All Classes Team Composition Tier List in THE FINALS

All Classes Team Composition Tier List in THE FINALS 1 -
All Classes Team Composition Tier List in THE FINALS 1 -

All Classes Team Composition Tier List in THE FINALS

Hey there, THE FINALS gamers! Ready to create an unstoppable team? Let’s dive into the team compositions that’ll have you smashing through the competition. Remember, it’s all about finding the right mix of brawn and brains!

Starting off, we’ve got our not-so-great picks. Think of these as the “oops” of team setups:
1. LLL – Big no-no, an absolute disaster in the making (F- tier).
2. LLM – Just as bad, steer clear of this one too (F tier).
3. LLH – Not the worst, but you’re kinda hoping your heavy class buddy is a superhero (F+ tier).

Moving up the ladder, we get to the ‘meh’ but maybe territory:
4. MMM – Could work if you’re all about healing and reviving (C tier).
5. MML – It’s like MMM, but with a bit less sparkle (D tier).

Now, we’re talking! Check out these pretty solid choices:
6. MMH – Fast, supportive, and has a tank. Sweet deal! (A tier).
7. HHH – Like a tank squad with lots of firepower but not much agility (A tier).

And here are the champions, the crème de la crème:
8. HHM – It’s got it all – speed, healing, and double the tank power (S tier).
9. HHL – Good if your light class is a dodging ninja, otherwise, meh (C tier).
10. HML – Pretty balanced, but the light class is kinda the third wheel (B tier).

Heavy Class:

– Boss at taking and holding objectives.
– Can knock out light opponents with one hit.
– Great at racking up kills.
– Tough as nails.
– A real team player.
– A key player in winning the game.
– Not the best at chasing enemies.
– Can’t really help fallen teammates.
Overall Rating: Top-notch, S++ tier

Medium Class:

– Ace at bringing heavy buddies back into the game.
– Helps heavy class move around.
– Good at dealing damage from safe spots.
– Can chase down those who run away.
– Not the best at taking objectives.
– Can struggle against quick light opponents.
Overall Rating: Solid performer, A tier

Light Class:

– Kings and queens of dodging and weaving.
– Unfortunately, also great at helping the other team win (yikes!).
– Often feeds the enemy team.
– Sometimes bails on their own team.
– Easily taken down.
– Not great at holding down objectives.
– Doesn’t bring much to the team.
– Not the best at getting kills.
– Can be taken out quickly.
Overall Rating: Needs improvement, F tier

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