Animal Jam Art Printer Gameplay Tips

Animal Jam Art Printer Gameplay Tips 1 -
Animal Jam Art Printer Gameplay Tips 1 -

Instructions for Animal Jam Art Printer

Animal Jam Art Printer

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Hey Everybody! I wrote a program that prints any image in animal jam! Pick an image and it’ll print it in the art program! Check it out by either grabbing the open source code, or by using the compiled version!
Source code: – []  (Run
Compiled Version 1.0.0: – []  (Run AJART.exe)
Windows smartscreen blocks most downloaded unsigned executables. Hit “more info” and “run anyway” or run the source code.
Lighter images take less time to print than darker ones
Large images take a long time to load. Wait until the loaded image pops up in your image viewer.
Smaller Dots take much longer to print than larger ones.
I recommend putting small dots and leaving overnight
Tiny is not fully tested. Use at your own risk. It may take multiple days. I may tinker with this in the future.
Color mixing will look very strange until the Key pass (black). Leave it be. It’s working as intended.
Color balance is nearly perfect but may be updated in the future.
AJART Printer will automatically resize your image. If you don’t want it squished, resize it yourself to 1320×1080 (or 11×9)
If there’s enough demand, I’ll update with an RGBA mode for darker images.

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