Atomicrops Challenge Run Ideas

Atomicrops Challenge Run Ideas 1 -
Atomicrops Challenge Run Ideas 1 -
Just some challenge run ideas for those who have done everything the game currently offers and are looking for some way to re-spark their initial engagement.


Introduction and Disclaimers

While Atomicrops does offer its fair share of available content, it does not feature necessarily the best amount for the late-game. Due to this, once you have beaten year ten, gotten all the achievements, suffer the unfair Hell that is getting Retromation’s Hoodie, and have enough cats to satisfy your desires, you may be faced with next to nothing to do at this point. And in regards to the online leaderboards, if you’re anything like me you pay little to no attention to it or do not understand how to top them. As such, you may be desiring some custom, interesting challenges in order to re-enhance your gameplay experience. In this guide we will be covering just that. As another addition, none of these ideas will be too heavily RNG dependent or feature a ton of grinding, due to how that can be seen as just busy work than anything else. These will be organized from what is perceived to be the least difficult to the most. 
Just to be clear, all of these listed challenges are fun in their own unique right and are not so absurd to the point where they are not fun or stupid. So you won’t see anything like, “Year 10 Robusta Only Peashooter No Damage” type of runs, since those ideas are not feasible to do and will be more frustrating than anything. I don’t like Robusta anyway so I definitely don’t want to include him for challenges. 
The current ideas simply involve taking current achievements and making more interesting, however I may implement different ideas that are not based off of achievements as well. 

Arboreal Deal Is A Joke

While Arboreal Deal is already an achievement in the game, it’s certainly possible to greatly outperform the achievement’s requirements. Doing so can make the original achievement seem too easy, or perhaps a joke, if you will. 

  • Plant at least two of each kind of mega fruit trees, for a total of eight, in a single run.

Sounds simple enough, but this can be tricky to pull off if you do not have the right setup. However, if you manage to complete this, you can flex your eight fruit tree screenshot to anyone wondering how to get mega fruit trees in the first place. 
Atomicrops Challenge Run Ideas 
Eight mega fruit trees, composed of two dates, two apples, two peaches, and two bananas. 
Alternatively, you can go above and beyond this and get as many fruit trees as you can. My current record is eleven. 
Atomicrops Challenge Run Ideas 
Eleven mega fruit trees, with two of each kind with an additional two extra banana trees. 

Year 10 Only Peashooter Challenge

This challenge is a major step up from the previous challenge, Arboreal Deal Is A Joke. Already we have the Rest in Peas achievement, which also requires you to beat the game using only the starting weapon, the Peashooter. However, this achievement has no yearly requirement tied to it at all. So one idea is to still do this achievement, just on the hardest difficulty. 
I’ve personally done this one myself way back in Thyme Flies, and I can tell you it was certainly a lot harder back then. The game really wasn’t designed for this to be possible. Because of this, I’m allowing Alien Ant Peashooter upgrades, due to how much more painful this is to do otherwise. 
However, in respect to my original attempt at this, you need to complete this challenge as Thyme. They are somewhat symbolic to this, as they were the key character I utilized in order to complete this challenge the first time. 

  • Use only the Peashooter; no other guns are allowed at any point during the run. 
  • Must be done in year ten, otherwise it does not count for this challenge. 
  • Must be done as Thyme. 
  • Alien Ant Peashooter upgrades are allowed, but not required.

Once you complete this you’ll view your Rest in Peas achievement as being something special. 
Atomicrops Challenge Run Ideas 
Rest in Peas in the achievement garden after I did it on year ten. 

Year 10 No pain, Only Grain Challenge

By far the hardest but still feasible and interesting challenge I have for you is the Year 10 No pain, Only Grain Challenge. This is likely one of the hardest things feasibly possible in the game, though perhaps not as hard as Retromation’s Hoodie. Simply put, this challenge requires for you to beat year ten, the max difficulty, without taking damage. Note that this is done without taking damage, not being done hitless. As such, Organic Armor is allowed, as it doesn’t impede getting No pain, Only Grain in the first place. This is because of how your physical, healable health did not deplete with the hit. That’s given you’re lucky enough to get it though. You’re definitely going to want it for this though, since it’s literally the only potential, reliable life-saver you have this. You can also do this as any character, but I did this as Thyme when I completed it myself, and as such recommend them. 

  • Beat the game without taking damage. 
  • Must be done on year ten. 
  • Organic Armor is allowed due to only counting as getting hit but not as taking damage.

Should you do this, then you will have completed the most difficult, feasible challenge I have for you. And you probably won’t look at crows the same way ever again. I’m still mad about those damn birds messing up my second best attempt. 
Atomicrops Challenge Run Ideas 
Year 10 No pain, Only Grain complete. 

End Notes

And with that is the conclusion of just some late-game challenge ideas. Hopefully you’ll consider trying some of these in your own time and seeing some of the pain I’ve put myself through, especially with Year 10 Only Peashooter and Year 10 No pain, Only Grain. While this isn’t a lot of ideas right now, I might expand this in the future should I find some more fun, interesting, and feasible challenges to do. 
As mention, I have done both Year 10 Only Peashooter and Year 10 No pain, Only Grain on separate runs. If you want, you can find them posted on my

Written by Mr. Aqua

This is all for Atomicrops Challenge Run Ideas hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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