Potionomics Potions recipes guide

Potionomics Potions recipes guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Potionomics Potions recipes guide 1 - steamsplay.com

Here are some potion recipes that I found that will help you pass 2 competitions.


Grand sight enhancer

spider’s-bait diamond 1x

slapping turts’s shell 1x

kappa pheromones 2x

gaintstool mushroom 1x

Banshee’s bloody mouth 1x

nessie pheromones 2x

Grand Speed Potion:

shadowveil pearl 4x

Dropspider shadow 1x

hallucinatory shroom 2x

raiju dropppings 1x

Grand ice tonic

shadowveil pearl 2x

saltwatermelon 2x

Bogeyberry 4x

Grand alertness enhancer:

xenoplasm 1x

shadowveil pearl 2x

gaintstoll mushroom 1x

1x murkwater pearl

2x sack of hive Slime

Grand thunder tonic

phatonicspore 2x

2x reef radish

shadowveil peral 1x

Banshee’s bloody mouth 1x

saltwatermelon 1x

Grand fire tonic

Bogeyberry 4x

Hallucinatory shrooms 4x

I will be updating as I progress. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Written by BRUNO LARK

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