Blazing Sails Achievements Unlocked + Walkthrough Guide

Blazing Sails Achievements Unlocked + Walkthrough Guide 1 -
Blazing Sails Achievements Unlocked + Walkthrough Guide 1 -

In this guide i try to list the requirements of all steam achievements in Blazing Sails.
Some achievements are currently not working, because they are server-sided and they are not properly configured at this time.

Achievement Requirements

Working Achievements:
Landlubber No More – Start the Game.
I Thought I Lost You – Don’t Know (Teleporting to your ship perhaps? NOT VERIFIED).
Wrath Of Poseidon – Go to the Trident of Poseidon Area (Top Left).
Tropical Refuge – Go to the Tropical Paradise.
Hell Is A Merrier Place – Go to the Forgotten Temple (Bottom Left).
Part Of The Ship – Customize your Ship.
More Than An Eyepatch – Customize your pirate.
A Legend Begins – Get your first win.
Part Of The Crew – Don’t Know (Inviting people on the right side of the main menu perhaps? NOT VERIFIED).
Silver And Gold – Open a treasure chest. These randomly spawn on islands.
Eye For An Eye – Kill the player who killed you.
Beyond The Grave – Kill someone while your ship is sinking.
More Like Guidelines – Join 2 different crews in the same game. This can be done by leaving and rejoining the server.
Pirate King – Win a match while having the highest score.
Collateral Damage – Kill 2 pirates with a single cannon shot.
Quack! – Don’t Know (it might require equipping 2 peglegs at the same time, however it is currently not unlocking. It is a server side achievement which means that my theory might be incorrect and it could require performing an action while in a match.


Sorry guys this guide kind of sucks and most things that i have listed are basically already described in the description of the achievements.
Most achievements are not that hard to unlocked and i think you can get them within 12 hours of playing
Good Luck!
Blazing Sails Achievements Unlocked + Walkthrough Guide - Apology - 5688A1E

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