AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide

AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide 1 -
AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide 1 -

This guide explains important basics in the game.
New players can learn how the play the game and how to contribute to being a part of Achat society.
Please note that I am not a developer and have no influence on the game and the rules.
be careful with each other and take care of yourselves.
Your dear Samantha_CAX. <3 <3

Instali / Login

You can install the game from Steam here. its Free to play
You can still find translation packs from the developers that translate (part of) them into another language. – The language packs are not compatible with the Steam version.
Your username and password is very important. The data is not tied to an email address and cannot be recovered in case of loss.
You can login to the developer’s site, but please never give your passwords to other users.

Dress your character

Nak*d people on the street are not popular in the game.
Wear street clothes that you like and what you want, but wear something!
The other users would like to see that you are more than just a stupid nak*d monkey.
Each character already has at least 1 piece of clothing for free in inventory. You can find it the menu on the left under “Customize yourself”.
AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide - Dress your character - A1470CD

Join the world

join the world
visit the locations in the game and meet nice open people. in the world of winter, summer and in both cities you can meet people and arrange hot dates.
In the Night Shift there are ladies who want to be paid for their work.
You move your character with the arrow keys
If a user’s name is green they can read and receive your messages in the chat.
If a person’s name is red, they are too far away. this enables private conversations in the public worlds.
AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide - Join the world - 0816F62


Talk to the people. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself. Only send invites to the others after you have spoken to them. So-called “cold invitations” are not well received and are usually rejected.
You can send invitations for action on site or in your private room.
(This room can also be changed and decorated in the menu)
AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide - Invitations - F5D478E


The scenes have to be bought, but the associated actions are always included.
You can change the poses on the left.
If you want to change the pose, this must be confirmed by your partner.
it will flash on his screen so he can confirm the change.
There are now over 400 poses in the entire game. they vary from gender to gender.
AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide - Scenes - 1F3E0B9
AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide - Scenes - 0656382
Under speed you can adjust the speed of the movements. You are the red dot. the green dot is your partner. Thus, both can affect the speed.
With Your Excitement you can share your excitement with your partner. it is also displayed to him.
Please note that only premium users can adjust the speed kit and reach the final on Excitement.
(i I know, i know… That’s not cool)


The corresponding actions are on the right side.
Actions can choose with out confirmed by your partner, but they differ by gender.
There are smaller gestures, such as stroking the head, faster movements, etc., but usually do not change the principle of the scene much. It is possible to use multiple actions together.


The people here in the game open up completely. This is only fun if you open up and treat other people with respect. It is the task of each individual to do something to ensure that the climate among the users continues to be so positive and open-minded.
AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide - Openness - 10C8344


Every new user gets a 3-day free premium membership, this is helpful to get to know the game and enables your game to do the following:
In the poses you can adjust the speed and come to a finale.
You have access to the purchased clothes and rooms.
Poses are yours even without premium.
The price of Premium depends on your purchased time. It can be subscribed for from 3 days to 1 year. – the more you buy, the cheaper it is.
This is not a subscription trap and you always have to renew the membership manually. (Pay with ingame money -A$) Thus it is possible to earn the money for the premium on the night shift.
if you want to pay for the membership with real money, I’ve made the calculation short for you here.
A year (365days) of premium costs between 28-50 US dollars.
Thus, a membership (average calculation for one day) costs between 0.0767 and 0.6667 US dollars.
When buying in-game money, the price also depends on the amount.
AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide - Premium - 7475302

Technical issues Bearbeiten

The game is not completely bug-free and there are some technical problems. In addition, new items come into play several times a week. And as is the case with new patches, there are also new bugs.
But most technical problems are solved by a simple game restart.
a game restart also works in case of FPS crashes and when other user parts are displayed completely in black.
AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide - Technical issues Bearbeiten - F75B3C6

Written by Sam

This is all for AChat Gameplay Basics Walkthrough Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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