome, demo, decoy, comedy
16. boor, brow, borrow
17. gear, rage, gaga, gage, area, garage
18. gale, lace, lacy, clay, cage, cagey, legacy

National Disk

Sushi Japan

1. music, claim, musical
2. claim, email, metal, climate
3. empty, meant, payment
4. motion, emotion
5. alien, learn, linear, airline
6. library
7. cover, recover
8. craft, actor, factor, factory
9. olive, violet, violent
10. spouse, suppose
11. abandon
12. local, hallo, alcohol
13. arena, anger, range, arrange
14. again, amazing
15. tense, tennis, intense
16. dance, advance
17. minor, motion, monitor
18. digit, digital

Pizza Italy

1. comma, command
2. enjoy, journey
3. anxiety
4. became, embrace
5. clean, channel
6. meter, extreme
7. general, enlarge
8. refuge, refugee
9. barrier
10. cabin, cabinet
11. known, unknown
12. offense
13. whale, wealth, wealthy
14. forum, minor, inform, uniform
15. helpful
16. rival, viral, arrival
17. habit, habitat
18. blank, table, ankle, blanket

Pho Vietnam

1. grace, argue, courage
2. panic, paint, captain
3. really, gallery, allergy, largely
4. compose
5. sense, scene, essence
6. allow, swallow
7. domain, diamond
8. biology
9. where, hover, whoever, however
10. cycle, bicycle
11. logic, local, logical
12. happy, unhappy
13. prime, premium
14. prove, provoke
15. spice, spicy, specify
16. apology
17. sweet, website
18. pirate, private

Apple Pie US

1. period, provide
2. example
3. usual, usually
4. recent, center, percent
5. creep, perfect
6. ability
7. count, action, auction, caution
8. mature, amateur
9. bought, brought
10. graph, chair, graphic
11. decay, academy
12. candy, dynamic
13. review, viewer, preview
14. highway
15. poetry, poverty
16. scene, absence
17. price, piece, recipe, receipt
18. chair, chart, charity

Kimchi Korea

1. planet, plenty, penalty
2. eaten, agent, teenage
3. brain, brown, rainbow
4. renew, learn, renewal
5. drama, diagram
6. acquire
7. seafood
8. never, green, genre, revenge
9. lawsuit
10. direct, credit, predict
11. plain, final, painful
12. motor, comfort
13. salad, canal, scandal
14. offer, force, office, officer
15. tempt, attempt
16. collect
17. image, meaning
18. eaten, beaten, beneath



1. abuse, scuba, cause, sauce, cease, because
2. bent, been, went, teen, between
3. count, court, crony, county, outcry, country
4. probe, problem
5. canopy, company
6. armor, program
7. bevel, believe
8. outwit, without
9. hover, where, however, whoever
10. ninth, night, thing, nothing
11. threw, where, there, three, whether
12. shirt, short, story, history
13. minor, morning
14. college
15. guess, guest, suggest
16. croon, color, control
17. queer, require
18. final, finally,


1. proud, court, product
2. truce, entry, century
3. billion
4. other, bother, brother
5. realize
6. under, hundred
7. money, economy
8. novel, involve
9. dense, defense
10. quick, lucky, quickly
11. finger, region, ignore, foreign
12. tough, ought, though, thought
13. success
14. benefit
15. arrow, forward
16. virus, various
17. since, scene, science
18. image, mange, imagine,


1. thing, night, tight, tonight
2. popular
3. reform, former, perform
4. given, engine, evening
5. prime, movie, prove, improve
6. purpose
7. cinema, machine
8. parent, partner
9. ethnic, kitchen
10. onion, opinion
11. species
12. deform, freedom
13. achieve
14. count, conduct
15. unreal, nuclear, unclear
16. weekend
17. villa, alive, legal, village
18. observe, verbose,

Gin and Tonic

1. grave, agree, eager, average
2. repeat, operate
3. virus, survive
4. moment, comment
5. larger, regular
6. resume, measure
7. income, combine
8. ivory, victory
9. health, healthy
10. juice, suite, justice
11. marry, primary
12. check, chicken
13. noise, session
14. welcome
15. compel, complex
16. teeth, athlete
17. cable, canal, clean, balance
18. nerve, never, venue, revenue,


1. obvious
2. money, anymore
3. oppose, propose
4. craft, tariff, traffic
5. after, feature
6. studio, outside, tedious
7. ratio, prior, parrot, airport
8. entire, either, neither
9. surgery
10. since, scene, silence, license
11. minor, inform, confirm
12. total, loyal, totally
13. daily, holiday
14. fault, faculty
15. usual, unusual
16. paper, opera, prove, approve
17. legal, illegal
18. fever, refer, forever

By πŸ’ Lilly (πŸŒΈβ— β€Ώβ— )

Here we come to an end for Captain Cook: Word Puzzle All Achievements Complete and Walkthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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