Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Firearm damage and ammo type table

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Firearm damage and ammo type table 1 -
Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Firearm damage and ammo type table 1 -
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I made this Google Sheets table which shows the damage from each of the weapons found in the gun-hut on the “Shooting Range” map. Damage is measured using the “Damage Analyzer” attachment, and shots are taken from the side door of the hut, at the dummies lined up along the wall. This might be termed “medium range”. It seems to be pretty consistent that head hits produce the double of torso hits.

I also provide notes as to how each item compares to its real life counterpart, with commentary as to how it could be better slotted to reflect the general character of the item it represents. Generally, I find that the highest capacity weapons are heavily nerfed by way of low power and/or excessive recoil. Some of the weapons are slotted somewhat reasonably. There are a few surprises that are unintuitive or inconsistent with other weapon models, or with what would be expected from real-life counterparts. I don’t think the guns need to be realistic, but I feel like if they are going to be named after a real object, they should have the general feel of that thing, and possess properties which relate consistently to the other items in the game.

Another issue I have is that the last half dozen or so weapons, ranked for power, are ridiculously anemic. Everything from the Beretta on south requires 10 torso hits or more, and that doesn’t make much sense from any perspective, much less that there are other similar guns which perform much better.

TODO: Not included: shotguns and grenades. There are other guns hidden on the map which I did not test. If you find them and test them, please send me the stats, and I will add them. I’m not sure how to reasonably test grenades as they are very random. I suppose shotguns could be added, if I weren’t rather lazy.


Chaptor Zero!

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Here we come to an end for Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Firearm damage and ammo type table hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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