Project Winter Hidden Achievements!

Project Winter  Hidden Achievements! 1 -
Project Winter Hidden Achievements! 1 -

Guide to the Hidden Achievements in Project Winter! Last Update: June 2021

Hidden Achievements as of 2020

Vigilante Justice
Kill two traitors in a game as a survivor
Super Traitor
Kill the other traitor when playing as traitor
Hypocritic Oaf
Damage a player by throwing a first aid kit at them
Double Agent
As a survivor, kill a traitor, swap clothes with them, then kill the other traitor

2021 Update

These achievements must all be completed in Practice Mode!
Practice Makes Perfect
Complete both objectives and escape
Breaking New Ground
As a traitor, sabotage the first and second objectives

Unlock and Load
Open the Armory and the Truth Serum Lab in one game
Take a Hike
Do not do any of the objectives for 30 minutes

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