Raft Tips on Bee Farming & Hives

Raft Tips on Bee Farming & Hives 1 - steamsplay.com
Raft Tips on Bee Farming & Hives 1 - steamsplay.com

All about Bees and everything related to them.


Greetings to the reader, in this guide I want to tell you about such creatures as bees. I will tell you about the method of bee farming, about the bees themselves, and where they can be useful.

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A swarm of bees is a type of aggressive creature in RAFT.

A swarm of bees has no health, but can be caught by a net.

When faced with bees, they can deal minor damage to the player.

When you catch a swarm with a net, you will get from 4 to 5 cans of bees.

The Method of Bee Farming

Bees are found in two places. First are the autumn islands. Second is Balboa Island. I must say that farming bees on the autumn islands is not an option, since they are rarely found (During my passage, and it is long, I met only 1 such island). We need to get to Balboa Island. On the island you can find 3 honey glades (let’s call them so), with 2 swarms of bees. From all the honey glades on the island (there are 3), you can get from 26 to 30 bees. But be extremely careful, each such clearing is guarded by bears. Make sure to take a machete with you before you go out, as it drastically helps you decrease the time you need to spend on the island itself. When it comes to killing bears… I highly recommended you to use ranged weapons, preferably the Basic Bow and Metal Arrows.

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The farm strategy is that you will need to visit Balboa Island from time to time. After catching the bees, sail away from the island for about 1000 meters, and swim in the sea for about a week (In game days), after the island is updated and you can pick up another batch of bees. This strategy is useful for those who want to build a powerful propulsion system on a raft that consumes tons of Biofuel.

Application of Bees

You can create hives from cans of bees. They produce the honey combs needed to create jars of honey. Cans of honey are quite nutritious food, and they are also used for the production of Biofuel. One can of Biofuel can fully fill 1 engine, and 1 generator. Bees are the most important stage in the development of free movement on the ocean. Having your own apiary with a garden, you will have an unlimited supply of food and Biofuel.


Hives are an object placed on a raft for the purpose of extracting honey combs. Beehives should be placed next to the beds in which the flowers are planted. Over time, honey combs will begin to form in the hives, which the player will be able to collect. Depending on how many flowers are nearby, the hive can accumulate from 1 to 3 honeycombs. Flower beds should be located no further than one and a half tiles (the base of the raft) from the hive. Below is a table of the ratio of the number of honeycombs to the number of flowers.

Number of flowers Number of honeycombs
1–5 1
6-11 2
12 and more 3



There are several achievements associated with bees:

Raft Tips on Bee Farming & Hives - Achievements - DFD74F1Bee Keeper! – Have 10 beehives placed at once.

Raft Tips on Bee Farming & Hives - Achievements - F595442Beginner Bee-nevolent! – Capture 1 bee.

Raft Tips on Bee Farming & Hives - Achievements - B054A64 Intermediate Bee-nevolent! – Capture 10 bees.

Raft Tips on Bee Farming & Hives - Achievements - F962B89Expert Bee-nevolent! – Capture 25 bees.

The End

This is the end of my guide, I wish you the best of luck in your Bee Journey


Written by cold, Dragoon

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