Skyborn All Character Stats + Strength & Intelligence + Equipment Build

Skyborn All Character Stats + Strength & Intelligence + Equipment Build 1 -
Skyborn All Character Stats + Strength & Intelligence + Equipment Build 1 -

The way character stats work in Skyborn was explained by harmonic42 – the creator – in an old forum. I would like to preserve this knowledge for easier access. I arranged the information into logical segments based on what the stats do and how they interact with each other. I also tried to remove some possible spoilers.
The guide includes some fun flavor quotes from harmonic’s post to shed light on the lore aspect of these stats!


All credit to harmonic42 and the rest of the devs.
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Skyborn All Character Stats + Strength & Intelligence + Equipment Build - Intro - 4F9A177
This is the Status screen of a character, in this case Sullivan. Here you can find all the important character stats as well as their currently equipped gear. But how do all these stats really work?

Originally posted by harmonic42:
"Skyborn's combat system is based on several character stats. Some you've seen before, others you've seen from my past games, some are fairly unique to the RPG world. In this section I will cover them all, from the obvious, to the not-so obvious."



HP (Hit Points):
Your character’s life bar. If it runs out, a character becomes incapacitated. If all characters are incapacitated, the battle will end. You will get a chance to retry the battle instead of a game over, if you wish.
MP (Magic Points) and EN (Energy):
These stats are the two different kinds of “mana” pools in Skyborn. They are used for special skills.

Originally posted by harmonic42:
"MP is the pool from which Claret and Corwin draw to use their special skills. Sullivan, being incapable of either magical or technological feats, uses EN. Think of it as rage or adrenaline."

MP automatically regenerates over time. It can also be restored with Ethers, or Crystal Waters outside of combat. A buff called “Innervate” speeds up the MP regeneration rate. Some skills that use MP can be used to heal your characters also outside of combat.
EN is different from MP in several ways. It starts at zero at the beginning of combat, and only grows when dealing or taking damage.

Strength & Intelligence

Strength affects how much your characters deal physical damage in combat via “basic attacks” or physical-based special skills.
However, Strength in Skyborn has another use: it determines the Block Rate. More on that later.
Intelligence (Intel.) determines damage dealt with Magic/Tech attacks, as well as resistance to enemy attacks from those elements.
All of Claret’s and Corwin’s special skills will be stronger as Intelligence increases!
All “basic attacks” are physical attacks that benefit from Strength, unless an equipped weapon mentions having a different attack type. Only special skills are more divided into attacks that benefit from either Strength or Intelligence. Be mindful which character’s skills benefit from which stat!
Another important thing to note: in Skyborn, the status effect “Blind” will not only decrease the chance to hit a target, but it will also appear to severely weaken physical attacks that do hit.

Phys. Res., Mag. Res. & Tech. Res.

There are three damage elements in Skyborn: Physical, Magical, and Technological.

Originally posted by harmonic42:
"Skyborn's magic is performed almost entirely by creatures, or Skyborn themselves. Humans do not have this ability. Humans do, however, have technology on their side."

Phys. Res. (Physical Resistance):
All normal physical attacks, as well as physical skills fall into this category. Most of the damage dealt in the game is physical, since it the most common type of enemy attack. Heavy Armor is a good way to reduce physical damage taken. Sullivan is a physical specialist.
Mag. Res. (Magic Resistance):
Magic skills ignore physical mitigation. Members of the Skyborn race are not only very adept at magic, but they are quite resistant against it, too. On your side, Corwin is a prime example of a magic user.
Tech. Res. (Tech Resistance):
Tech attacks are very effective against both robotic enemies, and enemy combatants of the Skyborn race. Claret is the tech master, and most of her attacks are tech-based. (Remember, Claret’s skills become stronger with a higher INT stat!)

Agility, Evasion & Critical

Agility doesn’t directly factor into combat formulas. Instead, it determines three other very important derivative stats: Evasion, Critical hit rate, and to a lesser extent, Block chance.
Evasion determines your chance to evade a physical attack and avoid 100% of the damage. It is affected heavily by Agility.
Critical hit rate is also heavily affected by Agility. Critical hits will double the base power (based on Strength or Intelligence) of an attack or skill before other calculations like enemy defense come into play.

Blk Chance & Blk Rate

Blk (Block) Chance is simply your chance to block an enemy physical attack. It might be slightly affected by Agility, but mostly it is affected by the Block% of an equipped item.
Blk (Block) Rate:
When successfully blocking, you will mitigate a certain percentage of damage. Block Rate has a hard cap of 95% damage mitigation.
Block Rate is increased by Strength and Strength only. The higher the Strength stat, the more damage is mitigated when a physical attack is successfully blocked.

Originally posted by harmonic42:
"In Skyborn, Sullivan is naturally built for using his left-handed weapon to block physical attacks. All other characters are capable of blocking as well, given the right equipment and accessories."


Speed, Build & Eqp. Wgt.

These three stats are directly related, and are thus categorized together.

Originally posted by harmonic42:
"SPD is rarely seen in RPGs, but often seen in my own RPGs!"

"Math whizzes will enjoy this one..."



Speed is an extremely important stat: it determines how often a combat participant gets a turn.
The inner workings of the Speed stat (SPD) is best left explained by harmonic42 – this time, as it is essential information, it is not all in a quote box.
“In combat, there is what can be called a “Universal turn” or a “tick.” The Universal turn has exactly 10 SPD, and that never changes. When the Universal turn ticks, damage or healing-over-time effects, like poison or regen, will trigger, and status buffs/debuffs that have a set turn duration will tick closer to running out. For instance, Paralyze is set to last one Universal turn, NOT one player turn.”
“Therefore, if your SPD is higher than 10, you will have more turns than you will experience Universal ticks. For an easy example, someone with 20 SPD will have exactly twice as many turns as someone with 10 SPD. Of course, the SPD stats of all the game’s participants tend to hover around 10 on average, so it takes a dramatic increase in SPD to really manipulate turn order with the goal of achieving far more turns per enemy turn.”

Originally posted by harmonic42:
"The formula for Speed is as follows. 1 SPD represents 10 CT, or "count time." Once the CT reaches 1000, a combat participant's turn comes up. The formula uses essentially a "for loop" to recycle itself until someone is at 1000 CT. "


Build and Eqp. Wgt. (Equipment Weight)

Build acts as a limit for how much gear a character can carry. Eqp. Wgt. means how heavy a piece of equipment is. If the character’s Equipment Weight exceeds their Build, they will take a significant Speed penalty.
The goal is to keep the total Eqp. Wgt. stat below the character’s Build stat, so their Speed doesn’t suffer.

Originally posted by harmonic42:
"BLD is a character's natural constitution. It determines their ability to carry heavy gear. In Skyborn, weapons are unique to a character, but nearly every piece of armor and accessories can be used by all 5 characters. Therefore, you have a choice as to how to suit up your combatants."

"For example, Sullivan is a character clearly built for heavier armor, as he has a very high BLD stat of 18. Claret and Corwin have low BLD stats, and thus, will be slowed down by heavier equipment if their total equipment weight exceeds their BLD stat. This is especially apparent in Claret, who has the lowest BLD stat at a mere 6. If she dons a full set of heavy armor, her total equipment weight could get as high as 15! Therefore, she'll be slower than a snail and get very few turns."

"Now that you know how SPD and BLD work, WGH should be easy as pie. Enjoying 3-letter abbreviations yet?"


Sensitivity to STR and INT Stats (Character Spoilers, Beware!)

Let me finish this guide with some useful information for min-maxers!
Strength and Intelligence stats have a different level of importance to each character. Higher sensitivity to a stat means a more dramatic difference in combat power per point of that stat.
Level of sensitivity to Strength per character:
Sullivan: Extremely high
Chaska: Very high
Alda: Very High
Claret: Moderate
Corwin: Very low
Level of sensitivity to Intelligence per character:
Corwin: Extremely high
Claret: Very high
Alda: Moderate
Sullivan: None (Only for defensive reasons)
Chaska: None (Only for defensive reasons)

By Platykwak

Hope you enjoy the post for Skyborn All Character Stats + Strength & Intelligence + Equipment Build, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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