BATTLETECH – Mini Guide and Gameplay Basics

BATTLETECH – Mini Guide and Gameplay Basics 1 -
BATTLETECH – Mini Guide and Gameplay Basics 1 -

Tips and Tricks for BATTLETECH – Mini Guide and Gameplay Basics

Battletech Mini Guide

Campaign tips

Don’t take on too many side tasks until you’ve obtained the argo. Unless you absolutely need cbills, consider yourself still in the prologue and complete story missions if they appear and you have the drop tonnage.

Even if you perform flawlessly, your guys will be hurt, humorously and seemingly on every mission, from a head hit. Check the market for cockpit mods that allow you to ignore certain damage, and you’ll need a roster of 7 to rotate the injured out. As soon as you have the Argo, look into Medbay.


Scrapping and storing are not the same thing. If you have a sellable mech, store it first and then sell it to earn 30% more cbills.
It’s really cheap at the start of the game to pay generously for +2 morale every month. It will be much more expensive later, so build it now.

Destroyed mechs drop scrap for you to collect after the operation; a whole mech requires three pieces. Destroying the head or killing the pilot will result in three pieces. Coring a mech (destroying the middle torso) leaves one, and demolishing both legs leaves two. To keep the mech together if you have a lot of stability damage, simply knock it down and/or demolish side toros. Negotiate for three salvage if feasible; you never know when you’ll need to rebuild a unique mech you come upon!

Because mechs are manufactured from components and come fully equipped, it’s probably cheaper and faster to discard what you were piloting and utilize a newly assembled one if you got badly hurt.

Feel free to withdraw from a tough fight that isn’t worth the losses you’ll take. If you can manage to accomplish one goal of the mission before withdrawing, the client will count it as “in good faith”, and award you partial pay.

Drop in your heaviest mechs every time. You only need one full lance plus one or two backup mechs to use while one’s in the shop, so swap out lighters for heavier as you progress and store/sell extras.

Generally, you want mechs at the top of the weight for their class. Some are better than others, there are steam guides if you are looking for specific good mechs and fits. Highly recommend to keep/use: firestarter(mg), hunchback, centurion, kintaro, catapult(ac20), grasshopper, and the overall best mechs in the game are the atlas, highlander and king crab.

For the late-campaign defend-against-APC mission, you can stand in the doorway to prevent the APC getting to the finish line in two turns.

Fitting Tips

The refit queue can be reordered. Don’t go insane attempting to retrofit your first mech; a complete refit takes a long time, and time is money in the early game. Remove/add weapons as needed until you reach a lull and can afford it.

Remove weak weapons such that they typically shoot in the same range and stay there. Take Jumpjets everywhere. At least four. In general, default mech fits are terrible and extremely vulnerable to armor. With the increased tonage, take remove the little LRMs/ac5s and max front torso armor. Armor saves you money because it can be repaired for free. Front torso armor should be maximum, and back armor should be at least 50% of the bar. Legs and arms: around 75%. Unless the arm is empty and you really, truly need the tonage, no less than 50%.


Expert tactics is by far the best skill. Allows you to go twice by delaying your turn to after they’ve gone, letting you reposition while firing every round and also remain braced. Bulwark is second.

By late game you’re not going to be able to dodge so bulwark letting you take half damage and also fire back same turn is amazing.

If they ever change the guts skill to brace on melee get that for your brawler

but otherwise, just spec everyone the same, get Bulwark then go up the tactics tree to Bulwark, then piloting until you get extra sprint distance, then 4-5 gunnery, 9 tactics, then piloting/guts to taste. You’ll never need more than 5 gunnery.

You’re doing it wrong if you’re not braced for half damage or at least a lot of evasion when the enemy fires at you. If your first mech is over the hill and charging to medium range, invest morale on that brace after moving so he doesn’t get cored on the enemy’s return stroke! If you have low heat, instead of sprinting, leap jet in so you can brace. Side assaults are more likely to hit arms if you spin your mech as part of your move action.

Melee attacks and Death from Above (DfA) will fire all of your support weapons while also dealing significant damage to a single hit site. It should be noted that DfA can severely harm your own legs and deals a significant amount of stability damage to both you and your opponent. Use it as a finishing touch.

Melee strikes ignore evasion pips, making them effective against annoyances like light mechs running circles around you.
Vehicles and turrets are hit twice as hard by melee and DfA. Defeat those tanks!

Morale is fantastic. Use called shots on core mechs in a single volley or vigilance (after moving) for a free brace + stability + go earlier the following round. Killing an adversary gives you almost enough morale to use an ability, so use them frequently (but try to stay over 50 morale for the +1 hit).

Hover your mouse over an area on a mech’s paper doll to see the components there. Useful for locating ammo stocks to destroy or weaponry to blow up. You cannot retrieve destroyed weapons, so use caution if you see anything you want!


Turn on “Show UI during attack” in the Settings. This will show the target’s paper doll when attacked, and will flash the locations being hit.

The game suffers from extended pauses during all attacks, which can severely drag out the already slower paced combat. These pauses are in place to make sure audio clips play properly (“I’m hit!”, “Enemy mech down!”), but there is a way to eliminate these pauses and smooth combat out.


– Go to:

Steam folder\steamapps\common\BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\data\constants

– Change the following lines in “audioconstants.json” so that they look like this:

“AttackPreFireDuration” : 0,

“AttackAfterFireDelay” : 0,

“AttackAfterFireDuration” : 0,

“AttackAfterCompletionDuration” : 0

“audioFadeDuration” : 0,

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