Rogue Lords Walkthrough Gameplay Beginners Guide

Rogue Lords Walkthrough Gameplay Beginners Guide 1 -
Rogue Lords Walkthrough Gameplay Beginners Guide 1 -

I’ve got about 18 hours in the game at the time of writing this, and am currently on the 5th book. I wanted to share some party compositions that worked for me pretty well in the early game, in hopes that it might give others direction. I have found that focusing on one damage type has led to more success then trying to maintain a balance of damage types, therefore these comps will keep that principle in mind.
Abbreviations I will be using for characters:
Headless Horseman – HH
Count Dracula – CD
Bloody Mary – BM
White Lady – WL
Lilith – LIL
Onto the comps!

Physical Nuke/Bleed (HH, CD, BM)

This is the starting comp that you will be running when you first play the game. It is pretty straightforward.
HH acts as your party protector with En Garde (a taunt and self-defensive), and brings important status effects like Zombie (converts any healing to the target into damage), Bleed (procs HP damage when an enemy attacks, multiple times if it is a multi-attack) and Silence (prevents enemies from applying any status effects). He also can steal some very useful status effects like Maneuvers and Enhancements.
CD provides Sharpening to the party, which enhances their physical damage done. His recharge ability also affects the entire party, and has skills that will recharge random abilities for others or himself. While he is not a very strong DPS the majority of the time, his damage really shines when he is vulnerable. He also has incredible self-sustain, and that makes him pseudo tanky.
BM is the party nuke. She hits often, she hits many, and she hits hard . She has bleeds and damage reductions built into her skills and one Zombie application, but that’s where her party support ends. Through usage of her recharge ability, BM can apply a “mirror” effect to an enemy, which mirrors all abilities used on any foe, on the enemy it is attached to. This allows her to have tremendous cleave, as well as very high single target damage. For this party comp, you will want to invest primarily in BM’s abilities to end fights quickly.

Spirit Sustain (HH/LIL, BM, WL)


This comp focuses on the few heavy spirit nukes that BM has, paired with the control and sustain of WL. WL with Mask of Opulence is capable of keeping the party healthy with minimal effort, and brings many forms of damage reduction. She also has some incredible strong spirit nukes, primarily Poltergeist and Decadence. I would recommend using this comp until you unlock LIL, at which point you will swap out HH for LIL. In my opinion, LIL is the better choice for any spirit based comps due to her ability to afflict Burn and her own incredible spirit nukes. She also has much better self-sustain than HH, which can allow you to shift away from perma Mask of Opulence, and utilize Mask of Torment instead for even more ridiculous damage (especially paired with Burn).

Death Defied (HH, LIL, CD)

This comp is the “protect the carry” comp, which revolves around keeping CD in the vulnerable state, and minimizing how much damage you take to your diabolic power. This is primarily a physical comp, and relies on HH providing things like Dodge to CD, and other statuses from LIL such as Warmth, Wall, Aegis, etc. You will want to upgrade those protection skills, and then focus on upgrading Dracula’s physical skills that proc twice when he is vulnerable, as well as sharpening skills and skills that multi-hit. Keep in mind that Lilith does do a respectable amount of damage on her own, and you may want to consider picking up a couple such as Voracity and Hooked Talons.
I hope these will help you in progressing through the first few books of this game. Happy world-conquering demons, ghouls and banshees!

Early Game Comps


Written by Alice in Madness

Hope you enjoy the post for Rogue Lords Walkthrough Gameplay Beginners Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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