Little Nightmares Dinner Table Hell

Little Nightmares Dinner Table Hell 1 -
Little Nightmares Dinner Table Hell 1 -
This is how to survive dinner table hell.



Since this part of the game can quite literally drive you insane, I’ve spent about 1 hour of my lifetime and around 100 tries to finally find a good solution. 
First, grab the chair and drag it as far as you can to skip the first 2 guys. Then walk up on the edge of the cutting board, but do not go over the edge, otherwise you are dead. Wait for the fatty on the bottom to finish one grab attempt, then run to the next waiting spot, right above the middle line of the table. Wait for downfatty to try and grab you again, and in the right moment run left and down to the end. 
To make the jump, stand on the lower edge of the box, run to the left and jump at the last moment. And don’t forget to grab on! 


By Shekelstein

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