Andreas of Ebbs Book Location in Lords of the Fallen

How to Find the Book Location of Andreas in Lords of the Fallen 1 -
How to Find the Book Location of Andreas in Lords of the Fallen 1 -

Andreas of Ebbs Book Location in Lords of the Fallen

So, you’re trying to help Andreas, a character who’s as lost as a kid in a candy store with no money. To start this quest for the book, you need to trigger a memory at the tail end of the Upper Calrath. Just climb a ladder, walk down some twisty stairs, and voila! Before you open the door to Skyrest, you’ll find clues about where this book is hiding.

Finding the Monster That Took the Book

Turns out, Andreas met a scary creature near a bridge and lost his book there. This creature is behind a door that leads to the Upper City of Calrath.

  • Head to the castle walls, climb a ladder and pass through a stone tower. Here, you’ll find the memory that holds Andreas’ missing book.
  • You have to beat a boss in the Calrath Slums to get to the Mining District.
  • From there, look for a staircase that leads to a tiny building with a hole in its roof.
  • Pass by some fire dogs and go downstairs to beat some miners.
  • Once you win, there’s a lever that will let you into the Sunless Skein.

In the Sunless Skein, you’ll wander through some tight spots until you find a ladder and a lever. Pull the lever, and you’re golden. And hey, there’s a map near the Vestige; grab it if you’re the “I-need-a-map” type.

Note: To start your mine adventure, find and use the lever at the bottom of the building in the Mining District.

Exploring the Flooded Zone

To explore the underwater zone, pass through the Portcullis. Use your Soul Flay magic trick to move platforms around and create a walkway. This will help you get to a lever that opens up a hidden place called the Hoist Vestige.

How to Survive Underground Challenges

Walking away from the Hoist, you’ll come across a tunnel next to a kickable bridge. Get ready for some action because this place is as crowded as a Black Friday sale! You’ll have to deal with swordsmen who are hot, but not in a good way, a snake that’s a good shot, and some dogs that didn’t get the “man’s best friend” memo. Beat them, and keep moving.

Meeting the Bellmage and the Mysterious Metal Gate

Go up a path, and you’ll find a room where a bellmage is hanging out. This room has a ledge that lets you find a way to unlock a metal gate. This opens up a brand new part of the game world that even Google Maps doesn’t know about yet.

How to Tackle the Boss with Four Arms

As you wander around Upper Calrath, look for a route leading to the castle. Just before you get to the Skyrest door, you’ll find something shiny: the umbral memory.

After you find the umbral memory, go back to your safe space and chat with Andreas.

Thank you for reading this guide, How to Find the Book Location of Andreas in Lords of the Fallen.

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