Bloons TD 6 Magical Gold Guide

Bloons TD 6 Magical Gold Guide 1 -
Bloons TD 6 Magical Gold Guide 1 -
Guide to make the grind for the Magical Gold achievement a little bit easier



Update 26 added in severan achievements with the “Magical Gold” achievement being the hardest out of all of them; not only do you have to farm for multiple Golden Bloons, but you have to do it with Magic Monkeys only. Luckily, this guide will make the grind for this achievement somewhat easier, although, unfortunately, not short. 


For most of the maps, the first two Golden Bloons (Waves 21-40) are able to be popped. However, the later waves are only able to be done reliably if there’s enough space to set up multiple Ninja Monkeys for Shinobi Tactics and good coverage for Flash Bomb. Maps like Cubism are great for this, due to the potential for both 20 Shinobi Tactics Ninjas at once and good map coverage. Even when completely prepared, it’s possible to fail popping the Golden Bloon due to heavy RNG, where the Bloon can move forward or backward if attacked. It’s also worth pointing out that Golden Bloons event isn’t always up, changing availability with Monkey Teams every now and then. 

Golden Bloon Properties


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