Rary Achievements – How to Unlock

Rary Achievements – How to Unlock 1 - steamsplay.com
Rary Achievements – How to Unlock 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide will help unlock the XXXX points earned achievement. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or if this guide was helpful.

Game Mechanics

Understanding the game mechanics
The Counter
The number at the top centers increases for each consumable spawned, with a maximum of 20. Any subsequent drop results in a loss. Collecting objects by using the Left Mouse Button This counter is reduced, regardless of the object .
The Points
When you consume the drops, the number in the upper left corner will increase. Consuming mushrooms can result in a reduction in your risk of developing a heart disease. .
With the exception of mushrooms It will last for a few second All other fruits or vegetables will last forever, even after they are eaten.

Winning Strategy

Rary Achievements - How to Unlock - Winning Strategy - EB0FEAE
To unlock the XXXX achievement, you will need to score 999. This may seem almost impossible to new players, until you combine all the game mechanics above.
Incorrectly, the store description recommends that you avoid eating mushrooms while still enjoying other items. Since the counter goes up All If you leave spawned mushrooms and other mushrooms uncollected, your counter will eventually become worthless. This makes it difficult or impossible to keep the counter below 20. The game is fairly forgiving. You can miss quite a few mushrooms before the counter becomes difficult to maintain within a comfortable range.
The objective of the game is almost entirely mushroom collecting. This strategy will allow you to get to 999 quickly and with reliable results.
The Strategy [In ascending priority]

  1. Collect mushrooms

    • Keep an eye on mushrooms drops
    • Despawnment is the cause of only two mushrooms at any one time.
    • Most often their drop locations are located close together
    • If you’re struggling, you can just ignore a mushroom every once in a while. Instead, focus on collecting other foods that will bring the counter down to a manageable range.
  2. Collect Other Items

    • Mushrooms can take a second to drop. They last a few moments. Use this time to collect additional foods
    • Along your journey to the next mushroom, you can collect other foods
    • In between mushroom drops, collect other foods from nearby corners
    • It is best to stop short of the food when you are trying to get it. Bumping into it can damage the pick-up and cause the bird to fly over the food.
  3. Pause

    • If you feel tired and your counter feels within a comfortable range, you can pause this game from the top-right corner to recover


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