Rising Storm 2: Vietnam General Campaign Tactics + Strategy Tips

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam General Campaign Tactics + Strategy Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam General Campaign Tactics + Strategy Tips 1 - steamsplay.com

This quick guide will let you know which maps are ideal to attack or defend.

General Campaign Tactics

Start off on the right foot
Your team gains Combat Power per turn equal to your team’s total Victory Points at the end of the match. This is the only way to regain spent Combat Power.
Neutral territories cost 50 to the attackers, and 50 to defenders. Attacking enemy provinces costs 75 Combat Power, but the defenders only spend 25.
The best strategy is to pick maps that are easier for your team to win, then keep gaining combat power from the provinces your team holds as you roll through Vietnam with your team.
You get x points per province, per turn. So, you can attack all day as long as you’re gaining enough combat power per turn.
(a) You don’t have more than about 100 Combat Power (or 150+ if you plan to attack a difficult map like Saigon in an enemy controlled territory).
(b) You don’t have enough victory points to maintain attacking and have to defend
Until Mid-War, the south doesn’t get the AC-47(spooky) ability or access to attack helicopters. This makes it easier to attack maps like Hill937 during early war as the North.
PAVN is not good at range until Mid-War since they only get the Type51 AK and the SKS, but they get the Ho Chi Minh Trail ability, which can save a ton of tickets during an assault. Once Mid-War is reached, PAVN gets the AKM, which is a better AK.
The NLF gets the MAS and Mosin rifles which are great at range, but they don’t have access to the Ho Chi Minh Trail ability. Their arty also has a slightly larger spread by about five to ten meters.
This guide is a work in progress; I would appreciate if you let me know if there’s anything you would like to see added or changed.
Thanks, and happy hunting!

Easiest To Attack

Easiest maps for attackers:
A commonly played map because of its strategic value. It is easy to take by controlling the middle and using the high ground to your advantage as MGs and snipers. If your team can stay on a winning streak, you gain combat power from it every turn. However, if you lose the initiative and your enemy gets to attack, this can bite you in the a** if they try to take it back. Some servers give the area that contains this map a lower value so that it gets played less.
Easiest map to attack as North because it forces the South to attack anyways, since VC don’t know how to fly helicopters. A bit of a ♥♥♥♥ move to pick this map as the VC, but in a desperate situation it might be a good idea to secure the win.
The flanks on this map make it an easy and fun map to attack. Squad Leaders can run deep into the jungle and place tunnels before the south realises, then the squad can sneak up on the flank and cut the southern forces off from getting into the objective, which will also distract them from your allies attacking the point and the other flank. This map’s objectives are spaced out far, so it is important to cover enough ground to make it to a good spot before they send up a recon plane that could spot you running.
Another good flanking map which is easy to attack. Lots of places to sneak into the objectives, and easy to get good marks for artillery support.
A bit more difficult than the other maps, but still one of the easier ones to attack as long as your team is fast at taking bravo at the start of the match. As long as you can make it through the first objective, the other objectives should lead you to a victory.
One of the easiest maps to attack. Attacking up the flanks is difficult to stop unless the enemy team is well-coordinated. You can also rush A right out the gate most of the time. Tunnels on the flanks and push through the front trench.
Easy to attack with a coordinated team. At the beginning, get tunnels planted on the left side and have some Squads go east to get a few flanking tunnels. Use the road as cover and kill the guys on the flanks, get an arty mark behind the point, have a squad or two attacking the point. Use the flanks to move up and snipers have to counter-snipe and keep defender’s heads down. Get behind them in whichever flank is weaker and cut them off from defending the flanks while your team moves in
to be continued…

Harder To Attack

Maps that shouldn’t be voted for when facing a decent team:
VNTE-HueCity (never attack against the south here)
to be continued…

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