BattleBit Remastered – Primary and Secondary Weapons

BattleBit Remastered – Primary and Secondary Weapons 1 -
BattleBit Remastered – Primary and Secondary Weapons 1 -

Tips and Tricks for BattleBit Remastered – Primary and Secondary Weapons

Check out these cool gadgets! Here’s a rundown of what’s available.

Primary Gadgets

  • Binoculars

Click and hold to zoom.

  • Advanced Binoculars

Higher zoom.

  • Bino SOFLAM

The rangefinder functions identical to Advanced Binocs but with a greater zoom.

  • Anti Personnel Mine

Placeable explosive. Explodes when a stray animal walks over it or when shot.

  • Claymore

Placeable Explosive. Placed tripwire that detonates upon contact or when shot.

  • C4

Sticky explosives that can be thrown. Thrown with left click, detonated with right click, or when damaged or shot. The resulting debris will be drawn to nearby surfaces, like a magnet, can be affixed to vehicles. They can destroy structures such as walls and the majority of cover.

  • Repair Tool

Can partially repair vehicles. Both a primary and a second device for an Engineer.

  • Small Ammo Kit

Deployable ammo box. Refill ammo by holding F, then the key for the ammo you wish to refill. Separate ammo pools are available for refilling Primaries, Secondaries, and Bandages. Primary gadget for Assault. Note that it doesn’t give you new magazines, it only refills your current ones.

  • Suicide C4

Wearable Explosive. Click to detonate. It is possible that the ammo counter shows multiple applications but this is merely an error in visuals.

  • M320 Smoke Grenade launcher

It creates a smoke cloud after being shot. Has a lot of bullet drop. The smoke grenade is stronger, has a longer range and is able to hold more ammunition.

Secondary Gadgets

  • Air Drone

Can be flown remotely like a helicopter. It is useful for scouting or to deliver C4 stuck to it.

  • Grappling Hook

Deploys a rope when fired it can be climbed as a ladder. Visible firing arc, built in rangefinder. Rope can only be extended downwards.

  • Heavy Ammo Kit

Deployable ammo box. Refill ammo by pressing F, then the key for what you want to refill. Has separate ammo pools for each slot. It doesn’t give you any new magazines. It only refills your existing ones.

  • Small Ammo Kit

Deployable ammo box. Hold F and the key you want to refill while holding the F key. Holds less ammunition and only holds ammo for primary, secondary and Bandages. Other than that, it functions exactly the same way as the Heavy Ammo Kit. The primary gadget for Assault. It doesn’t provide new magazines, but it refills your existing ones.

  • MDX 201

Placeable sniper-decoy. It has a glint that is similar to the scope for snipers. It rotates, giving the appearance of someone scoping and removing their scope.

  • Medic Kit

Left click to heal yourself, Right click for others. When thrown with X, allies can heal themselves. Great if you own multiple medical kits. Hold F to heal from the drop of a Kit.

  • Pickaxe

Creates small holes for shooting through walls. It can also be used to melee.

  • Sledge Hammer

Creates large holes in walls to allow for movement. Also, it can be used for melee.

  • RPGs

Rocket launcher. Different types of ammunition are available and without the specialized PGO7 Scope.

The menu contains instructions on how to use the scope. Use the top cross for 50m and further. Use the numbers to shoot from a distance. Windage isn’t implemented. Use the grid for FRAG and HEAT and the crosshair below for Tandem. Scopes cannot be used with night vision turned on.

Infantry – FRAG

HEAT – Structures, infantry, and vehicles

Tandem – Heavy armored vehicles. Bullet drop is higher with less range.

  • Riot Shield

Bullet-proof shield. Limits vision and blocks vision when held; vision is obscured & cant look at a distance of either direction. Cannot be prone.

  • Repair Tool

Can partially repair vehicles. Engineer can use this device as a primary or second gadget.

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