Warframe Best Setup for Plague Star with Volt/Volt Prime Tips

Warframe Best Setup for Plague Star with Volt/Volt Prime Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Warframe Best Setup for Plague Star with Volt/Volt Prime Tips 1 - steamsplay.com

This is an easy and flexible guide to cheese Plague Star with Volt and get a lot of delicious formas

What you will need + Setup

Things you WILL need: Volt/Volt Prime, Pyrana Prime, Vastilok or Sarpa gunblades and a subsumed Equinox.
Step 1: Replace Volt’s Shock for Equinox’s Rest & Rage using Helminth
Step 2: Make your Volt emissive a light color to get day form for Rest & Rage, we want this to force the Hemocyte out of the boil faster
Step 3: If you haven’t already, slap a reactor in your Volt for max mod capacity, build for high strength and range +200%, duration and efficiency aren’t very important, I keep mine in the 70% range, install maxed flow/primed flow if you have it (primed flow isn’t necessary, I use regular and it does the job just fine)
Warframe Best Setup for Plague Star with Volt/Volt Prime Tips - What you will need + Setup - 43D391B
Step 4: Use arcanes of your choice, I use Energize and Tempo.
Step 5: Build your Pyranna Prime with the average dmg+ms+cc build and we will use corrosive damage (toxin + electric)
Step 6: Build your Vastilok or Sarpa however you want, I recommend melee speed mods and shattering impact, this will s*rip the armor of the Hemocyte and makes killing it really fast, normal or heavy attack build either are good we won’t use melee to kill the Hemocyte
Recommended: Taking a primary with AOE damage or Necramech for the defense stage of the mission (I usually roll with Acceltra and Voidrig)
Congratulations that part is already done

Bounty and how to speedrun it

In this segment we will learn How 2 Mission:
Step 1: Make sure you have Eidolon Phylaxis and Infested Catalysts in your gear wheel (Eidolon P. bp can be bought from Nakak in Cetus, Infested C. bp can be bought from your clan’s Dojo in Bio Lab)
Step 2: Talk to Konzu take the bounty etc etc
Step 3: Collect the toxin and go to the mixer, open your gear wheel and add the phylaxis and catalysts now (I absolutely recommend running in groups and each member uses 1 of each, but it can be done solo too)
Step 4: Once the mixing progress is done, grab the toxin and fly with your archwing real fast and close to the gate of cetus, in the marked area while Konzu’s dialoge is playing, this will force the drone of next objective to spawn closer to the boil, if done correctly in time, the drone will spawn at around 500m away from the boil
Warframe Best Setup for Plague Star with Volt/Volt Prime Tips - Bounty and how to speedrun it - B42DBF6
Step 5: Escort the drone, if you have a Loki in your team this step will be faster and easier
Step 6: Kill all infested spawning in the zone and once the first Hemocyte spawns stop killing the infested, don’t break their spawning pods either, hit the Hemocyte with your 1 (Rage & Rest) once, this will make it walk very fast out of the boil and also removes the need for a speednova, use your 2 to boost your speed and fire at the Hemocyte with your gunblade while it’s walking out of the boil to s*rip it’s armor (it takes roughly 6 shots with Vastilok and 9 with Sarpa), use your 3 to put down a shield and press X to grab it, now you will be shooting through the shield (Boosted damage) and reducing damage taken from the front
Step 7: Punish the heads when vulnerable with your Pyranna Prime and ignore the small infested in the area
Step 8: Once the hemocyte is dead collect the Hemocyte Cystolith and press your 4 to nuke all the small infested forcing a new hemocyte to spawn immediately after
Step 9: Repeat until bounty completed
Step 10: ?????
“WhY aReN’t YoU PoStiNg aNy BuiLd PicTurEs fOr WeApOnS?” Like i said, this is a flexible guide, i don’t want newer players to be spending plat or getting scammed for mods they won’t really need when most of the basic ones can do the trick
Enjoy! leave a like and your feedback if you enjoyed it or had any issues

Written by tosti

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