100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs

100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs 1 - steamsplay.com
100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs 1 - steamsplay.com
Syura and Nanako
Saki and Kyousuke
Kae and Krila in a nutshell.
This guide might include trashtalking to your main.
Viewing is not advised if you’re a 100% tryhard.
Might include grammatical or punctuation mistakes, english isn’t my main language.
I’ll end the introduction phase with a poem.
Kae is red,
Kyousuke is blue,
Better beware,
Yuki is behind you.


Syura and Nanako Pack

100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs - Syura and Nanako Pack 
Syura and Nanako 
You bought this pack because it was cheap and you had to complete your DLC collection. 
Ok, nobody really cares about these characters except their nice designs. 
You are a character that becomes +1 +1 +1 at 1 hp! Wow what an amazing character, I’ll bait them with my low hp and then rekt them, no that’s not how it goes there are already characters with 
+1 +1 +1 with hps ranging from 3 to 6 so 1 hp isn’t the best ability ever, especially if you’re trying to protect your stars, all you got is your evade button; pray to the RNG gods. 
But with her hyper I can bait even harder and go boom boom! well that’s a hyper, as you just said yourself. You’re still on low hp, you can still roll 1 and you won’t have your hyper for your next battle. 
100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs 
You like short girls? You like purple hair? You’re too cool and rich to play Peat? then this character is for you! 
It’s a Peat with +2 def instead of +1 attack, how amazing is that, you get to defend better with your 3 Hp! and oh my +7 stat hyper for 20 stars? no. you can get +1 attack or +0 attack or whatever, it’s too random. Just play Peat instead. 
100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs 
Edit: I realized I misspelled Peat as ”Pete” feel free to hate me. 

Saki and Kyousuke Pack

100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs - Saki and Kyousuke Pack 
You bought this pack because you thought it’d be fun and you had some of your most fun games with this pack yet you still don’t play the characters of this pack so often for some reason. 
In a nutshell, super fun pack yet if you can’t draw a hyper it can be quite boring. 
You like to be energetic? You like cookies? Alte’s explosion is not satisfying you? Then Saki is for you! 
This characters whole purpose is to explode the map. Your target is to deploy the bomb and cause Big Bang 2. 
With 2 panel range, 2+x/2 total damage for every round after you deployed the bomb, you’ll really be causing that Big Bang. And the best part is unlike other hypers like this, Saki’s bomb gives you half of the targets stars instead of wins, even if the opponent is Mimyuu or Chicken; you get 1/2 stars. 
And lastly if you want to give people PTSD, bring in the path blockers, or you can become 39281 IQ Saki and deploy the bomb on your home panel to be able to explode it when other players are nearby. 
If you truly wish to be evil, set events as random but turn off some events so it will always give home roulette. 
100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs 
You like stripping? You like sexy voice actors? You’re into dogboys? You like bopping themes? Then Kyousuke is for you! 
Kyousuke, manages to generate s*rip jokes in the chat every game. SIR THIS IS A WENDYS- 
with -1 +2 +0 stats he can endure quite nicely, but the best part about him is his original hyper. 
Then you have a +2 attack, a sexy body and THAT THEME BOPPING in the bbackground, this is what Kyousuke’s about. 
The enjoyment after completeing your norma, changing the theme to ”that theme” and stripping in order to reap the poor player’s souls, the enjoyment is simply indescribable. 
You got killed and they put your shirt on? Don’t stop; s*rip again! That’s what it takes to seek Kyupita. 
TLDR Hybrid character which can work as a tank or attacker, with a bopping theme and sexy voice. 
100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs 

Kae and Krila Pack

100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs - Kae and Krila Pack 
You bought this pack because you liked both of the characters or you’re simply into gothic lolis. 
You like burning? You like being hot? You don’t discriminate between Celcius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin? then this character is for you! 
Kae is one of the most fun characters to play in orange juice unless you’re life lacking 100% OJ tryhard. Kae has the ability to do some of the most insane rolls in the entire game. You’re like Syura in some aspects but +1000°C hotter. 
You’ll be attacking for your life, if you fail to kill be prepared to trust on your +1 evade, because most of the time; your defense button won’t really be helpful. 
Your life as a Kae goes like this: 
1. You’re alive! 
2. Burn yourself 
3. Attack the closest living being, no matter who they are or how many stars they got. 
4. Attack with all your might 
5. Win and repeat this process till you die. 
6. You die. 
7. Respawn in max 2 rounds 
8. Go back to step 1. 
You got lots of offense, 
Yet no defense, 
Recover like a mouse, 
Burn again and erase. 
TLDR really fun character with insane rolls, also good in co-op. 
100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs 
You like occult? You like gothic fashion? You like a cute voice? Then Krila is for you! 
Krila, personally one of my favourite characters as well, is not so much different then your average punchbag with 0 0 -1 stats and 6 hp. Not as good as Kyoko at being a punchbag yet still is one. 
despite not having a passive she has the unique ability to extend her hp over maximum thanks to her hyper. However, your stats are still the same and you’re just a more durable punchbag. 
Now let’s look at her from another aspect. 
She has THAT THEME! Just changing the music and feeling that is worth buying her. The feel when you complete your norma and change the music to that it’s so amazing. And then you use your hyper, it lands on someones home panel, the 2 damage kills them and prevents them from completeing their norma while Krila’s theme is playing in background! 
No other ways to put it, that’s a ”Dance, Long Eared Beasts!” moment. 
She might not be the best character to win but has a lovely voice actor and funny/cute voicelines. 
She has an amazing character design and she has Leo. You can’t get enough of her theme. 
And lastly, she has static.wikia.nocookie.net – https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/onehundredpercentorangejuice_gamepedia_en/images/9/9e/Krila_00_03.png/revision/latest?cb=20181015151031 
100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs 

Written by DarkMageNeko

Here we come to an end for 100% Orange Juice Guide to the first 3 OJ DLCs hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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