BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon 1 -
BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon 1 -
In this guide I will show you the best weapon in Biomutant


First Step.

When you will see/meet Moog, he will assist you on Helping Gizmo, and when you complete it, he will give you side quest of killing some creatures as side quest.BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

Second Step.

The quest location is in Suburbia and the quest name is Defeat the Schacky TrunkGnutBIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

Once you reach area the boss will look like this:BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

After defeating boss he will drop this key and side quest:BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

Step three.

Track the quest and the area should be close to boss that you killed, which will lead to the cave which looks like this: BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

After entering Cave there will be metal door that you can enter and from there on just follow threw the cave all way inside.BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

At end of it, you will see final door with some loot and the weapon it self and use key on keypad near the door. (I alredy looted it sorry :P)BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

How Weapon Looks.

The only requirements are to be min level 18 for crafting (you still can equip weapon) and to have 50 Agility points.
BIOMUTANT The Best Range Weapon

Closing Note.

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