A House of Many Doors HoMD Unofficial Patch

A House of Many Doors HoMD Unofficial Patch 1 - steamsplay.com
A House of Many Doors HoMD Unofficial Patch 1 - steamsplay.com

Recently, I felt nostalgic about this game and went back to it. Abandoned and buggy, it tugged at my heartstrings, and I decided to try my hand at fixing at least some of its shortcomings.

Installation and contents of the mod

Download link:

data.win file – [google.com] 

How to install:

Copy my “data.win” file to the “Steam\steamapps\common\A House of Many Doors” folder, overwriting the file when asked if you want to do so.

What’s already included:

1.) Fixes for tons of typos, including ones mentioned in a forum thread;
2.) No fuel consumption while standing still (on Enjoyable difficulty);
3.) No game “corruption” after Night of Clocks ending and possibly no save files wipe (needs testing);
4.) Increased Sanity loss speed a liiiittle bit, but it probably needs further balancing. As it stands, sanity management is still too easy, I think.
5.) Small UI fix for one annoying thing that bothered me when I first played years ago;A House of Many Doors HoMD Unofficial Patch - Installation and contents of the mod - DEA7278
6.) Harder skill check for star theft (makes it a little harder to miss one of the requirements for a “Death’s Justiciar” achievement);
7.) The Grotesquerie now sells Trepannic Fluid (since it was very hard to obtain; only one specific encounter with patchworks provides the small chance of getting it after battle) and you can also buy Boxes of Terrifying Memories and Biological Anomalies (since descriptions suggest that these items should be available for sale);
8.) Joining a riot in Harlequin should now reliably give you +1 Radical Pamphlet (hardest to obtain item in the game) in addition to +1 Radical Sympathies;
9.) Propitiating Cobblestone should now properly give you Cobblestone’s Favour. Also, fixed doubled removal of items required for Painful Ritual;
10.) Fixed the bug with “Divine Reproach: Scorthidion” when after gaining Scorthidion’s Blight the game doesn’t properly remove 7 Divine Reproach, and it’s then impossible for player to cure the Blight.

What’s highly unlikely to ever be included:

-Fix for low fps on map and battle screens.
Sorry to say, but my skills are very very very limited. I understand scripting, can figure out what needs to be removed or edited, but what we need for this particular problem is someone who can look at the code and see how to optimize it. And that person is not me.

What’s planned:

-Need to take a closer look at God Rituals scripts, there seems to be something screwy going on with item requirements, adding and removing items after successful and failed rituals;
-Add an option to take Soporific Draught anytime after contracting the Sleepless status and a way to get rid of Sleepless Wretches after Waker’s Respite’s destruction;
-Fix Sandy’s bugged quest and provide an alternate branch for it when you start it after Ragged Emperor’s demise;
-Possibly more bugfixes (depends on feedback).

What’s planned content-wise:

-Added incentive to turn your heartlight off: a chance to slip into a vivid nightmare – eight in total for each Sanctioned God. Play your cards right, and you can earn their Scrutiny;
-At least one event in each location that you can start only with a specific companion in your crew. In that way, I can kill two birds with one stone – flash out the world and the characters you travel with;
-More random events while wandering in cities/locations;
-More stuff for underdeveloped locations;
-Maybe even proper new quests, if I figure out exactly how they are implemented.
But before all that happens, I need to complete at least one full playthrough of the game to refresh my knowledge of it, catch even more typos in the process and make a lot of notes regarding possible content additions.

Written by Altotas

Here we come to an end for A House of Many Doors HoMD Unofficial Patch hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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