Binary Domain – Binary Domain Tips & Walkthrough Guide

Binary Domain – Binary Domain Tips & Walkthrough Guide 1 -
Binary Domain – Binary Domain Tips & Walkthrough Guide 1 -

This is a guide for Binary Domain – Binary Domain Tips & Walkthrough Guide

Binary Domain Tips & Walkthrough

There’s an upgrade that will increase the amount of approval you receive. Accept that you might not get the Best Ending.

There is no secret to getting approval through dialog. Be nice and happy to live, and just agree Big Bo.

Take Charles and Rachel whenever you can. You have the fewest opportunities. Never pick Cain and Faye. You’ll end up stuck with them mid-game.

If you have DLC for Golden Sub-weapon then use it. It’s far superior to the default one in your assault rifle.

Upgrade your gun before upgrading your teammates’ guns. You’ll be doing most of your work anyway. Don’t bother upgrading your gun’s attack special, it isn’t that good.

Also, at the end of the game, you will be battling with two characters against an endless wave. The wave isn’t really endless, but you can use it to maximize the trust of one character.

Oh, and the 80s action game rewards you if you treat it that way. So be as flashy and showy with your kills as you can: shoot all of the limbs off the robot before you headshot it, and always choose the cheesiest lines when offered. It’s much more fun to play when you don’t take yourself so seriously.

If you want to see the best ending possible, you must have everyone’s trust at a very high level. To gain trust fast, agree with teammates and give them a good kick in the asses.

In 2-3, speak to the civilians. One of the civilians will sell you a nanomachine with a trust bonus.

While you may earn more scraps by destroying enemies individually, you’ll gain more respect if they are eliminated quickly. Tossing grenades in groups to clear them or taking out enemies in rapid succession is a sure way to gain trust.

Rachel and Charles get the least chance to work with you, so it’s best to have them in your group at all times if the goal is the best ending. In level 2-5, the characters that aren’t already in your group will join you early in the stage.

You’ll max Big Bo out early in the game. Faye & Cain became mandatory characters in the middle and you’ll likely max them with minimal effort. Two characters are added briefly but quickly max.

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