Banished General production/fix worker paths/tool shortage

Banished General production/fix worker paths/tool shortage 1 -
Banished General production/fix worker paths/tool shortage 1 -
3 quick tips – two of them I have not seen often in other guides…you should consider


General production performance tips especially for fishers

Most guides mention it already but here is a recap: 
Short ways from villager homes to workplace and from workplace to storages are essential. 
So be sure to 
a. Have enough houses near your workplaces to house the workers. 
b. Have enough storages near your workplaces to lessen the time workers spend on depositing the goods 
This is especially true for fishing docks which profit the most out of it from my experience. 
Build fishermen houses (2) directly next to the dock (be sure they are covered by the marketplace). 
Then build a storage barn also as near as possible to the dock. Make sure the dock has enough water (should be >50% water area). 
When your workers are educated and have steel tools they can generate over 2200 fish per season (for 4 workers around 50% coverage – a premium location with over 75% can probably get more fish). 
For the amount of space this takes this is very effective and an easy protein source food type. 

Worker paths are messed up? Fix it!

As you knew already or as I told you in this guide a short path from homes to workplaces is important. 
Sometimes however – even if you layed out your houses and storages correctly. Workers will live far away from their workplace. 
This might be due to too many workers a*signed to the workplace and too little houses nearby (which was not an issue earlier in the game) or – and this is a sneaky problem – by a crisis like people dying and you had to rea*sign jobs earlier etc. 
Use the path tool from time to time to check your important workplaces for bad paths. 
If you see a lot of bad paths, it is usually a good idea to do the following: 
Una*sign all jobs but teachers (if you una*sing teachers the students will immediatly become uneducated workers, which is usually not the thing you want). 
Then rea*sign the most important jobs first – these will most likely occupy houses near their workplaces. 
Then rea*sign the other jobs according to your personal priority. 
=> Problem should be fixed 

Tool shortage? Avoid quarries and mines

Less mining = more tools 
Yes this seems strange at first glance but it is indeed true: 
Miners and stonecutters need the most tools of all kind of jobs. It is almost as if they burn tools during their work. 
However if you have access to trading posts you can most likely skip mining and stonecutting COMPLETELY. I speak from my experience on a big flat map where I have no mines, no quarries and I am filled with 5k stone and 3k iron and 3k coal. 
All you have to do is make sure you produce enough other stuff and don’t have to order a lot of different things from the merchants that are able to provide coal,stone and iron. 
Then when one of those merchants is at your trading post, order for “every visit” only coal, stone and iron. This is a lot more effective than just ordering tools because 1 or 2 blacksmiths can easily forge coal and iron into steel tools and you will usually get a lot more iron and coal from the trader than you will get tools directly. 
Also more trading posts generally increase the amount of traders that can visit your city. 
If you city is bigger get more trading posts and don’t forget some storages nearby. 
You can also order logs and cut them into firewood this way. 
I have well over 4k steel tools with just 3 blacksmiths in a town of 500+ people. With mining and stonecutting this would be totally impossible and don’t forget that quarries can never be deleted again the space is just dead – same with mines but they do not use a lot of buildable space anyway. So whenever possible avoid mines and quarries – let your villagers work on other jobs instead. 

Written by [DFC] Bowser

This is all for Banished General production/fix worker paths/tool shortage hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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