Pizza Tower – War outfit guide

Pizza Tower – War outfit guide 4 -
Pizza Tower – War outfit guide 4 -

This is a guide for Pizza Tower – War outfit guide

This guide will help you get the war outfit in game.

Wait, I missed an outfit! ?

Most likely, you did.

If you didn’t – Clearing War (5th Floor) The first save file, will give you an outfit change.

As you can see below, it’s pretty chic.

Pizza Tower - War outfit guide - Wait, I missed an outfit!? - 5CCE37E

If you fail the first attempt You can try again using an entirely new file. While I would highly recommend playing the game more than once, some players might not want to do this. Let’s say you’ve messed up your shot and don’t want to start another save. That’s fine! There’s a way around that.

Save editing, a reaffirmed classic.

As you might be able guess – yeah, we’re going to have to look into your files to sabotage the game a bit.

Save files, by default, are stored under C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\PizzaTower_GM2\saves.

There are up to three saveData files that may exist – they correspond to the left (saveData1 ) , middle (saveData2 or right (saveData3 option on the Save Select screen. Select one with War access and open it using Notepad (or your preferred text editor, I’m not judging).

If you scroll down, you’ll find a section called [Attempts], where every attempt you’ve made at a stage being documented. There’s also a section for War.

Pizza Tower - War outfit guide - Save editing, a certified classic. - 06AD646

Now, it’s a breeze to remove this line from your document, then save!

The game will not stop you from completing any of the levels, including War. It simply thinks that you haven’t tried it.

An angry Italian With A Shotgun

Now comes the ‘hard’ part. It is simple to understand War. If you’ve scored prior to this, it will be saved here, along with any toppins or ranks you may have found! Do not let this discourage you. It believes that you haven’t done it.

Pizza Tower - War outfit guide - An Angry Italian With A Shotgun - 7151DB3

I don’t have any specific tips for this level, so If you’re in need of these, you can refer to some guides. Otherwise – violence and speed as the rest of the game taught you, are the most important thing to remember.

If you claim victory over the stage, your new clothes appear in the corner!

Nice. If you fail, simply restart the save edit process until you get it completed!

Good luck, and good hunting!

Thank you for joining us on this journey through Pizza Tower – War outfit guide, inspired by a captivating article by Fez. If you believe there are ways to enhance this post, please let us know in the comments. Have an excellent day, and make sure to check back daily for new updates!

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